Second Coming of Mahathir to Destroy Malaysia
Posted on June 24th, 2018

Dilrook Kannangara

Mahathir is credited for building Malaysia to what it is today. However, that doesn’t mean everything he touches turns into gold. In fact, he is now going to destroy Malaysia. He has been hired by the Americans to use Malaysia as an expendable tool to attack China. The winner in that battle is obvious – China. This shows a less observed aspect of how Americans move.

One of the first casualties of Mahathir’s win is Chinese investments in Malaysia. These investments should have turned Malaysia into a regional transport and investment hub. However, blaming Najib for his soft approach to China (a narrative eerily similar to that of the West), Mahathir cancelled them. Now his nation must expect painful retaliation from China. He failed to stop at that. Now he is fortifying Malaysia’s naval forces to counter China. He is focusing on western weapons dumping traditional Russian weapons. It further proves who is behind his late assumption of power literally on the deathbed.

There is a political aspect to these anti-China policies of late. Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia are rich and have aroused the jealousy of majority Malays and Indians. This led to the introduction of the ‘Boomiputera’ law in Malaysia which did well for the nation. Chinese majority Singapore’s separation from Malaysia also heightened anti-Chinese sentiments in Malaysia. However, not all anti-Chinese moves will yield good outcomes especially today. China will bypass Malaysia in its trade routes depriving Malaysia vital economic benefits. All other ASEAN nations will exploit the opportunity to benefit at the expense of Malaysia. China may even team up with Thailand to build the long awaited Kra Canal which will sink Malaysia and possibly Singapore too. Thailand accuses Malaysia for funding Islamic terrorists in south Thailand which Malaysia uses to disrupt the Kra Canal project. It is sad to see Mahathir destroying what he built – a prosperous Malaysia.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Is India behind Mahathir?


    Dr Mahathir Mohamed had done his share of contribution to the nation.He would not have come back to power without the power base of Dr Anwar Ibrahim and his wife. Like Gota to MR, Anwar was to Mahathir. They worked well collectively. Dr Mahathir made a cardinal mistake of jailing Anwar. Anwar’s wife Dr Wan Azizah fought back vigorously, like Vinnie to Nelson, and Wan Won!

    Dr M need to handover power to Anwar, he might remain as Senior Minister, replica of Singapore Father and Son combination. Anwar had undergone severe hardships. The personal items he used before jailing was put on public domain. His mattress, linen, bath towels, undies, used tissues were used to prove sodomy charges framing Anwar’s driver as well.

    Getting old, this was all too much, I guess, to Dr Mahathir. I respect Dr M a great deal, I have met him and admire his managerial skills. But jailing of Anwar was wrong.

    Some says, Anwar’s wife was the brain behind Anwar. Dr Wan should carry the mantle, as she is recognized as an honest, dedicated person, who will not tolerate corruption. We should soon see another women Prime Minister in Asia, perhaps vastly different from Chandrika, Imelda, Benazir Bhutto,Sheikh Hasina, Yingluck Shinawatra, bunch of corrupt politicians.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    True. He shouldn’t have gone over the top with Anwar.

    What is more concerning is his backers of the west and his anti-China moves that will not go unpunished by China. Hopefully he will be far more China friendly in action than his statements and military moves in the South China Sea. Otherwise he will land his country where Sri Lanka is after 2015.

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    Mahathir worshiping is only done by Sri Lankans.
    Those who involve in tenders know who is Mahathir. His name is not a good one to bring up and compare, if one wants to win an election. Contractors have to allow 25% extra even for private investments.
    However, he did manage to uplift the Malay people with Bhumiputra policies a little bit.
    What is the point having to have one Bhumiputra director in every company ? Ethnic Chinese owners would just nominate one Malay Kakiya( local word for henchman) of his party and pay him salary to get his signature. It doesn’t improve life of Malays but Chinese would still become richer.
    I agree Mahthir destroyed Malaysia.


    Dr M’s anti chinese sentiments are driven by anti-bumiputhra sentiments by majority chinese in Malaysia. Chinese are wealthy, Bumiputhra’s not. Chinese loyalty to Hong-kong and Singapore. Bumiputhra’s to Malaysia. When Dr M ruled Malaysia, Bumiputhra’s were very much cool headed, easy going people. Now they are not, arrogant, aggressive and ready for a fight anytime with anyone. It is a very difficult balancing act for any leader. This is were test of Leadership play a role Dilrook. Very nice write up by you and timely, hope Boss M will read it.


    Should read as “This is where”

  7. Dilrook Says:

    That’s correct Dr Dissanayake. I also noticed it. About 15 years ago they were the nicest people, very honest and hospitable. Something changed and now they are more like Malaysian Indians. Very disappointing. I think the reason is the stalling of the economic growth rate (apart from traditional inter-racial issues that kept under the radar when the economy was growing fast). The best way to boost it is to allow Chinese projects and be an active partner in BRI; not to shun China.

  8. Christie Says:

    As Dr Dissanayake says Anwars wife may become the PM, I think she was a Depity PM or a Minister.

  9. Caesar Says:

    Hurrah !
    Allahu Akbar !!!

  10. Nimal Says:

    Hard working, taxpaying Chinese wanted a change for better.Mathier was they only hope. Anwar pitilessly robbed the country and with highways and byways financed by the Chinese will put the country in to further debt.Greed has no limits and Mathier being a very old person wanted to the best for his country before he leaves this world.My wife’s people and I have investments there and we know a bit better.

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