Sri Lanka’s ‘Ethnic’ tensions a covert action of US foreign policy
Posted on April 3rd, 2018


Until & unless people realize that there is a bigger picture to the present rise in communal disharmony we are not going to find answers to its solution. The present coalition government is a result of a successful regime change. Note the personalities placed in various positions are all part of & linked to those that plotted the regime change. The same forces have links & influence over media & virtually every group that connects with people. Anyone claiming these allegations are conspiracy theories probably have not followed any of US covert operations globally.


The use of covert action by the US & West & copied by non-Western nations too have proved successful in so far as it denies negative publicity and US involvement.


The CIA is only one of sixteen intelligence agencies that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community. However, CIA is the only independent agency not affiliated with other governmental departments or branches of military. It is important that we try to link CIA covert operations to what is taking shape & place in Sri Lanka. CIA covert operations involve

  1. Giving political advice
  2. Giving subsidies to individuals
  3. Giving financial support & technical assistance to political parties/groups
  4. Supporting private organizations including labour unions & business firms
  5. Designing covert propaganda
  6. Giving individual training
  7. Designing economic operations
  8. Paramilitary or political action to overthrow or support regime change including assassinations.


So which of the above are applicable to Sri Lanka & who are the likely beneficiaries of these covert operations via funding, training or other support mechanisms? Can Sri Lankan citizens identify the local individuals, businesses, civil society groups & political parties that have been roped in for US covert operations? Think about it & prepare your own list.

Some of CIA’s operations reveal the lengths taken by US through its intel agencies to protect its geopolitical & trade interests and should make Sri Lankans wonder exactly what is  being rolled out in Sri Lanka and who are the locals, politicians, political parties on payroll.

  • Operation AJAX in Iran to topple the democratically elected Mossadeq in 1952 -53 & replaced with a dictator Shah.
  • Operation MK-ULTRA – brainwashing program on mind control by giving LSD & other drugs to American subjects without their knowledge. Funded partly by Rockefeller & Ford Foundations.
  • Operation PBSUCCESS in Guatemala to unseat the democratically elected Arbenz government in 1953 simply because he planned to nationalize the Rockefeller-owned United Fruit Company in which CIA Director Allen Dulles had shares.
  • Interference in Laos democratic elections 1957-73. CIA even dropped more bombs in Laos than bombs used during World War 2
  • Operation FUBELT in Chile to overthrow the Allende regime in 1973
  • Operation Mockingbird – CIA recruits journalists as spies & disseminators of false information. CIA’s media assets became ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, Reuters – CIA has admitted that at least 25 media & over 400 journalists became CIA assets. Wonder how many Sri Lankan journalists are CIA assets?
  • 1959 Haiti – US is silent as its man ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier creates his own private police force & terrorizes the Haiti populace and his son continues thereafter. No wonder the West was silent during JVP-UNP terror reign of 1980s/90s
  • 1961 – Cuba Bay of Pigs invasion when CIA uses Cuban exiles to invade Cuba (Operation Mongoose) the operation was a failure which led to the sacking of the CIA head Allen Dulles
  • CIA-backed military, forces democratically elected Ecuador President Jose Velasco to resign & CIA man Carlos Arosemana is replaced. Who are the CIA assets in Sri Lanka’s political system?
  • US-UK assassinate Congo’s democratically elected leader Patrice Lumumba… CIA installs Mobutu Seko as dictator
  • 1964 Brazil becomes next CIA target overthrowing its democratically elected leader Joao Goulart & replaced by a string of dictators led by General Branco whose deaths squads are said to be trained by CIA! Did the same happen in Sri Lanka?
  • 1965 Indonesia – CIA overthrows another democratically elected leader Sukarno & replaces him with Suharto who massacres close to 1m Indonesians whose names are supplied by CIA!
  • Greece – CIA helps remove George Papandreous as Prime Minister for failing to support US interests in Greece.
  • It was in 1966 that a magazine called Ramparts emerged carrying anti-CIA articles detailing how CIA paid University of Michigan $25m to hire ‘professors’ to train South Vietnamese students in covert police methods. Apparently other universities had also been receiving payments. We have to now wonder how many academics in universities are also on CIA payroll in Sri Lanka?
  • Operation CHAOS 1968 – CIA had been illegally spying on US citizens since 1959. CIA agents function as undercover student radicals to disrupt campus – how many student leaders in Sri Lanka are funded ‘radicals’?
  • 1970 Cambodia – CIA overthrows popular Prince Sahounek to replace with US puppet Lon Nol
  • Bolivia 1971 CIA military coup overthrows President Torres with dictator Banzer who arrests, tortures & executes political opponents without trial. No resolutions by UN
  • 1983 Honduras – CIA gives Honduran military the Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual 1983 teaching how to torture people. How many other countries military have been given this manual?
  • 1989 Panama – US invades Panama to overthrow Noriega who had been on CIA payroll since 1966 & when they don’t take orders, out they go!
  • 1990 Haiti – Catholic priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide wins election but is deposed by CIA backed coup & CIA begins disinformation campaign projecting Aristide as mentally unstable. This shows the levels CIA & agents will stoop to and should make people in Sri Lanka wonder what types of campaigns had been funded in Sri Lanka


There are reasons to doubt NGOs & civil society groups too.


