Your proposal to Remove the Tamil Tiger Terrorists from the Banned List
Posted on April 26th, 2018

Mahinda Gunasekera

By E-mail
84 Tambrook Drive
Agincourt, ON
M1W 3L9
April 24, 2018

Mr. Jack MacLaren MPP, Carleton-Mississippi Mills,

Queens Park


Dear Mr. Jack Maclaren, MPP,

Re: Your proposal to Remove the Tamil Tiger Terrorists from the Banned List

I was taken aback to read of your proposal to lift the ban on the Tamil Tiger Terrorists who
were so designated by the UN Security Council Resolution Number 1373 of September 2001.
Even before I got over that shock, I was sad to learn of the violence unleashed by an unstable
extremist living in our midst against innocent civilians in our great city of Toronto, killing 10 and
injuring a further 15 persons enjoying a stroll on a sunny spring day. Toronto has been somewhat
spared of terrorist violence compared to other cities, towns and villages of Sri Lanka that have
had to face such violence on a much larger scale for a period extending to over 34 years from
around 1975 to the year 2009.

You may probably be aware that Sri Lanka’s Central Bank located in the financial district of the
City of Colombo was attacked in January 1996 with a truck carrying 400 lbs. of explosives, which
was part of a consignment of 60 tons purchased from the Ukraine with monies raised by Tamil
Tiger supporters in Canada. This incident alone resulted in the killing of 114 and wounding of over
1300 civilians plus enormous losses to property in the heart of the city. The Tamil Tigers also
attacked the Petroleum Storage facilities in Kolonnawa, destroyed six commercial aircraft belonging
to Sri Lankan Airlines at the Katunayake international airport, they bombed and removed almost
150 kilometers of rail tracks linking the south of the country with the northern cities in the Jaffna
peninsula. Several other economic targets were attacked in addition to Black Tiger Suicide Bombers
blowing themselves up in public places such as the Central Bus Station, Main Rail Station in Colombo
Fort, killing hundreds of innocent civilians heading to work or homeward bound during rush hour.

Tamil Tiger killings went on daily with these terrorists planting bombs in buses, trains and shopping
centres. They even engaged in killing non-Tamil residents of the north and eastern provinces of the
island in their attempt to ethnically cleanse the region by evicting these people. They brutally massacred
large numbers of people participating in religious observances at Buddhist sacred sites in Anuradhapura
and Kandy, and Muslims in prayer in Eravur and Kathankudy in the east. They drove out all of the long
resident Sinhalese and Muslims living in the north from 1977 to 1990, and even today the so called
moderate Tamils object to these people being resettled in their former places of residence just as over
400,000 Tamil IDPs have been resettled by the state.

Today, having failed in their attempts to grab territory for their racist separate mono-ethnic state called
“Eelam” through armed force, they are seeking the support of westerners like you to promote the break
up of the unitary state of which they are equal citizens. The west which seeks regime change and installation
of puppets and destabilizing countries is seen to be playing a role to aid Tamil aspirations to establish a
second homeland in Sri Lanka in addition to their original homeland of Tamilnadu in South India where
nearly 80 million Tamils live. Sri Lanka has gone through almost 35 years of Tamil Tiger terrorism and do
not want the Tamil Tigers to restart their separatist war with your support. Sri Lankans are trying their
utmost to build on the peace that emerged following the defeat of the Tamil Tiger terror movement and
improve the lot of all of her constituent communities since the return of narmalcy to their lives.

Yours sincerely,

Mahinda Gunasekera

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  1. L Perera Says:

    These vote scavenging Politicians learn their lesson only when the Terrorist strike closer to home.

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