Is the Opposition Leader a Regime Slave?
Posted on April 3rd, 2018

Dilrook Kannangara

Tamils never came to terms with democracy. It is such an alien concept to the Tamil society which was always ruled by caste discrimination, tribalism and other outdated concepts. It is no surprise the Opposition Leader (also the TNA leader) always comes to the rescue of the regime! TNA has become the laughing stock of the democratic world where the task of the Opposition is not to prop up the ruling party but to keep it under check. TNA leader is a disgrace to the House of Legislature. If he has any self respect left, he must resign from his post.

TNA always bet on the wrong horse and cornered itself into the wrong side of history. It strongly backed the LTTE’s political vision until the LTTE was decimated in 2009 bring peace to the island nation after three decades of war. Sadly, TNA still paddles the LTTE vision. This is why TNA supports Ranil at all cost. In supporting Ranil, TNA made a statement which clearly shows why it supports retaining Ranil.

Ranil’s CFA Substance and Indian Commitments Continue

Although the Court of Appeal declared the Ceasefire Agreement between Ranil and the LTTE Leader illegal in 2008, the deal was never officially rescinded by the parties to the agreement. It still stands between the surviving proxies of them. CFA identified a de facto territory in the north and east as controlled and governed by the LTTE and its political wing. This is what TNA harps in its statement in support of Ranil. TNA knows if the No Confidence Motion carries, it will end Ranil’s long and winding leadership at the top. With Chandrika out of active politics, Ranil is TNA’s only hope to advance its de facto claim. This is the real reason for supporting Ranil.

Then there is the India connection. Ranil is India’s choice for power. He has personally undertaken to sign and implement ETCA with India, to turn federal Sri Lanka into a confederated nation, lease Mattala and Trincomalee airport and port to India and enter into a defence alliance with India against China. As India’s proxy, TNA must ensure these things happen.

Patriotic Second Tier of the UNP

There is a clear division between UNP’s first tier made up of a close circle of Ranil associates and his culturally South Indian economics team, and, the UNP second tier. This younger generation of leaders have a close touch with ground reality, far more patriotic and educated. TNA and SLPP mortally fears them for different reasons. TNA fears their patriotism will give it a hard time making separatist demands while the SLPP fears competition in its core vote base.

Although Ranil did his very best to groom a second tier of like-minded UNP leaders, he failed. His choices were either rejected by the people or they turned. This is why LTTE specifically hunted down all patriotic UNP leaders and Ranil’s potential challengers ruthlessly. They include Gamini Dissanaike, Lalith Athulathmudali, General Lucky Algama and General Janaka Perera. TNA is entrusted with the LTTE’s task now. India also intensely dislikes UNP’s patriotic second tier.

Fizzling Out UNP New Leader Before 2019

UNP is extremely unpopular. Economic growth rate has stagnated at just 3.7%. 2018 and 2019 are going to be harder fiscal years as the six year grace period on massive loans obtained in late 2011 to 2013 come to an end. To repay installments, people have to be taxed badly. UNP’s plan was to keep Ranil until late 2019, put all blame on him and push through a popular young leader with a different economic outlook – a pro-poor economic outlook in wide contrast to Ranil’s Cinnamon Gardens economic policy. This was the same trick UNP played in 1988 to replace JR’s Cinnamon Gardens economic policy with Premadasa’s pro-poor Keselwatte economic policy. By sending Ranil home early, UNP loses this option in 2019. It will not have any shock and awe tactics left for 2019 and no new face. TNA knows UNP even at its worse is far more amenable than another party.


Political opportunists except TNA who dream of power by keeping Ranil as PM are in for a rude shock. Only TNA benefits politically by keeping Ranil. TNA has shown its inability to break free from its tribal mentality. A popular political commentator’s concluding remarks on the wrong choices of TNA is appropriate. Israeli diplomat Abba Eban once commented that Arabs “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”. So are Tamils. Having bet on the wrong horse again Tamils must not beg for appeasements (including political solutions) when they lose the bet. Instead Tamils must keep their begging bowl clean.

8 Responses to “Is the Opposition Leader a Regime Slave?”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    I AGREE with Dilrook.

    As I also said ELSEWHERE at LankaWeb recently, the TNA will DEMAND support from Ranil/UNP as the PRICE of support to DEFEAT the NCM tomorrow in Parliament. If I know the PARA-GATHI DEHADROHI AGA-MATHI, he will HAPPILY promise it!