Not many Americans may know that their money has been spent to overthrow foreign governments & funnel to NGOs to create mayhem & chaos in these countries.


In 1967 Mike Wallace after 45 years of investigations, prepared this video exposing how CIA uses NGOs  


Programs carried out by CIA linked NGOs – National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, International Centre for Journalists, Centre for International Private Enterprise, Millennium Challenge Corporation, USAID are just a handful who funnel money from their budgets to humanitarian organizations, private companies to further US agenda.


  • fake polio program in Pakistan for intelligence gathering that led to assassination of Osama bin Laden. USAID even funded sterilization camps in India.
  • Egypt uprising in 2008 with US embassy in Cairo helping a young dissident attend US sponsored summit for activists in New York & keeping his identity secret from Egyptian police. Who are the Sri Lankan youth sent to US on similar youth programs & what type of training have they been given?


The US political, economic, trade, corporate interests have been safeguarded by a plethora of entities that work in cohesion independently but interconnected and covering covert & overt operations that use various entities funded to interfere in foreign nations through various camouflaged programs that hide their ulterior motives.


Every country that has experienced destability & chaos either internally or externally have had some form of US or allied involvement. US & Allies backed rebels that turned Libya into a nightmare ousting its erstwhile leader, The Pentagon spent $500 Million training Syrian rebels. Pentagon had also spent millions producing fake videos. Is it a surprise that we question every allegation being made against Sri Lanka using questionable videos & documentaries.


Therefore, it is important that all of us take incidents happening in Sri Lanka & ask some crucial questions


When CIA & associate entities have been funding individuals, organizations, political parties, media, unions, rebel groups, youth etc is it not possible that sudden issues, demands, extremes, altercations etc might be planned & executed expecting an outcome that gives those planning it several options & alternatives.


Is it not possible that the sudden emergence of ethnic issues might be instigated by these entities funding both parties – Sinhala extremists, Islamic extremists, Tamil extremists, Christian extremists & even Buddhist extremists? Is it not possible that the same entities that encouraged Wahhabi associated extremism among Muslims also funded the Sinhala extremists to go against the rise in the Islamic extremism? Is it also not possible that the same entities that funded & helped LTTE & TNA are also funding the anti-LTTE & anti-TNA lobby – either way the political system of Sri Lanka would be in chaos & turmoil and that is perfect excuse for foreigners to poke their nose into our internal affairs.


Is it also not possible that anyone involved in and taking part in these foreign funded campaigns have no love for the country, no love for their ethnicity or religion but are only inspired by the money given to them to cause mischief & mayhem? Can you identify some of these personalities?


No community would wish to have the world blame them unless there is a bigger plan and is this not what is taking place – blaming the Sinhalese for Tamil ‘discrimination’ lead to the justification for a separate state, who benefits from that? Blaming the Sinhalese for ‘discrimination; against Muslims also helps justify foreign interference & gives foreign envoys & UN the power, to demand changes to the constitution, changes to laws, penal codes, involvement of foreigners to rule in hybrid set ups etc…


Can you now picture the possibilities that we are all being fooled by a group of people manipulating us.





Shenali D Waduge

5 Responses to “Sri Lanka’s ‘Ethnic’ tensions a covert action of US foreign policy”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Shenali for a great piece of research and exposing the culprits. Please be aware of their ruthlessness and money thirst under world and politicians in SL. Mother Lanka needs your service for many years to direct the future rulers.

  2. Christie Says:

    Our racial and religious problems come from Indian Empire and Hindu extremists.

    One of our Ministers is kicked out of one of their holiest temple because he is not a Hindu. My the way he is the minister of Buddhism.

    In Muslim Kashmir occupied by India not a day goes by without butchering of innocent civilians by the Jawans.

    If there is any connection to USA it is the Indian Parasite Athul Keshap.

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    This government has practically given its blessing to American Ambassador Atul Keshep to run our country from day one. It’s no secret that Ranil’s number one advisor is this cunning Indian-born Ambassador and USAID, which is nothing but a CIA agency, to de-stabilize countries like SL by using ass-kissing puppet traitors like Ranil.

    Shenali is absolutely correct, it’s the CIA covert operation, using USAID as a front to carry out their agenda in SL. The present regime, which is a creation of US and India, is a prime example of how US manipulate pro-colonial leaders like Ranil to carry out their agenda.

    USA is the biggest threat to the world, as it will do anything in its power to maintain its declining supremacy in Asia. Thanks to China, US will never be able to dominate Asia. The future of SL will be much better with China, rather than trying to align with ruthless and cunning global terrorist like US, which is the number one mistake the present regime has committed in SL.

  4. Christie Says:

    Athul Keshap is an Indian Parasite from USA.

    He works for India and the Indian Empire.

    He was appointed by Obama where Democrats received more donations than the Repulicans.

    Cunning Indians know how to manipulate many.

  5. Christie Says:

    Another CIA job?

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