Prevention of Sinhala Black-whites’ plan to Balkanize Sri Lanka
Posted on October 22nd, 2017

C. Wijeyawickrema


Sri Lanka’s recent history could be examined from several new (not Euro-centric) perspectives. Previously, I tried to explain it as a clash between the white/black-white rulers versus the Buddhist temple. After observing the short history of a silent (behind the scene) Jayampathy in I997 to a boisterous Jayampathy in 2017, now I feel that Sri Lanka’s history could also be explored as a dance between the Tamilness movement started by Ponnambalam Arunachalam during 1918-23 and the Sinhala black-white politicians, intentionally and/or stupidly, providing it incentives to take the balkanization path. The original two-country path changed in October 1997, under the CBK Neelan-GL (Peiris) package deal no. 3, into a balkanization plan of 9 or 11 union of regions based on parliamentary electoral districts, which was a secret known only by its authors, because package deal no. 4, CBK constitutional draft of August 3, 2000, did not include that plan. Now in 2017, the 1997 secret plan is resurrected as if one can actually take fire under water or a woman’s bath robe can be used to cut one’s throat. The hunger of black-whites such as Mrs. Chandrika and Mrs. Rosy Senanayaka to end the Sinhala Buddhist heritage in the island is to be achieved in a mad rush.

It is waste of time to discuss the strange, funny, undemocratic and dishonest game plan of the new set of black-white who grabbed power in January and August 2015, defeating the previous set of black-whites. Suffice it to say that the leader of the new Nelum bud party was an author of the 1997 secret plan who even now is openly supporting the suggestion to remove the concurrent list. The so-called JO is full of open federalists. The only political party opposing 13-A is Wimal Weerawansa’s NFF. We are yet to see a direct statement from Udaya Gammanpila on this matter. The only other human body who openly declared that he will abolish 13-A, and change the corrupt system of governance is London-Colombo public interest lawyer Nagananda Kodituwakku. Sets of hardcore Marxists (and rich Christians) led by Lal Wijenayaka and Jayampathy Wickremaratna, are deployed by hardcore capitalists and the American establishment (not American people) to disrupt and dismantle a Sinhala Buddhists civilization of 15 million in a tiny piece of real estate in a world of 7 billion!

How black-white ruling class run this democratic fraud is now on display as evidence coming out of the Bond scam hearings. How politicians tried to hide this fraud under a democracy carpet is worse than the fraud itself. Similarly, how ugly and dirty is this constitutional racket came to light from what a young female human rights Ph.D. holder, Colombo law professor Diensha Samararatne’s (who was helping Lal Wijenayaka) explanation on what had happened to Nagananda’s detailed memo submitted several times to Lal. Her answer at a recent TV show was I do not know.” It is obvious that this constitutional confusion-mischief was deliberate, and the mad rush is to meet promise given to the international king makers, to brake Sri Lanka. Unitary and protection Buddhist Sasana are tricks, bait or dead-ropes put forward to hide the real goal of implementing 13-A plus and more. Most people and Sinhala MPs will never know what is in store for them and the Sinhala nation.

Chandrika’s balkanization plan in Sinhala

I have written an essay on this topic in Sinhala to demonstrate that at the end of the tunnel there is no light but hell, pure and simple. It was written before the yahapalana crowd released their, UNHRC-mandated constitutional thing in end of September. It was titled ‘Balkanization of Sri Lanka by black-whites,’ printed in the Sinhala Bauddhaya monthly newspaper and on Lankaweb on 15/6/2017.

That essay described how Mrs. CBK prepared a secret document as one of her Neelan-GL (Peiris) package deals to brake Sri Lanka into 7 or 11 regions with the saintly aim of creating a mono-ethnic Tamil N-E region and a Muslim S-E region, separating the Ampara electorate from the Eastern Province. I found this plan by accident in a book written by an Indian, Partha S. Ghosh, titled, ‘Ethnicity versus Nationalism: the devolution discourse in Sri Lanka’ (2003), page 163. I do not know how many English-speaking readers knew about this plan or the book. There were three draft packages dated, August 3 1995, January 16, 1996, and October 14, 1997. The secret balkanization plan, which I have converted to a map, was in the 1997 package and was not discussed in the draft constitution that she presented to the parliament on August 3, 2000, burnt by the UNP. But, it was the Buddhist monks who forced her to keep hiding the detailed 1997 brake-away plan. She was so angry that she asked the monks to go to the war front and fight the war. Apparently, she believed that her 1997 plan was the miracle cure for the Prabakaran cancer.

