Mr. President why don’t you sack them and order them to be arrested immediately pending legal action, at least now, that the cat has jumped out of the bag.
Posted on October 5th, 2017

Dr.Sudath Gunasekara


Mr. President why don’t you sack Ranil Wickramasinha and Ravi Karunanayaka at least now and order them to be arrested along with Arjuna Mahendram and Arjuna Alosyas pending legal action going by the latest glaring revelations of serious crimes committed by them in the bank sector and the country in general collectively, as disclosed before the CB scam Commission appointed by you.

CB was directly under Ranil at the time of these crimes were committed. It had been taken over by him from the Finance Ministry for the first time in history. You should have objected and not allowed this unprecedented transfer to take place as the Executive President at that time. There appears to be a close nexus between Ranils decision to take the Central Bank under him and appointing Arjuna Mahendran (his close friend and school mate and a non-citizen of this country) as Governor and the subsequent mega loot of public funds. Ranil is the man who got a non-citizen of this country appointed as the Governor against your objections. As such I opine him to be the key man behind this unprecedented robbery. Don’t you realize at least now that you have been led up a gum tree by you trusted PM for him to come to power and remain in power by hook or crook.

In this backdrop are you also not responsible for this crime as you are the one who appointed him as Prime Minister even violating the Constitution at the behest of both external and internal pressure, for which I am sure you must be undergoing grave compunction these days. You being the President from whom this man has got his appointment as the Governor of the nations ‘prime financial and monetary hub’ of the nation  surely should have got him to subscribe to that basic requirement under schedule 4 of the Constitution of the Republic before finally you place your signature to his appointment letter. At least your Secretary whoever it may have been should have got that done. You could also have removed him subsequently for not complying with that Constitutional and legal requirement. In the circumstances don’t you think that you have miserably failed to get Arjuna to subscribe to that most important requirements stipulated in the 4th Schedule to the Constitution, which all public servants are required to comply with. Arjuna has admitted before the Commission that he did not sign it. My assumption is Ranil may have intentionally asked him not to sing the oath as he may have had a sinister plan up his sleeves to do this scam. I do not know as to whether even the bank notes he singed, apart from all other underhand work he has done are legally valid. These are serious matters that need a thorough public scrutiny.

Arjuna Mahendran must have already revealed the roles played by Ranil and Ravi in this mega loot even by influencing the other State Banks. He may have spilled the beans to prove his innocence, I wonder.  If I was caught red handed like this I would have committed suicide by now or at least resigned forthwith for robing public money like this. Knowing our politicians, particularly Ranil, so well, I don’t think they will do either. That is why I request you to take necessary actions immediately against these looters. That I think is the only way you can get exonerated from this sin and go before the people keeping your head above your shoulder wearing the same white suite.

In fairness to what you have so far done regarding this issue the whole country thank you for appointing this Commission as it has enabled the country to know who the real looters are, who actually have manipulated it and how much public money has been robbed by this Alibaba and his thieves. Usually these kind of nefarious things are done behind the curtain. But in this case they have done it quite openly and directly in person not only by aiding and abetting but also by doing the real act of robing. I am unable to understand as to what strengths and forces are there behind this mega drama.

Finally I would also like to remind the President that the ongoing constitutional betrayal will be thousand or even more times far more serious than the CB scam if he fails to stop it as he has already promised the Mahasangha, the Guardian Gods of this country that he will not allow it. He being the Executive President is the only man who can do it with one word. If he does it the whole country will be with him. If he does not do that the whole country will rise in revolt, not only against him but also against the whole Government. No force on earth will be able to suppress or stop that and finally they will win.

The money lost due to the CB scam could be recovered or earned one day. But if the proposed Constitution is allowed to be enacted that will be the end of the 25000 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country. This is why I say that the whole nation must rise in one voice irrespective of party differences against this constitutional scandal until it is withdrawn by its perpetrators.

This is my final call to all patriotic forces. If you miss this chance you will miss all what is yours for ever.

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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Mr. President why don’t you sack them and order – Sure He will bur he is waiting for PM approval ne.

    ane pissu katava ne …..


  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DR. SARATH !!

    The very request that you make initially, would put the SPINELESS PENDA of a maggot, into a fit of shivers, and possibly would still be knocking his knees together, in fear of the Knights of Shining Armour, who carried out the biggest Grand Larceny of the Central Bank, in the history of Sri Lanka. What if the PENDA is allegedly receiving his share of the bounty ?


  3. dhane Says:

    Dr.Sudath Gunasekara your proposal “to sack Ranil Wickramasinha and Ravi Karunanayaka at least now and order them to be arrested along with Arjuna Mahendram and Arjuna Alosyas pending legal action”. Sira cannot do this as he was made President by these thieves. Also as Sira was nominated for Nobel Peace price he will not do anything ongoing constitutional betrayal as well. ONLY solution is that Sri Lanka “whole country will rise in revolt, not only against him but also against the whole Government. No force on earth will be able to suppress or stop that and finally they will win”. This is what NOW should get together and do ASAP.

