John Argue -Amnesty International’s Coordinator for Sri Lanka
Posted on June 10th, 2018

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .Canada

10 June 2018

John Argue
Amnesty International’s Coordinator for Sri Lanka

Dear John:

I stumbled onto your interview with Sulochana Ramaiah Mohan which was headlined 40,000 death claim should be researched. Reading it, I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh at it or cry. In fact I was disappointed in you, for your typical covering of the dishonest AI’s rear-end, the self-appointed Policeman of Human Rights around the world.  I understand, as you are part of this cabal.

You know, that you guys at AI were crowned as the spokesperson for the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), a longtime supporter of Tamil Tigers, from the moment you and Alex Neve  stretched your beggar’s palms to accept that $50,000 largess as a donation in September 2011..  Remember John, when it was about to happen, I told you that your AI should not accept that gift as it was going to  come and bite you guys at some point in time.   And it has, not once but several times.  And I suppose it was a too bigger sum to refuse when you all were hungry for funds. And since then you have supported their cause of their wanting their Eelam damning the majority Sinhalese community.  That is sick, John! I resent it, and it so happens that I am a full-blooded Sinhalese to boot.

John, you guys were lucky that Asoka Weerasinghe was not the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.  I wouldn’t be that stupid to give you all a space in Colombo to build your nest to have your decentralized HQ to monitor Human Rights violations in South Asia, until you returned that $50,000 to the Canadian Tamil Congress and cleanse yourselves of the sin of being bias in favour of the  minority Tami  community. I would have demanded that you prove to me and my administration that AI has become a truly neutral INGO, as I just don’t trust Amnesty International one bit,  AI is suspect.  And I have told you this not once, not twice, but several times.

You know John, you guys at AI have the gall and temerity to claim your moral right to make statements about human rights violations of the Tamils in Sri Lanka when it was your Amnesty International  that abdicated that moral right long time ago, in 1975 when your outfit, Amnesty International devoted a modest half page to Kampuchea in its annual report covering 1975, the year Phnom Penh fell to the Khymer Rouge.  And I learn that your Secretary General sent a cable expressing concern for civilians detained in areas of conflict”, while noting prudently those allegations of mass executions were based on flimsy evidence and secondhand accounts.”  This was when it was a known fact that nearly one-fifth of the population of Kampuchea were exterminated by the Khymer Rouge in the early 1970s.  It was also interesting to note that Amnesty International sent a cable congratulating the new regime of Kampuchea on the large national union without distinction of class, religious belief or political tendency”, it had just proclaimed. Shish!, what a bunch of disingenuous Yahoos!

John, your interview announces that you had said that the 40,000 death claim should be researched..  Sweet Mother of Jesus!  First use your common sense AI, before you attempt to embark on your research project.”.

Don’t you guys at AI want to ask the 40,000 Tamil death believers,  alleged to have been killed by the Sri Lankan soldiers during the last five months of the Eelam War, Show us the bodies, show us the skeletons of the 40,000 deaths before we believe you.”

John, 40,000 Tamils killed in five short months mainly along a sliver of land when the Tamil Tigers were on the run, there weren’t much land to dump the average 5’8” bodies even in pyramidal  piles. This is a hard to believe number of deaths.

And you know what, John? No one, not even your Amnesty International  told us that the Government soldiers forced the retreating Tamils to claw the sun-baked Mullaithivu earth and feverishly dig big holes to dump these 40,000  dead Tamil bodies.  No one, not even your AI told us that they sighted 5 to 10 backhoes digging large craters to dump the 40,000 dead Tamil bodies.  No one, not even your AI  told us of the stench of black plumes of smoke snaking towards the heavens from the burning  mounds of the dead Tamil bodies that were burnt to get rid of them in a hurry.  No one, not even your Human Rights Police, Al, told us that they sighted fast moving fiberglass boats loaded with dead bodies, speeding through the indigo-nights to dump them in the mid-Indian Ocean to get rid of them.  No people in the villages of the east coast of South India in places like Chitambaram,  Cuddalore and  Pondicherry reported that there were several  dead bodies, presumably those of the dumped Tamil’s washed onto their shores. Nor did anyone nor Amnesty International reported some weird things going on in the Mullaitivu  theatre of war where hundreds of dead bodies of Tamils were strewn around.  And that Sri Lankan Army higher-ups were skipping through the bodies, like skipping through our Spring tulips with very effective Made in China disappearing wands and waving over the dead bodies saying A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A and doing the disappearing act and wooossshhhh”’; the dead bodies disappear into the thin air,  How else would they disappear that quickly John.  It has to be an act of magic.  Right!

