The Treacherous Conspiracy facing Sri Lanka – Part V
Posted on October 26th, 2017

By : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA                      

In the state of Sirisena and Ranil not heeding the objections being raised by the Maha Sangha and the people against the proposed constitution we must appreciate the former Prime Ministers S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike and Dudley Senanayake for bowing down to people’s demand and abrogating the agreements they reached with the father of Tamil separatists S.J.V.Chelvanayagam.  We must also appreciate the former President J.R.Jayawardene for deliberately placing restrictions hindering the the full implementation of the despicable 13th Amendment forcibly imposed on the Sri Lankab constitutiin by the hegemonic Rajiv Gandhi.

Now we are facing a similar situation as a result of the envisaged new Constitution. Appreciably the Venerable Maha Sangha together with the patriotic people have entered the battle ground to defeat this envisaged move being attempted to implement by the government on the behest of the anti democratic western powers, western slavish UNHRC, hegemonic India, the Tamil diaspora, the local Tamil separatists and theTamil slavish NGOs and politicians.

Under mounting objections from the Maha Sangha for the proposed constitution the Tamil National Alliance which is determined to have the proposed new constitutions approved by hook ot crook or by bribing anyone with any amount of money or some other enticements, called for a special Central Committee Meeting on 24th October and decided to visit Kndy and obtain the consent of the Maha Nayake Theros of the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters to the new constitution.   MP Sumanthiran said that they will make every effort to persuade the two chief prelates to consent for the new constitution. It reminds us that recently Wigneswaran also attempted to persuade the Mahanayake theros explaining the virtues of the federal system and try to convince them that the federal system is not a separatist system.

The Chancellor of the Sri Jayawardene University Ven. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalarathana thero said that if Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhita thero was alive he would be the first person to oppose the proposed constitution.  The Ven. Thero made this statement at a media conference held on 24th October at the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress premises following a meeting on the proposed constitution held by a group of erudite members of the Maha Sangha. Around ome hundred members of scholarly monks from Colombo and other parts of the country participated in this discussion. Highlighting the dangers embedded in the proposals Ven. Wimalaratne thero explained if this constitution was approved as it is being proposed that it will not be possible to get any national policy approved.  He said that the rulers seem to be deaf dumb and blind to all protests made by the Maha Sanfga so far.  The Ven. Thero urged the government not to mislead the public by beguiling private ambitions behind technical terms.  He said former President Chandrika Kumaratunga too unsuccessfully attempted to bring about certain constitutional changes and the present government is attempting to implement the same amendments in a different manner. The Ven.Thero further stated that the government will make use of all ruses to get the federal constitution approved similar to the disgraceful method it used to get the Provincial Council Election postponement Bill apptoved  The Ven. Thero said when the constitution will be be placed before the people for a referendum, they will bring out all members of Maha Sangha to the streets to defeat it.  He aso stated that a close examination of the proposals clearly revealed that there are some proposals that would not only jeopardise peaceful co-existence of the citizens of Sri Lanka but also help promote separatism. Stressing that the alternative proposals in the main document camouflaged the real intention of the government and some terms had different and conflicting meanings in Sinhala, Tamil and English, Ven. Wimalaratana Thera said that even though the proposals did not use the term federal directly, it had been subtly introduced by use of words that had different meanings in the three languages.

Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero said that although they are not against the existing Constitution, they oppose the presenting of new amendments to the Constitution.  He was speaking at a press briefing of the ‘National Movement to Protect the Motherland’ at the Abayaramaya Temple in Narahenpita on 24th October. . The Ven. Thero said that that they will never allow any constitutional amendment being carried out to fulfill the needs of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).  He said thar the President and Prime Minister are making contradictory remarks regarding the constitutional amendment.  He said that the attempts by the government to change the constitution in the face of the displeasure of the Maha Sangha cannot be condoned.

The chief incumbent of the Sunethra Devi Pirivena, Ven. Dr.Medagoda Abeytissa Thera said it would be better to have Tamil speaking leaders as President and Prime Minister than to divide the country on ethnic lines. Addressing the media at the National Library and Documentation Centre, on 24th October, Ven. Abeytissa Thera said ththe mahanaayake Te government was trying to implement the 13th Amendment fully on the pretext of introducing a new Constitution. Ven. Dr. Medagoda Abeytissa Thera said that Jathika Sangha Sabhawa, the Federation of National Organisations, Patriotic National Movement, Mahajana Rajjya Sabhawa and the Global Sri Lanka Forum (GSLF) met President Sirisena on Monday 23rs October night and Sirisena was unwilling to halt or reverse the ongoing constitution-making process.  Ven. Abeytissa told the media that Sirisena had said the northerners were unhappy as they had been denied their rightful place. Dr. Abeytissa thera also stated that as the Tamils, too, had immensely contributed to the Independence struggle and development of the country there couldn’t be any issue with having a Tamil speaking President or Prime Minister. The monk referred to the great contribution made by the late Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar, in his capacity as the Foreign Minister of this country.

