Posted on July 1st, 2018

Gamarala, Courtesy The Island

There has been much hue and cry about the alleged request by the Anunayake of the Asgiri Chapter Ven. Wedaruwe Dharmakeerthi Sri Ratnapala Thera to Gota to be a Hitler.

Consequently because of the ‘fear psychosis’ which many of our politicians suffer of Gota leading this country in the very near future, a spate of criticism has spewed out. Fortunately the Venerable Anunayake has clarified his statement. There is no desire or intent for Gota to be another Hitler. What he wanted Gota to do was to develop this country and introduce firm policies. This is absolutely what this country needs.

From 2015 onward, this country has been on a steep downslide. Corruption is rampant – let us never forget the Bond Scam. Rape and murder are on the increase. Underworld gangs are having a field day. The IGP is more concerned about meditation than reinforcing law and order. The economy is in shambles. Trade unions are holding the country to ransom. University students are spending more time on the streets in protest marches than spending their time in the lecture halls. Amidst all this chaos our politicians are plotting ways and means of clinging on to power, accumulating undeserved wealth and seeking more luxurious life styles – consider the Mayoress spending millions on toilets!!! The cost of living is spiraling upwards leaving the majority of our people on the borderline of starvation. What this government is doing is best described as NATO – No Action Talk Only.

The President spends his time practicing yoga and preaching ‘bana.’ That is when he and his family are not travelling overseas. The Prime Minister opens a fictitious ‘Volkswagon’ factory promising jobs for thousands of people.He talks of tourist zones, industrial zones, IT zones, higher education zones and many other zones. Yet since 2015 it is a case of no zone, no zone! Ah yes I forgot – he did establish a Perpetual Treasuries safe zone.

Yes, we want Gota. He is a man of action. Whatever enterprise or project he undertook he ensured that it was completed to perfection. He led from the front. From winning the war against the LTTE to beautifying Colombo city.

People often refer to Lee Kuwan Yew and the transformation of Singapore. Let us not forget that he was a pragmatist AND he was authoritarian. But he made Singapore the wonder of Asia.

Our people are enjoying freedom – but it is the freedom of the wild ass.





  1. Charles Says:

    Thank you Gamarala you are absolutely right.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    This country certainly needs no authoritarians, despots, dictators and Hitlers than it already has.

    What this country needs is true democracy.

    Those who associate Gotabaya with authoritarianism and Hitler are doing him a great injustice. It must stop. Gotabaya is an inclusive leader; democratic and listens to a wide audiance. Those who do so will ensure Gotabaya loses the election because most Sri Lankans don’t want authoritarians. They had and have enough of those despots.

    Mahinda was a true democratic leader, always held elections in due time (or earlier). Gotabaya must not be any different.

    If Sri Lanka goes authoritaian, India will simply launch a precision air strike on the head of the regime in no time and people will be dancing in the streets. Welcome to the real world.

  3. Charles Says:

    It is not in the making of the Sinhala community to be authoritarian, they lived happily with all communities and still continue to do so despite utter racism of TNA politicians and Wigneswaran.

  4. Nimal Says:

    Wrote’ India will simply launch a precision air strike on the head of the regime in no time and people will be dancing in the streets. Welcome to the real world.’
    This is my worry too.When India did the Parippu drop US defended their illegal act when I spoke to the then HC in London Artigalle he mentioned the same fears. Similar situation is now prevailing in Syria where US will give the blessing for Israel to attack Syria, if not for Russia and Iran. This why they tried to sabotage the Russian world cup that was arranged so nicely and a tremendous success where citizens of humble countries were allowed into watch with fewer visa restrictions. As you know Russia was getting a lot of flack prior to that great event.
    It is only our abmude clad two bit rouges that attend the western set of the CHOGM in places like London, a jolly trip at our expense. They are the true servants of the west wearing a absurd national attire to hoodwink us.So many visa restrictions for our innocent people to visit over half the world and if our lapdog leaders have any dignity would stop participating on these events, even Olympics and cricket matches.
    I love the Western culture, their lifestyle their way of government and I feel sad that my people back home haven’t got that privilege and I seem to be the only person to bring this sad situation to the politicians I mingle with who live around me. I eat with them on the same table but not under it like our lapdogs.
    With respect to any potential threat from India initiated by another power, is to stop or diminish this by making SL like UK where everyone without exception respect the law of the country,independant police force, judiciary etc detached from the politicians. It is difficult for us as the main religion has been rammed on the people where at a critical moment the trouble makers could use this religious attachment to create division and mayhem just like in Syria.Assads were making that country a secular nation where all religions lived side by side and that was a threat to some, brought divisions and conflicts using Islam and it’s different sects.
    Should we ignore the strong attachment to the main religion that is manipulated and create a very secular country with some forced alliances with the trouble making western countries then they will be obliged to play ball and be our friend.
    I think there was an attempt in a small way to divide the Buddhist people and I noticed this when a sudda came to my late brother’s funeral,though we never knew him but was forcefully curious about the two sects of Buddhism.I had an argument with this guy on top of the graves in the cemetery,very undignified to say the least, sadly my Buddhist relatives joined in and were happy to describe the division and he tried to follow us to the malabatha where he could exploit the people who were there in a big number. I told him to not to step in because he is trouble maker, trying to divide the country further. My mad and stupid relatives were angry with me saying that I am no Buddhist etc. This happened in 1958 another foreigner who came ‘to study Buddhism at Peradaniya was very much engaged in talking about the two different sects and when I introduced him to Metananda who was the principal of either Ananda and Nalanda, also one time at Darnmaraja Kandy, he to was told him to go to hell.Lord Buddaha only brought one faith, simple and short and rest is all bs.To safeguard our island we must be like UK giving no one a chance to divide o r harm us. Singapore has the right idia,they are protected against the very hostile Malays and Indonesians. We should be thinking on those lines but our crooks have no interest in the country but rob as much as they can and live in the green pastures in the West. We are the fools who care for the country of birth and invest our hard earned money there.

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