Weekly Roundup
Posted on July 14th, 2018


This is a roundup of news published in the Sinhala newspapers and Sinhala news websites this week excluding articles, interviews and messages

Sunday  8th July

Viyatg Maga an extension  of Mahinda Chintana (Lanka C News) LCN

Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa addressing the Hatri Maga Seminar in Kolonnawa xsaid that Mahinda Chintana should e carried forward with necessary developments for the future.  He said that Viyarg Maga was created to absorb professionals and entrepreneurs for this purpose.  He also stated that when the future government will be formed under Mr. Mahindqa Rajapaksa necessary plans for implementation wil be made by Viyath Maga.

Tax to be levied if you eat 3 meals a day  –  LCN

#The Leader of the National Freedom Front Mr. Wimal Weerawansa addressing a meeting in Beliatte said saecastically that the government hich has already announced that income tax will be levied from those who own a vehicle and those who visit overseas on holidays plans to levy income tax on those who consumes three meals a day as well.

Vihayakals’s interview with Dan TV  LCN

MP Mrs. Vijayakala in an nteeview with Dan TV has said that whoever liked or not liked she acknowledges that Prabhakaran struggled for his homeland.  She has sai8d that when the problems of the Tamil people are presented they are being branded as Chauvinists.  She has criticized Ranjan Ramanayake for speaking to her in front of media using the speaker of the telephone and therebt cheating her.  She has said that she would even resign even her parliamentary seat for the people of the North.

Mattala Airport Sale finalized – LCN

Reports said that Mattala Airport will be leased out to an Indian Firm with 5,000 acres of land for 99 years for 405 Million U.S.Dollars.  It has cost 409 Million U.S.Dollars for its construction.  The agreement for this lease will be signed on 6th December this year.

Fuel Prices in a dilemma. – LCN

Ceyprtco sells at the new reduced prices while LIOC sells at Mangala’s increased prices.  It is reported if this situation continues forther there will be a total collapse of LIOC sales.Meanwhile have demnded to refund the extra charge made from them during the interim period.

I  do not know  I cannot remember  LCN

Alrgouh t had been reported that cheques fron Aloysius were received by his company he did not know that he had a company and those cheques were received by that company and he does not have any company.  This has been stated by the former Minister of Finance Mr. Ravi Karunanayake.  He has said that when he was the Minister of Finance nwither the Central Baank nor any other Bank was under his Ministry.  He has made rhwse observatiohs addrerssing the media in the Grandpass area.

King Parakr5amabahu was a Cinnamon exporter – Ranil (LCN)

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said that King Parakramabahi got money for building Parakrama Samudraya by cultivating cinnamon in the Kalutara area and selling them abroad and present government should go forward thinking in that manner.   Mr. Wickremasinghe made this observation when he addressed a function held at the Divisional Secretariat office in Biyagama.

A secret midnight meeting of 3 Ministers, AG and IGP  Mawbima

A secret meeting between Ministers Mrs. Thalata Atukorale, Rajitha Senaratne, Ranjith Madduma Bandara, the Secretary to the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General and the IGP has been held on 3rd July night at Ministry of Justice to discuss about expediting the cases against big wigs in the previous government, their arrests and hearing od these cases by the special Courts. It is reported that a schedule listing these cases on a priority basis was also prepared.

Prison becomes a Business Office for Aloysius  LCN

The Bond Scam accused Arjun Aloysius is reported to be conducting his business activities from the prison.  Already mobile phones that were being used for this purpose have been discovered. It is reported that transactions made though these phones are now being investigated.

Resignation of Vijayakala is insufficient – Mr. Mahinda – Deshaya

The former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa said that mere resignation of Mrs, Vijayakala for her treacherous statement is not sufficient and the Peresident th Prime Minister and the Speaker should hold the full responsibility to mete out the due punishment for her.  He said that she should be meted out the same harsh punishments that the government is meting out to JO politicians. Mr. Mahinda pointed that if such a treacherous statement was made by a Buddhist leader or the leader of aany other religion, the so-called civil organisations, NGOs and politicians would have made a huge commotion demanding for maximum and immediate punishments an asked where are those elements in this matter?