You smart Alec’s at Amnesty International should be able to tell us how that 40,000

dead bodies disappeared.  If you don’t know, ask Ban-Ki Moon’s Cut-and-Paste Brigade’s, Ban-Ki Moon, ask Navi Pillay, ask Marzuki Darusman, ask Steven Ratner, ask Yasmin Sooka.  If they cannot provide you with an honest answer, then slap on their backs stickers saying, in red I am a right Royal HUMBUG, trying to hang Sri Lanka from the UN’s rafters”  Do it, John. This is a vicious game of Bullying the small guy

Tell me, John, did you all at Amnesty International comment on the 100,000 Tamils being killed by the Sri Lankan soldiers during the last five months of the Eelam War as claimed by the British Labour Party’s,  Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham and Morden, in Surrey,   If you all didn’t then why not?  It is a hellava gory numbers game that you all keep playing as if, in a gambler’s den called, HUMAN RIGHTS HUMBUGS  ON KILLERS OF SRI LANKAN-TAMILS BINGO”.  A game to target Sri Lanka, to crucify that little island nation, Sri Lanka, where I come from.  What a bunch of Dodo’s, John.  I know McDonagh’s constituency is peppered with Tamil refugees and immigrants. That  doesn’t give her the  legitimacy to lie about Sri Lanka’s last 5 months of the Eelam War  She as a British politician  has NO moral right to come up with these  unproven atrocious  Fairy Tale numbers.

I did ask her in a letter, what  she smoked when she woke up that morning on the day she made that statement.  There was no response.  So she sells her soul for a Tamil vote as what most of our Canadian Liberals, Conservatives and NDPers do.

You know what, John, Siobhain McDonagh’s claim of 100,000 killed is a whole population of a town like Ontario’s Waterloo of 104,986; like British Columbia’s town of Delta  of 102,238 people;  like Ontario’s town of Chatham-Kent of 101,647 people, and that of Alberta’s Red Deer of a population of 100,418.   Can you imagine trying to bury those populations within a few days, within a few weeks before their skin and flesh starts to deteriorate under a hot tropical sun!  This woman is nuts, and AI didn’t speak on it to be fair on Sri Lanka who eradicated Tamil terrorism after the Tamil Tigers haemorrhaged that island for 27 blooding years killing over 100,000 soldiers and innocent people.  Too bad.

John, here’s what I am resentful of.  Not a single Human Rights outfit, in the world and that includes your Amnesty International, and of course, every Sri Lanka watching-Canadian parliamentarian haven’t had the honesty, the gumption and the dignity of their conscience, to stand up and be counted,  telling the world, that – Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that eradicated terrorism, by annihilating the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE aka Tamil Tigers), the ruthless of them all, on May 19, 2009, by their armed forces.  And by doing so gave back to their 20.5 million peoples, the most paramount Human Right, their RIGHT-TO-LIFE, which was hijacked by the Tamil Tiger terrorists,  for 27 long  bombing-years.  All these International Human Rights Organizations who call themselves activists are a bunch of pathetic jokers!

John, when you were asked about the charges of ”genocide” attributed to the Sri Lankan armed forces, your answer was, I feel sympathy for those  who feel it was Genocide, but AI has not come up with the conclusion that it was Genocide.”

Come on John you can do better. Let’s not waffle about this charge of Genocide”. Let’s be honest,  let’s be conclusive, and let’s not be iffy about your answer. You are dodging it consciously, aren’t you!  Bad John!

If there was Genocide, the Sri Lankan Soldiers would not have rescued 295,873 Tamils  by the end of the Eelam War, on 19 May, 2009.  They were rescued  from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger terrorists who herded them for 30 scorching months  from the west coast to the east coast under the hot Jaffna sky, like unwashed cattle as a ‘human-shield’.  It would have been easy for the soldiers to tie their hands behind their backs, blindfold them, ask them to kneel and shoot them through their skulls as what the Tamil Tigers did to the 700 Sinhalese policemen who had surrendered to them in the Eastern Province on 11 June, 1990.  Well, the Sri Lankan soldiers didn’t do a copycat cold blooded massacre.  There was affection and love for these Tamil refugees whom they considered as brothers and sisters.  I am not kidding!

