Save the nation from neo-liberal quislings and pseudo-Buddhists  
Posted on July 4th, 2018


It is after a long interval I am penning this article as I was bed ridden following a vehicle accident and underwent some surgeries.. During this period there were many articles, news reports and web postings related to the positive and negative socio-economic and political aspects of Sri Lanka which included fortunately Ranil Wickremasinghe becoming unable to force feed the Western, Indian and Tamil diaspora tailored federal and secular constitution, and the failure of the JVP hooligans to get their 20th amendment to provide dictatorial powers to their buddy and puppeteer Ranil Wickremasinghe passed.

While ignoramus Sirisena made meaningless hollow speeches his bête noir Lanka E News website shreaded him exposing corruption activities of his family members Ranil Wickremasinghe blatently carried out his commitments through establishment of offices at Temple Trees under the directin of despicable individuals like Raeen Sally, George Soros and his IDU (International Democratic Uniion) and MPS (Mont Pelerin Society) colleagues to make Sri Lanka iast losing its economic sovereignty under which Policy choices are being ceded to the US Administration, IMF/World Bank, Western aid agencies, corporate-backed think tanks, transnational corporations, and a small clique of legal and financial consultancy firms in the multimillion-dollar privatisation business, giving advice, then profiting from that advice people and nation becoming dispensable commodities; their labour, wealth, natural resources, economic activities being on auction with foreign bidders determining their worth.

Then there was a blatent interference in the internal affairs of the country by the American Ambassador Atuel Ketchap warning against fielding Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as the next Presidential candidate.

A well planned stage drama by Sirisena imprisoning his confidante Gnanasara thero attempt to jumper him and bailing him out while another 15 Buddhist monks are reported to be serving prison sentences wearing jumpers.

On top of all these, the sermon delivered  to a a private audience at Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’a residence on his 69th Birthday by Ven Venduruwe Upali Thera, the Anunayake of the Asgiriya chapter became the subject of condemnation by neo liberal non practising pseudo Buddhists, reactionary mercenary journalists and quislings suffering from an ailment called Gota phobia despite Ven. Upali Thera issuing a statement blaming politicians for misinterpreting his remarks and those who extracted a couple of words” from his lengthy anusasana. He compared them to those who tried to determine the shape of an elephant by touching only its tail.

Among the protesters of Ven. Upali Thera’s speech blaming it as anti Buddhist included the agnostic Goebbles Mangala who gained notoriety by holding unashamedly and in utter disrespectfully a statue of Lord Buddha by neck at Pinchi Borella a few years ago, western slavish Ranil Wickremasinghe who make use of Buddhism only for political expediency, and a host of neo liberal non practising Buddhistswho are suffering from Gota phobia. The view expressee by these reactionaries had been fittingly countered by the patriotic writers such as Rohana R.Wasala (Island 29th JUNE0 and Mr. M.P.D.Dissanayake (24th JUNE – lankaweb) and several others in the Island newspaper and the Lankaweb. It was very strange that the Catholic Anura Kumara or any other JVP hooligans or the dud coin Chandrika, who is also a neo liberal did not make any comments on this matter


Ven Venduruwe Upali Thera


What Ven. Upali had actually meant by his sermon had been expression of his deep sorrow about the deterioration of the country and the need to arrest this trend even by grasping dictatorial measures and liberate this country,. This is the same admonition that had been given throughout the history of this country by the Maha Sangha to King Dutugemunu and other monarchs when they launched their expeditions to liberate the nation when it was in peril and was under foreign aggressiom. At that time fortunately there were no pseudo Buddhists and quislings to oppose such admonitions. .

Let us now examine the story about the alleged holocaust and murder of over 30 millon people by Hitler.  It has been proved that it was a fabricat3d claim by Zionist Jews to gain the land of Israel and the western world has ignored many challenges made so far disputing this claim and there had been several books claiming that Hitler killed only 6 million Jews and he would have brought the whole Europe under his control  if it was not for the intervention by the Russians under the leadership of Joseph Stalin.  This figure of 6 million shows that it is much less than taken altogether the number of  people massacred by the American, the British,  the Dutch. The Belgians, the French, the Japanese and Pol Pot.  For the Western world these are not atrocities against the humanity.

The Americans are responsible for massacring the whole population of the Japanese islands Hiroshima and Nagasakai and it is reported that still the children borne in these islands are borne with brain and physical inabilities.  Americans did not stop with that and wiped out the people in Indo China and North Vietnam wwas a testing ground to test their weapons such as Napalm bombs and attacks by B-52 bombers.  They did not stop with that and carried out massacre of people iunder concocted false pretexts n Iraq, Libya, and Syria and their Syrian mission failed due to timely intervention by President Putin.  Those responsible for these massacres George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Barak Obama are still alive and no action has been taken against them for their crimes against humanity.

In Sri Lanka the British massacred the total population of Uva Wellessa and in addition to that killed all cattles and uprooted all fruit bearing trees and soaked the soil of Uva Welless with blood.  They carried out similar killings in India and their neighbour Northern Ireland, Burma (Myanmar) and several West African nations such as Rhodesia (Zimbabwe),  Zambia, Tanzania, etc.  Similar atrocities were carried out by Dutch in Indonesia, French in Algeria and some East African nations and Belgians in Central Africa, and Japan in the Korean Peninsular and China.  .  It has bgeen reported thyat the Japanese buried Korean and Chinese people alive up to their neck in beach fronts and then chopped off their heads.

Dueing his 5 year tenure as the Defence Secretar Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has not shown any of these unhuman tendencies bu instead rescued neary 300,000 Tamil eople who were being held by LTTE terrorists as human shields.

The latest weapon being used by these enemies of humanity is the concept called neo-liberalism under which they take total control over the territory of nations, their wealth, natural resources and economic activity, national identity and culture will be dismantled,  the ability to determine domestic policy and foreign policy by the nativesw will be denied, and along with it independence and sovereignty through active collaboration of some local stooges such as Ranil Wiciremasinghe.

The horrendous nature of these attrocites is clearly articulated by one of our most distinguished diplomats, Tamara Kunanayakam which is bound to send shivers down the spine of any patriotic Sri Lankan. Based on a public lecture she delivered at the University of Colombo, three articles titled “Sri Lankan sovereignty, non-negotiable!”, appearing in ‘The Island’ from Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th, should be compulsorily reaad by any, who has even the slightest concern for the future of Sri Lanka.

It is under these circumstances that we need a firm personaliy like Mr. Gotabjaya Rajapaksa, the right choice made by Ven. Upali Thera to rescue this country from the domination of neo liberals.


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