Posted on August 18th, 2017

Ranjith Soysa 

To:US Secretary of State. <[email protected]>, US Embassy Sri Lanka <[email protected]>

Dear Sirs

According to Tamil Guardian of 17 Aug 2017, US State Dept International Religious Freedom report for 2015 has reported that the Buddha statues inNorth and East of Sri Lanka creates the perception of  Sinhala Buddhist imperialism!

The above conclusion is not only  misleading but also, malicious.You would no doubt agree that the term “Imperialism”  cannot be applied to any activity conducted in countries such as Sri Lanka but of course can be identified with many of questionable acts perpetrated by the Western countries such  as the UK, France, Belgium. Holland and the United States of America.

The use of the misnomer by you would have arisen unconsciously through the historical and contemporary activity patterns of the USA. When you speak of Buddha statues in the North and the East, can you recollect the number of Buddha statues of recent origin apart from the statues which were there for hundreds of years when the country was ruled by the ancient kings.

The number of statues constructed within last 50 years definitely will NOT exceed 100. But. during last 50 years there was a movement of the population and the positioning of the armed forces which is reflected in the population of Sinhala Buddhists, Sinhala Christians, Tamil Hindus, Tamil Christians and Muslims. As an example about 60 % of the Tamil population of the North has migrated to the Western and Central provinces during the last 30 years.

In short, in every province there is a mixture of different ethnic and religious groups.In the North and the East apart from civilian Sinhalese there is substantial number of Sinhalese Buddhists in the armed forces stationed in their camps.

As a result of the  situation outlined, the number of new Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Hindu kovils and Muslim mosques have come  up in all parts of the country,In fact, there are many  new mosques in all parts of the countries and increased number of Hindu Kovils in the Western and Central provinces, For the USA to act as a blind bat and to ignore the building of many new places of worship and to concentrate its attention in counting ONLY the new Buddha statues in the North and the East is due opting to give voice to the separatists and the terrorists to realize their objective of mono -ethnic project for the North and the East.

Whilethe USA is proclaiming from the housetop her blinkered perceptions of Sri Lanka and the Buddha statues in the North and the East, ironically there is spate virulent and very ugly riots taking place in a number of cities in the USA concerning the  statues built for her slave masters. The USA ‘s misdirected attempts to hang other countries higher than Gilderoy’s kite have come home! PHYSICIAN  HEAL  THYSELF Ranjith Soysa


  1. helaya Says:

    Tamil money talking. People who make these reports are fools. All Tamil propaganda machines working

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yamapalanaya Pannamu!

    Parakum Yugayak Navathath Nagawamu!

  3. AnuD Says:

    for the last several years anti-islam activity in the USA is rising, and this year there was a killing by a car driving over people and the Ku Klux clan protests spred to Canada too. How about that ?

  4. Nimal Says:

    I think US must mind it’s own business,not to lecture us in Sri Lanka about where to put our statues,instead they should remove the decisive and even racist confederate statutes and monuments in their own country.
    Yesterday I was at the Maligawa complex and glad to see the Hindu and Buddhist monuments side by side indicating our tolerance to others.
    In Jaffna my American Friend and I was not allowed to buy land in Jaffna and he was deported from the country for setting up a factory there and the American Embassy went along with the deportation.US is eying the oil in the Mannar basin for future where they could encourage a minority enclave in the north governed a neo-separatist group that will siphon that national wealth, where not even the Tamils will be benefit.
    Therefore we have the right to put any statute any where unless it is very offensive though I don’t believe in this statues but the sovereignty of the country is challenged by outsiders.British too made statues of Buddha and installed in devales which I saw it myself in 1946 or 1947.

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