Due to mismanagement and lack of wisdom on the part of MahindaR, CBK was able to reinvent herself as a new Sri Lankan Mother Theresa, burying the book written by her Marxist former adviser Victor Ivan’s, The Queen of Deceit. Yet, she could not help but boast that ‘RanilW now in 2017 is implementing my 1995-2000 constitutional plan.’ CBK thing was openly a federal or confederal plan. Ranil’s  Lal-Jayampathy thing does not have the word federal even once! But it is all confederal based on 13-A almost confederal law.

The English translation and the map of balkanization plan is given below. It is obvious that the only purpose of the plan was to help create a large monoethnic Tamil region and a Muslim region at the expense of creating hell for the Sinhala regions. Based on parliamentary electorates this plan was a disaster about to happen. It is interesting to note how CBK crowd used craftily, the existing unit names and boundaries of province, district and electorate to create a new unit called the region.

Under the plan central, south, northcentral, northwest and Sabaragamuwa provinces become five new regions. The two Colombo and Jayawardenapura MCs in the western province become separate capitol territories of the central government. Ampara electorate will be temporarily linked to the Uva province (orange color on Map 2). Thus, there will be eight new regions.

From the present north and east provinces two new regions, (1) a northeastern region and (2) a new southeastern region (consisiting of Potuvil, Samanture and Kalmune electorates, shown in green on Map 1) will be created. Thus, there will be ten new regions. This will happen if by an election in the Trincomalee and Baticaloa districts (without Ampara district) people decide to accept the creation of a new northeastern region. If they refuse, then the northern province and the eastern province will remain as two separate regions. If they agree, people in the Ampara electorate will have to decide if they want a separate Ampara region. If they disagree, Amapara electorate will be temporarily linked to the Uva region, and a new Ampara region will be created at a later date. Until then Ampara electorate will be under the central government as if it is like another capitol territory. Thus, there will be eleven regions in the country!

In addition, any two or more regions can go beyond the provincial boundaries to amalgamate. A region can divide itself subject to ratification by parliament. Two or more regions can collaborate for specific purposes of common interest.

Dangerous Ampara game

The use of electorates to create regions is a dangerous game because under the Ranil-Lal plan provisions are there to give maximum devolution to local regions. Because of the fact that this Ranil-Lal devolution scheme is based on race and language (and religion in the case of Muslims) and therefore, if majority race in an electorate is the criterion, the territorial future of the island will be a complete mess.  Consider for example the electoral division on map no. 2.  In this map, in red color are electorates with Tamil voters between 11-49%.  If Muslim voters in these electorates are added, then there will be so many electorates with over 50% minority (non-Sinhala) voters. With this situation, if Ampara path is followed, who can refuse the argument that they be allowed to have separate regions. For example, the four electorates of Indian Tamils in upcountry are identified without counting the Muslim voters in them. Voter numbers are always less than the atual population as a family can have several members below 18 years of age. Thus, the Ampara path selected in the 1997 plan is suicidal for the Sinhalayas. And this is exactly Ranil-Lal is trying to implement. It must be noted here that Neelan Thiruchelvam was dead against accepting the Pondicherry model of creating Sinhala or Muslim ethnic enclaves in the Tamil Northeastern region. It would be like a moth-eaten map according to him. But, this is what will happen in the Sinhala areas!

Mara Yuddhaya (war against Satan)

During the 1956 parliamentary election, a pictorial election cartoon was distributed depicting UNP crowd led by Sir John mounted on an elephant, Suzi Mohamad (a female) behind him coming to attack a Buddha statute. Ironically, Uncle Sam (American govt. not American people) was in the crowd. What was tried in the 2005 presidential election was similar to this Satan’s war which was defeated due to the Buddhist force rejuvenated by the Ven. Gangodavila Soma phenomenon.  Now in 2017 we have a Satan’s war led by Marxists, rich Christians, black-whites, NGOs and international king makers using the dollar power and oil money. What one has to do to update the 1956 cartoon is to remove the four Americans and add NGO dollar agents such as Viyangoda, the male nurse, Srilala etc.