The AmerapuraNikaya is considered as the largest Nikayaa in this country.  The Mahanayake Thero of the Amarpura Nikaya said that there is no need at present to bring a new constitution. The Mahanaayake Thero of the Nikaya Ven. Trincomalee Ananda Thero said yhat they would agree only for the change of election system and warned that proposals being made in the steering committee get incorporated into the constitution it would become a death trap.  He said that the incumbent government cannot be trusted under any circumstance and warned that this despicable government would take any measure to get the proposed constitution approved.

The Chief Registrar of the Asgiri Chapter `of the Siyam Nikaya Ven. Dr. Medagama Dammananda thero said that for them rhere is no preference either for Mahinda or Maithri and they totally reject the proposed constitution and they wholly commit by themselves to protect the Sinhala Buddhists. Explaining the long discussions they held separately and jointly among the committee members and togetherwith the Mahanayake Theros of both chapers following the receipt of copies of the Steering Committee from Minister Kiriella, Ven. Dammanaanda Thero said that there are many proposals in the steering committee report that are dangerus to country as a whole and for the Sinhala Buddhists and for Buddhism and hence they totally reject the proposals. Ven. Dr. Dammananda thero also said that both the President and the Prime Minister will e summoned ti Kandy for a meeting with Mahanayake Theros of both Malwatte and Asgiri chapters and members of the Sangha Councils to discuss on the proposed constitution.  He also stated that they have no trust about the proposed constitution and on those who are entrusted with the task of formulating it. ,

Photo : Courtesy – Mawbima


An appeal letter signed by more than 100 Mahanayake Theros and the Chief Incumbents in Colombo and the suburbs requesting to totally abandon all attempts related to formulating a new constitution has been handed over to both the President and the Prime Minister on th 24th of this month.  The signatories of this appeal letter ibclude the Mahanayake of the Amaarapura Dharmraakshita Nikaya Ven Tribcomalee Ananda Thero, Ven. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalaratne Thero, Ven. Balangoda Sobhita Thero, Ven. Diviyagaha Yasassi Thero, Ven. Welamitiyawe Kusaladamma Thero, Ven. Gonaduwe Gunananda Thero, Ven. Nakulugaamuwe Pematilleke Thero, Ven. Pallattara Sumanajothi Thero, Ven. Akuratiya Nanda Thero, Ven. Yatuana Gnaawaasa Thero, Ven. Prof. Agalakada Sirisumana Thero, Ven.  Wadduwe Dammawasa Thero, Ven. Nelumdande Wimalasaara Thero, Ven. Prof. Medagampitiye Wimalasiri Thero, Ven. Talalle Chandakitti Thero, Ven. Prof. Kongastenne Ananda Thero, and Ven. Walpola Gothama Theo.

The appeal letter has emphasize that members of the Maha Sangha and the religious leaders while enlightening all people’s representatives and the general public about the emerging nation disaster situation would muster all forces to reject the constitution proposals.  They have said that these activities will be carried out devoid of personal or political objectives.  They have also called to establish a dialogue on this matter.

n Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thera has said he that he opposes the Steering Committee’s Interim Report and added that there are several other burning issues in the country that need to be addressed, other than bringing in a new Constitution. He pointed out that the new constitution proposes the merging of Northern provinces and the merging the Northern and Eastern provinces would lead to racial issues among the people. As such, he said, many members of Muslim communities in the East are not in agreement with this proposed constitution.

Rev.Fr. Vimal Tirimanna, CSsR, in an analytical article in The Island of 11th October, 2017 titled “Yahapalanaya govt. has neither valid mandate nor credibility to draft a new constitution” concludes “The only way the government can have both a mandate and the necessary credibility to drnew constitution is to call a general election and muster a clear-cut majority rather than hoodwinking the people with their fairy tale arguments, for postponing all elections. A new Constitution should not be a façade to achieve the egoistic agendas of its drafters irrespective of what the citizens really desire at this moment through such a Constitution”.