Not only that John, they were the very same soldiers, all Sinhalese, who joined the other Sinhalese civilians to prepare  one million hearty meals of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to feed them every day when they were temporarily housed in  refugee camps.  So what is your difficulty to come to a conclusion that there was no Genocide, John?  Open your mouth and spit out the truth  Spit out the good humanitarian words.  For Pete’s sake, Amnesty International,  be honest for once and say so what is a Fact.   You know what John, not a single International Human Rights Organization has uttered a word and acknowledged this amazing humanitarian deed by the Sri Lankan soldiers who won the war against terrorism. And who also won the hearts of feeble Tamil grandmothers and grandfathers who were carried to safety in their arms like babies, and who  kissed the soldiers cheeks and said, Puthata Buddhu Saranai” (Son, I wish you Blessings from the Buddha)..

That itself is good enough reason for me to point my finger at everyone of those organizations and yell at them calling them, ”You Bloody Humbugs!”. By now you know me enough John, I don’t hold my punches back to anyone who is ever ready to hurt my Motherland, Sri Lanka, unfairly. That is my Mission and I will sing my Anthem heartily –

O Mother-Lanka,  my home and native land

True patriot love in me you command

After being haemorrhaged by Tamil Tigers

I see you proudly rise

As a true democracy and free

From far away I will love you

And not let you being cut in to two.

From far away Canada, O Mother-Lanka

You bet, I will stand on guard for thee”

Tell the Canadian Liberal Party’s  TERRIBLE FIVE – Robert Oliphant, Jim Karygiannis, Judy Sgro, Derek Lee and Albina Guarnieri (some are not MPs anymore) who stood on Canada’s Parliament Chamber floor during the Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka, at sundown on 4th February 2009, and, charged the Sri Lankan Government of Genocide of the Tamils, looking up at the Gallery. Do  you know why they were looking up at the Gallery, John?  It was sardine packed with Tamils, almost saying to them,.You witnessed us lying for you all, now give us your votes.”   What a bunch of lying Yahoos.  This is why i wouldn’t hold my nose and drop my ballot into the ballot box with a X against the Liberal candidate at the Federal and Provincial elections. No more…Never!

Come on Amnesty International don’t pussyfoot around the Genocide” charge.  There was no GENOCIDE, period. Surely, not when Sri Lankan soldiers carried frail Tamil grandmothers and grandfathers in their arms like babies and ran dodging Tamil Tiger bullets to safety  And that is the rub John.  You waffle, and I tighten the screws on you  lot as DISINGENUOUS  HOG-WASHED  HUMAN RIGHTS  HUMBUGS.

John, you said, 40,000 death claim should be researched.” Don’t be silly and waste your time.and AI funds unless you are hoping to seek  more donations from the Canadian Tamil Congress who might fork out Canadian dollars in the 50,000s.

The research has already been done by  British  Lord Naseby  by accessing confidential reports compiled by none other than London’s own Defence Attache present in Sri Lanka during the infamous last phase of the Eelam War in 2009.

Lord Naseby came up with some startling discoveries during his research which has kept nailing deep into the coffin of lying International  Human Rights Organizations including the UN as despicable Humbugs’ that claimed  there had been 40,000 Tamil deaths  during the last five months of the war. Or, may be, 100,000 deaths as claimed by that silly woman British MP Siobhain McDonagh.  I am still curious to find out what she smoked when she woke up that eventful day when she plucked that number of 100,000 Tamils killed by the Sri Lankan soldiers from the air, when the Sri Lankan soldiers were on the war path to decimate the Tamil Tiger terrorists who were on a daily killing spree with bullets and claymore-mines of innocent people for 27 years  And they did it Big time, when they shot the  last Tamil Tiger on the sandy beach of the Nandikadal lagoon on the east coast.

Lord Naseby said, I’ve tracked the war carefully because I just couldn’t’ believe these official figures – they didn’t stack up to the information I was getting.  So I then invoked our freedom of information inquiry.