Monday – 9t July

Gota tells the true story of Vajayakala.  LCN

Addressing the fully packed Elle seminar held in Matara yesterday former Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that in the recent speech made by the Staye Minister Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran about thee current situation in the Northern Province there was something which she failed to divulge and that was that from the day of ending the war until the end of year 2014 there was no trouble of any form whatsoever in the North..  He said that under a new government that will be formed under the leadership of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa solutions for this situation will be found.

There is nothing wrong in Vihayakala’s statement – Sumanthiran  –  LCN

Addressing ameeting in Dehiowita TNA MP Sumanthian has said that there is nothing wriontg in Vijayakala’s speech n wgich called for the revival of LTTE,

Vihayakala is to leave for England with her children –  LCN

Sources from North said that she would come back to politics under a new political party with NP Chief Minister Wigneswaran.  .

Leaders of the Yahapalana pass out Urine when elections are mentioned  Prasanna Ranatunga  LCN.

The convenor of the JO Mt. Ptasanna Ranatunga speaking at Minuwangoda said that that the government leaders, Sirisena, Ranil er al who grabbed power to establish democracy pass out Urine wwhen the subject of eletion is mentioneed  He challenged th government to hold elections under old or new system.  He said 5that this country is now being rule by the most unsuccessful government in our history and under them the economy, development and security have collapsed.  Mr. Ranatun,ga listed the follies of this government which made the peple to suffer enormous hardships and said that they are now scared of facing th people in eletions.

No Leader  Country in peril and unstable. There are even np pieces of Yagapalana Ratnana Thero  Lankaadeepa

He said that there is no leader in the country today and the yahaplanabrought by them ith much hope has completely failed.

Explosives and Arms found n a jungle in Jaffna  LCN

Jaffna STF officers have discovere3d 714 gms of high calibre explosives and arms hidden in a jungle area of Maniamthottam. This catche of arms have been handed over to Jaffna Police fir further investigation

Students of Jaffna University commemiorated Black Tigers Day   Lamkadeepa

Jaffna University students commemiorated Black Tigers Day on thw night of July 5th by lighting lamps.  This commemoraton was carried out in front o the monument that has been erected at the Jaffna University in the memory of those who died in the war  The Black Tigers Day is commemorated in the memory of the terrorist named Captain Miller who died while attacking an army camp at Nelliady on 5th July 1987.

Bus and 3 Wheel fares to be increased – Lankadeepa

Bus owners; Associarions are to take a decision to increase bus fares as the government os to increase thw prices of fuel from time to time. Three wheel drivers are to increase their charges for the 2ns km onwards from Rs. 40 to 50 if petrol prices are increased to Rs. 150 or above.

Ptrotests in Jaffna demanding for the removal of the security forces  LCN

Activists of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress supported by the peope staged demonstratiojs demanding for the removal Army camps not only from the Jaffna Fort but from the whole of Jaffna district.   Following similar protests held in Jaffna recently the Arjyty has requested the government to permit them to establish their camps in Jaffna Fort and for which there has been no response from the government so far.  Meanwhile the NP Governor Reginald Cooray has said that Jaffna Fort is not a suitable place for establishing Army camps

Penalty for 33 vehicle offences increased – Lankadeepa

The Traffiic Police unormwd tha spot fine for 33 trqffic offeces has been ibcreased from the 15th of this month.  A special gazette notification has been issued in this connection. The Police said that accordingly there will be 30  50 percent increase in the fines..

Ready to hold express trials by special Courts and attire Jumper to Gotabhaya.  First trial against Gotabhaya – LCN

Internet medi reports reveal that under the special Courts the first trial will be against Gotabhaya. And it will be relating to the allegation of state funds for thee construction of D.A.Rajapaksa memorial. These reports further indicate that 10 cases including cases relating to Rajapaksa family members have been scheduled to hear at these special courts.