Archbishop of Colombo and Head of the Roman Catholic Church in Sri Lanka  Rev. Dr. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith publicly declared his opposition to any constitutional dilution of the foremost place granted to Buddhism in Article 9″,. Dr. Malcolm Ranjith participating at a religious ceremony held under the patronage of Chief incumbent Ven. Daranagama Kusaladhamma Nayaka Thera at the Sri Sambodhi Viharaya in Colombo said that the right status and respect deserved for Buddhism should remain intact in the constitution, He said that the prominence of the country relies on Buddhism and there should not be any decision to change its due place secured by the constitution as we all live in a country nourished by Buddhism.

Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Dr. Albert Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith

Attorney at Law Rushdi Habib speaking at the inaugural event of he Eliya” movement stated that we seem to be moving from a unitary state to a federal state and that in such a situation it is important to study the implications that such change will have for the peaceful coexistence among communities, He stated that he had seen the proposals to amend the constitution and queried whether by putting forward a proposal to amend Article 9 (which gives foremost place to Buddhism) anyone can really expect reconciliation to take place in this country. He stated that the mere suggestion itself is counter productive.

He also pointed out that by devolving police and land powers and abolishing the concurrent list and giving all such powers to the provincial councils, whether there is any guarantee that the rights of the Sinhala and Muslim minorities living in the North and East will be protected. He drew attention to the fact that the Muslims were expelled from the north by the LTTE within 24 hours and that in a backdrop where such incidents have taken place, to create autonomous units which are not subordinate to the sovereign power in the country, would heighten the danger of parts of the country moving away from the state. He stated that the TNA has proposed the merger of the North and East and if a referendum is to held, that it be within the provinces to be merged. He stated that the majority of the Tamil and Muslim people in this country do not live in the North and East but elsewhere and if the North and East goes its separate way, he wanted to know what will happen to the majority of the Tamil and Muslim people living in other parts of the country? He said that the Tamil and Muslim people should oppose this proposed constitution and that they cannot agree to the arrangement being proposed.

He stated that by going for a foreign solution imposed upon us, the majority of the Tamils and the Muslims living in the South are being placed in danger by creating Tamil areas, Muslim areas and Sinhala areas and  a Tamil police, Muslim police and Sinhala police etc. He stated that they have no issue living in a unitary state and that they don’t want separatism in this country.

Former Ambassador Tamara Kunanayagam speaking at the same function said, at the same time that a new Constitution was being discussed, a plethora of radical reforms” was also being rushed through. The fact that many of these reforms are being challenged as unconstitutional, indicates that the new Constitution is aimed at making what is unconstitutional today, constitutional tomorrow. In other words, making legal, what is illegal by a simple trick of changing the Law.”She said, efforts to draft a new Constitution is a project sponsored by the United States and that, through its intervention, what began as an agenda to abolish the Executive Presidency, has become a full-blown reform of the Constitution.

Meanwhile. The tiger terrorist website TamilNet in an article on 21st October under the titled ‘Unitary Constitution impossinle choice, irrelevant to fundaments, needs rejection by Tamils says that Eezham Tamils are a distinct nation with sovereignty-based claim to exercise their right to Self-Determination. A framework for political solution should therefore recognise the nationhood of Eezham Tamils, their geographically contiguous homeland and their inalienable right of self-determination. It outlines four essential elements of any framework to be qualified as a solution model to resolve the national question and which are 1) recognise Eezham Tamils as a nation 2) recognise their distinct sovereignty for self-governance 3) recognise that Eezham Tamils are entitled to exercise their right to self-determination without any compromise and 4) propose a model of governance ensuring their parity on the above three fundamentals. This shows that these separatist Tamils will not change their hardcore standard under any circumstances.

Why this Tamil and foreign slavish government cannot abandon this despicable constitution process as the respectful and exemplary paradigms shown by late Prime Ministers S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike and Dudley Senanayake?

(To be continued)

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Under the Proposed NEW TRAITORS CONSTITUTION of Sri Lanka, the National Government of Sri Lanka would not have the power to DISMISS a MERGED Northern and Eastern Provincial Government from DECLARING INDEPENDENCE UNILATERALLY, as the Central Government of Spain INTENDS TO DO under Spain’s Constitution to stop Catalonia from EXERCISING the independence it DECLARED UNILATERALY …. today!

    Sri Lanka will not have the POWER to PROTECT ITSELF from DISINTEGRATION as Spain DOES under its Constitution! Are we PATRIOTS going to ALLOW the Yamapalanaya to ENACT this TREASON??