  4. epaasni Says:

    We should connect the dots..
    Nomination for Nobel Peace price indicates gon Sira is a CIA scum. At same time they are framing him in Australia on Corruptions. All these are related. Setting him up to agree to the forthcoming for
    Constitutional game plan. Agree with ‘dhane’ –“ whole country should rise in revolt”. No other way out.

  5. sena Says:

    While at it also check the bogus mega loans obtained by henchmen and women of both parties form state banks that amounts to 6 months of state spending. That is country can be run for 6 months if all this money is recovered. But it will never happen as it is a gampalaya and raigmaya like case

  6. dhane Says:

    Sira must be regretting NOW for appointing this Presidential Commission. Sira must be planning how to save his supporters who made him President of SL. Sira, RW, Footnote thieves & rest of the rogues may be planning new way out. Anything could happen not to publish final report. I will be not surprise considering past years capability of UNP whenever they are in power.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Sira, RW, Footnote thieves & rest of the rogues may be planning new way out.- All Theives are safe until 2020 .

    Aiyo Mother Lanka why Indian flag is flying in Jaffna & Hambadoda !

    Velu where are you Thalaiva ???

  8. L Perera Says:

    I think that the ( alleged Bond Scam ) making headlines in the local media is also carried to the rest of the world.
    Surely, it must reflect poorly on powers that be and the nation in general. In other words ” A National Disgrace”.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    In the Sinhalese news, it is reported that President Mai three, has actually asked for a bribe to grant a DEAL, from an Australian Company SMEC. The World Bank has confirmed this deal, where SMEC has given a BRIBE TO THE THEN MINISTER MAI THREE, and the World Bank has also confirmed that as a result of this BRIBE GIVING, the World Bank has **BLACK LISTED THIS AUSTRALIAN COMPANY, SMEC**

    So EYE BROWS can be raised as to the reason why President, is turning a BLIND EYE to the BIGGEST ROBBERY EVER IN SRI LANKA, THE BOND SCAM. Someday, he is bound to be hauled up before the Highest court in this land.

    Dr. Sarath, asking a crook to investigate other crooks, is a valiant thought. Let us hold our Horses, and wait for the correct time, to see JUSTICE BEING DOLED OUT VERY LIBERALLY SOMEDAY.

    Wearing PURE WHITE will not ever cover up the STINK UNDERNEATH IT.


  11. Ratanapala Says:

    Dr Sarath,

    The big picture of the Bond Scam indicates that this daylight robbery has been well planned and planned well in advance. It is most probably hatched abroad with foreign assistance as part of the Regime Change that happened in Jan 2015. The US having no intention of doling out aid other than forcing subservient nations to do their bidding would have advised the Yahapalana on how to rob the Central Bank and steal from the people to fund the ongoing campaigns – the August 2015 Elections and bribing politicians.

    Ranil’s forays to the US before Jan 2015 elections and the courses he took part in bringing Democracy to Sri Lanka would have involved some coaching on how to steal from the people and finance regime change! Ranil’s taking over Central Bank of Sri Lanka under his personal purview in spite of him not being the Finance Minister is definitely a precursor to what was intended subsequently – appointment of his buddy Arjuna Mahendran and Arjuna Aloysius resigning the chairmanship of Perpetual Treasuries. This was followed by meetings where very sensitive Central Bank Bond issue related information was shared between powerful politicians and Central Bank officials.

    Local UNP idiots headed by Ranil W bungled it right royally, as only those who come out of Royal and St Thomases knows how to do best – remember 1962 Catholic Coup! Now, most of the cats are out of their bags and some of them are singing like larks and implicating themselves, divulging all the nitty gritty and innards of the Bond Scams – Feb 15 and March 16.

    As there is enough evidence to indict the Bond Scam perpetrators which by now includes even by implication the ringleader of the Scam – Ranil Wickramasinghe, it is up to the Attorney General’s office, (for it is within their powers) to file charges now itself. Otherwise, they should be held accountable for dereliction of duty! It is up to the President if he has even an ounce of self-respect to immediately fire Ranil Wickramasinghe from the post of Prime Minister!

    However, it must be borne in mind that we are asking the guy who promised to address Ranil as “Sir” even after becoming the President of Sri Lanka. He is only a lily-livered spineless guttersnipe. Now he is implicated on bribe-taking by a foreign government. At the moment his main task is to delay the end of the Presidential Commission just as much as the Local Government and Provincial Council Elections and to stay in power as long as idiots of Sri Lanka permit him!

  12. Ratanapala Says:

    I agree with Dhane, the only solution failing to indict the Bond Scam thieves is large-scale civil disobedience!

    Vetath, niyarath goyam kaa nam kaata kiyamuda ee abaddiya?

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