I asked for the dispatches sent by our Defence Attache to our foreign office during the last days of the war.  The application was refused twice by our foreign office.  I then applied directly to the Information Commissioner -which is my right – and got 26 pages of redacted dispatches.  Missing were the last six weeks of them.  So I applied again. And lo and behold, another 12 arrived.  I went through them very carefully.

And in there, there was more than enough evidence that no one in the Sri Lankan government had said anything about killing civilians at all.  That was not the objective of the exercise.  And from our Defence attache’s dispatches.  I thus gleaned that about 7000 were probably killed.  And even the Attache  says, that about a quarter of those killed were possibly Tamil Tigers (LTTE) because they’d thrown away their uniforms.”

Well, there you are John.  You Guys at Amnesty International couldn’t do any better than Lord Naseby’s research and I can bet my last dollar on that.  But here is  the final conclusion as I could comprehend.  This saga of 40,000 Tamil killed during the last five months of the war, is a bunch of baloney, buckets of hogwash,  piffle, poppycock, crotches of codswallop,,  buckets of crap, and loads of  elephant dung patties.

But here’s what it is John, the 6th Salome veil has come off the 40,000 Tamil, killing promoters and believers and they are in deep tanks in boiling water, doing  the Last Credibility Waltz.  And when the 7th veil of lies comes off, which will be pretty soon according to my Crystal Ball reading. there will tattoos on all the naked bodies saying

Yes, I  lied”, I am a disingenuous bastard”, Sorry Sri Lanka, I know I acted like a no good pariah, I am mad with you separatist-Tamils for making me believe you, and I look a dunce-capped stupid fool!. Sri Lankan soldiers, you are the best  there was, there is, and the best that will ever be”. Teach us how to eliminate terrorism”,  and many more slogans..  Some tattoos will be with neon ink so that they could be read in the dark.

John, you have heard me, loud and clearly, as clearly as the ding-dong of a Sunday Church bell calling you for confession to absolve you of your sin wanting to crucify my Motherland, Sri Lanka,..unfairly.

You looked good  and well in that photo accompanying the article.  Keep well, and my advice to you as an older brother is, get off that Amnesty International choo-choo train at the next stop, as it is going nowhere on Sri Lanka.

Take care,




2 Responses to “John Argue -Amnesty International’s Coordinator for Sri Lanka”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks a lot Asoka.

    Amnesty International (AI) was hijacked by India a long time ago.

    India used AI to portray Sikhs Separatists as terrorists while promoting Tamil (Indian) terrorists as rebels.

    People like John Argue are paid by money and kind by India and Indians.

    Look India is not included in Argues supervision.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These amnesty international (selective justice) human rights monkeys can’t open their mouths about Syria. Sri Lanka of course easy prey in Syria these jokers are impotent. These are not human rights champions; these are bunch of jokers who sing for their suppers. In Syria so many millions died, displaced, still dying by 100s daily. But these low lives who use their bum to talk can’t open it for those people. Not enough Syrian votes in us, uk, france, canada etc etc.

    These amnesty international (selective justice) human rights jokers are pushed from behind by the traitor diasporats. I blame traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka catholic-run UNPatriotic_rats for creating these diasporats who are hell bent on dismembering Mother Lanka. Thambi mudiyanselage jr@ was the creator of these nasty, Mother Lanka hating diasporats. After dismembering Mother Lanka within with its 13, 13A which created ‘parliamenats’ every 50 miles, thambi mudiyanselage jr@ created Mother Lanka dismembering diasporats outside Sri Lanka.

    In those countries there are low life deshapaluwans who are prepared to lick the backsides of those bogus asylum
    seekers who fled Sri Lanka to escape from barrel man hitler mala paharan’s forced conscriptions. Those traitor low
    lives still not happy, they want a separate country exclusively tamils only to go on holiday. We understand these
    traitor low lives getting their offspring ‘battle ready’ in universities, schools etc. etc.for the next drealam war. The headache for these traitor low lives is to send all offspring for the next drealam battle or send just one or two OR
    sacrifice poor tamil children as cannon fodder while living comfortably abroad (sorry developed countries only!).
    Mother Lanka has been very very unfortunate to have the worst kind of foreigner traitor low lives as her sons and
    daughters who are hell bent on dismembering her.

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