International Schools are they really registered as schools under the ministry of education?
Posted on October 18th, 2017

By, Prof. Nishan C. Wijesinha

After Alethea International School situated at N0.15,Sri Mahabodhi Road, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka; it is reportedly understood that no other private teaching institute was given recognition under the ministry of education as a school registered under the norms of the ministry of education; to function in Sri Lanka.

But there are many so called international schools operating in Sri Lanka who are registering their students to the local syllabus which is offered by the ministry of education, under their international tag.

Allowing such procedures to take place makes room for error that these so called schools too are registered schools operating under the umbrella of the ministry of education.

If the needed actions are not taken to correct these errors; then education in Sri Lanka will be ruined by a politicized business mafia.


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