This war has so many supporters and multi-prone strategies. One key weapon is to attack the attempts by activist Buddhist monks concentrating on their weaknesses, kind of killing the messenger tact. The Asgiriya Declaration in June was an answer to this strategy that jolted the NGOs and the black-white politicians. They had to stop going after BBS monk Ven. Galabodaatte Gnanasaara’s pound of flesh.  Yet, they were able to deceive the Malvatte Mahanayaka, in an attempt to divide monks. Wignewaran’s badmouthing of Asgiriya Karaka Sabha and praise of Malvatta monk (acting alone without the karaka sabha) after his conspiracy-looking recent visit was an indication of a grand design. The all-out attack on the Buddha Sasanaya from all sides came to an abrupt end with the recent drama played by the monk Pitiduwe Siri Saddamma. He says he is Arhat. He holds grand birthday parties. He has a gold-plated statute of himself that looks like a modern-day Buddha. But this living Buddha valued his nikaya membership certificate more than anything else in his arhat world. He begged and gave a written guarantee to non-sovan monks that he will be a good boy in future and be a pupil under some non-Sovan monks in Colombo. His stupid and wise rich devotees and crook political devotees must be so confused. For the innocent and helpless Sinhala Buddhists it is a reminder of the latent Buddhist power against political Satans.

Tamils in the separatist game

I plan to write an essay comparing how Tamils developed their separatist game in which Sinhala black-white politicians knowingly or unintentionally got trapped, most of the time due to their selfish greed. Listed below are Tamil actors, some of them got the label, a Tamil traitor, when they tried to work in collaboration with Sinhala leaders.  But then those Sinhala leaders did not follow the Buddhist path in fairness to a true Sinhala-Tamil conciliation by going to Tamil man and woman in the Tamil village.

1832> Kumarasuriyar/Ponnambalam & Obeysekara/Bandaranayaka families

1879-1930 Ponnambalam Ramanadan

1906-1913 Ponnambalam Arunachalam 1923 Ceylon Tamil League

1931-1970 Ponnambalam G G 1944 ACTC minister 1948-53

1947-1977 Chelvanayagam 1949 ITAK  1972 TUF 1976 TULF Vaddukoddai

1977-2009 May 19 Prbakaran’s war

1949-1983 Amirthalingam/1959 >Anandasangaari

1983-1999 Neelan Thiruchelvam 1995 package deal

2002- Karuna Amman

TNA -2010 >Sumanthiran/1956 >Sambandan/2013 >Wigneswaran

3 Responses to “Prevention of Sinhala Black-whites’ plan to Balkanize Sri Lanka”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    An excellent analysis of Chandrasiri. Undoubtedly one of the best and most analytical.

    Fully agree with the names listed along with the years. Politicised Sinhalese may dispute some of those names but the bitter truth is this.

    This also explains why the district unit of devolution is far more dangerous than the province. Territory under the rule of the national majority will shrink drastically if district devolution is introduced replacing province.

    [Quote] Suffice it to say that the leader of the new Nelum bud party was an author of the 1997 secret plan who even now is openly supporting the suggestion to remove the concurrent list. The so-called JO is full of open federalists. [Unquote]

    And its political strategists. One of them is the biggest supporter of 13A! He revealed recently that the decision to “discuss” the concurrent list was made by the former president after a meeting in 2013. He argued that this should be the “new middle”. Only Weerawansa had protested.

  2. Christie Says:

    !956 was the start of the genocide of Sinhalese. Banda was financed by India and Indians and that was the start.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    The District should be a unit for the Centre to govern, not a unit to receive Devolution !
    The SLAS ought to be the ‘connector’ between the Districts & the Centre.

    Centre governance a must for Sri Lanka.

    With proximity of Tamil Nadu with their past SEPARATISM from INDIA & their CASTE WARS, it is imperative that Centre governance be maintained for Sri Lanka.

    If Yahap cannot do Centre Governance of the whole island, then they ought to quit and hold elections.
    That is the Democratic Way.

    Question to ask : As matters stand, it appears that there is no Democracy in Lanka ?
    The Law of the Land is scorned too.
    The ILLEGAL 13-A is still in place.
    It must declared that : All Ports of Lanka must be used for peaceful purposes only.

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