    Catalonia declares independence from Spain, direct Madrid rule looms

    By Sam Edwards and Angus MacSwan

    Reuters•October 27, 2017

    BARCELONA/MADRID (Reuters) – The Spanish government moved to impose direct rule over Catalonia on Friday, stripping the region of its autonomy less than an hour after its parliament declared independence in a stunning show of defiance to Madrid.
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    Although the Catalan declaration appears to be a doomed gesture, both sides’ moves take Spain’s worst political crisis in four decades to a new and possibly dangerous level.

    Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called for calm and said the rule of law would be restored in Catalonia, where secessionists have long cherished the dream of a separate nation.

    A crowd of more than 2,000 independence supporters gathered in the Ciutadella Park outside the regional parliament in Barcelona, shouting “Liberty” in Catalan and singing traditional songs as the independence vote went through.

    The motion passed in the parliament after a passionate debate from advocates and opponents of independence said Catalonia constituted an independent, sovereign and social democratic state.

    Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont left the chamber to shouts of “President!” and mayors who had come from outlying areas brandished their ceremonial batons and sang the Catalan anthem “Els Segadors” (The Reapers).

    “Catalonia is and will be a land of freedom. In times of difficulty and in times of celebration. Now more than ever”, Puigdemont said on Twitter.

    But immediately after news of the vote, which three opposition parties boycotted, Spanish shares and bonds were sold off, reflecting business concern over the turmoil in the wealthy region.

    Within an hour, the upper house of Spain’s parliament in Madrid authorized Rajoy’s government to rule Catalonia directly — an unprecedented move in Spain since the return of democracy in the late 1970s.

    In Brussels, the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said the independence vote changed nothing and the EU would only deal with the central government.

    The United States, Britain, France and Germany also swiftly dismissed the declaration and expressed support for Rajoy’s efforts to keep Spain united.


    Rajoy’s cabinet was meeting on Friday evening to adopt the first measures to govern Catalonia. This could include firing the Barcelona government and assuming direct supervision of Catalan police forces.

    “Exceptional measures should only be adopted when no other remedy is possible,” Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in an address to the Senate on Friday morning.

    “In my opinion there is no alternative. The only thing that can be done and should be done is to accept and comply with the law,” said Rajoy, who has staked out an uncompromising position.

    How direct rule would work on the ground – including the reaction of civil servants and the police – is uncertain. Some independence supporters have promised to mount a campaign of civil disobedience.

    The main secessionist group, the Catalan National Assembly, called on civil servants not to follow orders from the Spanish government and urged them to follow “peaceful resistance”.

    “Tensions are likely to rise significantly over the coming days,” Antonio Barroso of Teneo Intelligence said in a note.

    “Demonstrators might try to prevent the police from removing Catalan ministers from their offices if the central government decides to do so. This increases the risk of violent clashes with the police.”

    The crisis unfolded after Catalonia held an independence referendum on Oct. 1 which was declared illegal by Madrid. Although it endorsed independence, it drew only a 43 percent turnout as Catalans who oppose independence largely boycotted it.

    The crisis has split Catalonia and caused deep resentment around Spain. National flags now hang from many balconies in the capital in an expression of unity.

    Catalonia is one of Spain’s most prosperous regions and already has a high degree of autonomy. But it has a litany of historic grievances, exacerbated during the 1939-1975 Franco dictatorship, when its culture and politics were suppressed.

    The chaos has also prompted a flight of business from region and alarmed European leaders who fear the crisis could fan separatist sentiment around the continent.


    “It is not going to be easy, it is not going to be free, it is not going to change in a day. But there is no alternative to a process towards the Catalan Republic,” lawmaker Marta Rovira of the Junts pel Si pro-independence alliance said in a debate leading to the vote.

    After the debate, lawmakers from members of three main national parties — the People’s Party, the Socialists and Ciudadanos — walked out. Members of the pro-independence parties and the far-left Podemos then voted 70-10 in favor in a secret ballot aimed at hindering any attempt by Madrid to lay criminal charges on them.

    Spain’s constitutional court said it was reviewing the vote. The state prosecutor and other parties have three days to open a case.

    Montserrat Rectoret, a 61-year-old historian, was among the crowds in Barcelona.

    “I am emotional because Catalonia has struggled for 40 years to be independent and finally I can see it,” she said.

    (Additional reporting by Paul Day, Julien Toyer and Jesus Aguado, writing by Angus MacSwan, editing by John Stonestreet)

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