Reactionaries launch 2019/2020 election campaign through the NYT article
Posted on July 4th, 2018


It was more than two years before the Presdential Election in 2015 January, the anti Sri Lankan forces the CIA and M16 repreesentitg the U.S.A and the West, the RAW representing the hegemonic India, TGTE representing the Tamil diaspora the TNA and the UNP with the blessings of Ranil and Chandrika signed a 10 point agreement in Sngapore in 2012 Io nstitute a regime change in Sri Lanka and handed over the task od implementing this agreement to a gang of quislings headed by Sobitha thero and supported by more than 40 dollar voracious NGO outfits.  Hiding these moves from the government were meticulously carried out by the despicable Ministrs in the government such as political chameleons Pa.Cha,Ranawaka and Rajitha Senaraatne, some MPs including Rajiva Wijesinghe and the leaders of minority community political parties.

It was indeed sad to note that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa or others in the government were not aware of these moves until the last moment when Aappaya” Sirisena crossed over in November and with that the treacherous elements launched their well drawn up plan titled A Compassionate Maithri Governance – A stable Country to provide all false promises, and to launch a horrendous smear campaign against Rajapakses and the government.. Anyone carefully reading this document would realize the impracticable nature of it and it was parrated by Sirisena at his political meetings and was distributed among the masses. People of this country are well aware what and what they promised and said and what and what they have done and need no elaboration and it was their anger relating to this factor they displayed in the February 10th local government elections

Now as the Presidential and Parliamentary elections are due in less than two years the enemies of Sri Lanka have once again launched a smear campaign using an Indiam borm journalist of thw New Yoek Times which President Trump recently labelled as creating fake news” to .disparage the most popular personality of this country. The defamatory report writtenen by Maria Abi-Habib says that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa had solicited funds from a Chinese company for his 2015 election purposes with the intention of creating the image that Mr. Rajapaksa’s Presidential election campaign in 2015 was carried out in a illegal manner..

The article published on 25 June, claimed that Sri Lanka was entrapped by China due to various loans obtained by it during the leadership of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa nd alleged that China had funded Rajapaksa’s 2015 presidential election campaign. It said that 7.6 Milluon U.S.Dollars were spent by Mr. Rajapaksa for his election campaign through the China Harbour account. It also stated that China Harbor Company had given U.S.Dollars 38,000 to Elle Gunawansa Thero for his support to Mr. Mahinda, two cheques of U.S. Dollars 1.7 million each had been handed over to the Temple Trees and another 3.7 Million U.S.Dollars had been used to purchase promotion materials. The writer has claimed that she obtained this information from politicians and government officials. The frog in the well Ranjan Ramanayake has confirmed that he had discussons with Maria.

Responding to the New York Times article, which alleged that Sri Lanka was placed in a debt trap by China due to the loans obtained for various development projects, Luo Chong, Chief of the Political Section and also the spokesperson of the Embassy, in a statement, has insisted that the report was full of political prejudice and completely inconsistent with the fact. The Embassy said that China would oppose any country’s interference in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka and will continue to firmly support the latter’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.  It has also emphasized that, despite any interference from a third party, China would like to work together with Sri Lanka to actively implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries and concentrate unwaveringly on our fixed goals, continuously promote the pragmatic co-operations under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiatives following the ‘golden rule’ of ‘extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits’, to better benefit the two countries and the peoples.

The former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has told Ceylon Today that there is not an iota of truth in this massive defamatory report and he has filed litigation papers with his lawyers and will claim damages, and the report has been filed for political reasons to tarnish his name and that it had been planted by interested parties in Sri Lanka.

Any sensible Sri Lankan will gree with what Mr. Rajapaksa says and he is the most popular figure at present in Sri Lanka except for fraction of separatist pro terrorist and the reactionary cabal has come to the conclusion that his popularity should be tarnished before the forthcoming elections. New York Times’ Maria is the first choice they have made for this purpose and anyone will wonder why she wited almost 3 ½ years to revealher so-called findings.

In the following few months to th e;lections we can see a flurry of rconcocted eports from western and Indian journalists and our dollar voracious NGO vultues to mislead the Sri Lankan masse, to tarnish the images of Rajapaksas and other JO leaders severe than the misleqding reports carried in prior to 2015 elections as the popularity and Ranil are at the extremely bottom level.  These quislintgs should realize that they cannot in any way change the future deestiny of Sri Lanka under Rajapaksas which has been already sealed and it would be the end of a disastrous period and the beginning of a bright future. .

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