Scandal, Emil Savundra. The Prince of Con Men
Posted on January 10th, 2018

Courtesy ITV

“Scandal” was a series of five episodes broadcast weekly on ITV at 10:30pm in July & August 1989.

The episodes were 1. Tasaday: The Lost Tribe. 2. Bhagwhan Shree Rajneesh: The Man Who Was God. 3. Delorean: The Fast Lane 4. Emil Savundra: The Prince of Con Men. 5. Hollywood Confidential.

Here we have Episode 4 about the notorious con man “Dr Emil Savundra” Michael Marion Emil Anacletus Pierre Savundranayagam, usually known as Emil Savundra (6 July 1923 – 21 December 1976), was a Ceylonese swindler, most notable for the collapse of his Fire, Auto and Marine Insurance Company, which left about 400,000 UK motorists without cover. As a post-war black marketer, Savundra conducted bribery and fraud on an international scale, before settling in the UK, to sell low-cost insurance to the fast-growing car market. By defaulting on mandatory securities, he was able to fund a lavish lifestyle, mixing in fashionable circles. But this drew the attention of the press, who uncovered evidence of major fraud. In a dramatic TV interview with David Frost, he showed contempt for his defrauded customers, some of whom were in the studio audience, and shocked the nation by denying any moral responsibility. As the police had also been investigating him, he was soon arrested and sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment, but released after six, and died two years later, in an advanced state of drug addiction.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    This another fake article about this person who never given a chance to excel in UK.
    My boss had his car insurance from him and had no problems and one of the workers in our factory in London where I was working in 1967 a worker got his break light and a small dent repaired and the claim was very quickly dealt my Saundranayagam’s state of the art set up where he was the first to use a computer in the insurance trade.
    Competitors did not like a foreigner competing well with them.
    The golden key drama has similarities with this case.
    As I always maintained going into history the truth gets distorted.

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