    The SLMC also will DEMANX it’s pound of flesh: Power in the East and a free rein to settle Muslims in Muslims-only ENCLAVES though out the land.

    Meanwhile, that other Bond Scam disciple of the PAL-HORA PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI, Ravi Karunanayagam, who resented being offered up as the SOLE FALL GUY for the Bond Scam, has gathered a group of UNP MP’s together to EXPLOIT Ranil’s fall from GRACE. Apparently this Karunanayagam of “Mama danney naha” FAMENDS is demanding a TOP POWERFUL MINISTERIAL PORTFOLIO and the UNP leadership as the PRICE of his support to DEFEAT the NCM.

    According to the grapevine, the ONLY SILVER LINING for running is the UNP treasury bursting at the seams with STOLEN LOOT from the Bond Scam which is being ladle out to buy MP’S to vote against the NCM!

    SAVE the AGA-MATHI and WIN THE ONLY UNP LOTTERY for the next 10 years, they scream ford VOTES against the NCM in Parliament tomorrow!

    But, they don’t mention that those GOLDEN COINS come a hidden LIABILITY for the GREEDY ROOKS dancing on the knife edge ….. VERY LONG TERM PRISON TERMS …. When this AWFUL Yamapalana Govt OF CROOKS, FOR CROOKS, BY CROOKS collapses in the near future!

  2. aloy Says:

    There are certain powers (devine?) we humans do not understand. Popular belief is that “kala kala de pala pala de”. There is no escape for those who steal national treasures. They themselves and their descendants vanish into oblivion. There is a belief that this is what happened to those who shared among themselves the treasures that were found in secret chambers at Kota Vehera in Dedigama, the birth place of king Parakramabahu the great. Our treasury and central bank are the same. Those who stole from them also will vanish to oblivion sooner or later.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    IF RUN-NIL can be kicked out today it will be fantastic! RUN-NIL’S promises to TNA cannot be kept!!

    TNA goes BEGGING from pillar to post and now in DESPERATION.

    CHIMP-ANZAN betrays Tamil people IF he supports RUN-NIL.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    There is nothing called opposition in the current political system in SL. Actually the ruling party is LieTTE die-ass-pora along with US and Endia. Run-nil and Silly-sena are just puppets of them.

    TNA did not support LieTTE out of fear. LieTTE were doing the same Ealam project which TNA and all the separatist Tamil politicians were dreaming and preaching, but with guns and ammunition.

    As you rightly said, UNP is the only party through which the Ealam project could be materialised for extreme Tamil politicians and that is why they cleaned the leadership by eliminating patriotic leaders. They could not groom a second tier leader as there is none available. Sajith is a weak and always crying man who cannot lead people. No attraction in him and no firm visionary too because he is in between two worlds either to support LieTTE agenda who were his father’s killers or to take the patriotic path which is against UNP policy.

    There is no other person among the UNP team whom people will consider as a leader for UNP. Probably Senanayaka will be suitable in people’s view but the backers of UNP, LieTTE die-Ass-pora and US and RAW will not support Senanayaka.
    UNP is in a grave mess due to their unexpected unpopularity of Run-nil.

    TNA are not political opportunists. It is their fundamental policy to get the Ealam by hook or crook. They are always with the same view. They don’t expect small or petty gains like Hakeem or Badiuddeen and the likes. Their only aim is Ealam.. Ealam.. Ealam. They will never change unless people become national minded and ditch them.

  5. aloy Says:

    Senanyakes are doomed unless they make amends by ousting Ranil. The incident I mentioned above happened during their time in 60s. Those who support this national crime (the central bank theft) and their kith and kin will suffer the same fate. It will be difficult to erase such things from the mind of average Sinhala man.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    OOPS! I meant to write above ….

    ” …. the TNA will DEMAND support for the CREATION of an independent EELAM from Ranil/UNP as the PRICE of support to DEFEAT the NCM tomorrow in Parliament….”

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Rauf Hakeem announced that the SLMC Exec Committee has decided to VOTE AGAINST the NCM tomorrow!

    This is ENTIRELY AS EXPECTED. I wonder what CONCESSIONS they EXTRACTED from the PAL-HORA PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI and the UNPatritic party for this support!


  8. Christie Says:

    Indian Colonial Parasites and Indian Parasites knowhow to play politics in their new found lands.

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