Tuesday  10th July

Mahinda says wgat Vijayakala missed to metion  LCN

The former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa said the statement mae by Vijayakala was erranwous and what it says was that the gofernment has not fulfilled any of th promises made to the Tamil people.  He said that this government has misled the Tamil people, the Muslim people and the whple country.  He made these comments addressing the meia after attending a function held at Muthiyangana Viharaye in Mahiyangana.

The statement of Anura Kumara Dissanayaje is hateful – Dr. Ruwan M Jayatunga  Lankaweb

Anura Kymaera Dissanayaje gas said in a Parliament debate that both Mr Wimal Weerawansa’s mirher and sister were mental patents and thwy received treatment as inpatients at the Angoda hospuital  Ths is  statement that cannot be  accepted under any circumstances and it derides mental patients.  Mr. Weerawansa nay hace defects this statemeny of Anuea Kumaea is hateful.

Another complaint against Vijayakala and Wigneswaran    Lamkadeepa

Th Sathya Gaveshakayo organization (The truth Explorers Organization) made a complaint at the Police Headquarters yesterday morning against Vijayakala and Wigneswaran over their recent treacherous statements.  The convenor of the organization Attorney at Law Premanath Dolawatte and Attorney at Law Sminda Konaara made this complaint.

A Tax concession for Ministers and Deputy Ministers –  Lankadeepa

The government informed the tax that had been levied from Ministers and Deputy Ministers has been restricted to only one vehicle.  A large sum amounting to Rs. 150,000 for three vehicles at the rate of Rs. 50,000 per vehicle, Rs. 75,000 as driver allowance, and fuel allowance had been deducted from their salary.  Following protests made by Muusters and Deputh Ministers this new revision has been made.

Sri Lanka will become the battle ground of world powers – Mr. Wimal Weerawansa  LCN

After giving Hambantota Port to China and Mattala wqs sold to India. Sri Lanka will become a battle ground when both of them have a battle against each other and thaqt is what this inept visionless government is doing. This was stated by the lesder of the National Freedom Front Mr. Wimal Weerawansa delivering a lengthy speech at a demonstration that was held at Nihiluwa in Beliatte.  .

Deploring the rising crime situation, he said that the Mahinda Rajapaksagovernment noy only ended th war but also wiped out the underground and the underground leaders who fled the country have come back with thr complete protection of this government and ruuning the country

Critising the the taxing of the people im a manner worse than the colonial rulers, Mr. Weerawansa said that millions of rupees are being spent to maintain the Ministers, their vehicles and their staff.  He reminded that despite waging a war Mahinda Rajapaksa regime had an economicdevelopment rate of 7 percent but the Sirisena Ranil cabal who claimed to be economic wizards has constrained the economic development rate to 3 percent.

He also criticized the increase of fuel prices buy Mangala in the nitght and reducing I reducing it in the morning by Sirisena and said that this the government of clowns we ever had.

Mr. Weerawansa also severely criticized the hunting of war heroes, expansion of the drug menace and crime situation, lawand order collapse in the North, bogus claims being made about a debt crisis and the servile.,shameless behaviour of the Red e;ephants and urged the people to come forward in unison to topple this government without further delay.

Minister of Lagbour emphasizes th need to do away with pension payments  LCN

Addressing a seminar of Labour Commissioners the Minister of Labour Ravindra Samaraweera flayed them for their negligence to perform their duties properly and causing many hardships to the estate labourers when they come to Colombo to get their need attended to and said that due to this these innocent labourers are becoming victimized by various intermediaries..  He saId these officials should be transferred to remote areas without any sympathy. Referring to payment of pensions he said that an alternative method should be found to do away with the payment of pensions and added that the Asian Development Bank has advised to undertake some alternative measures since the country will not be able to survive in the future if this system existed further.

What we have today is a toothpaste Economy – Gota  – LCN

Addressing the Eliya” seminar held in Matara om 8th Sunday the former Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that what we have today is a Toothpaste Economy under which people are being taxed up to their necks. He pointed out that today there is a significant increase in the violation of law and order, democracy, and violation of constitutional guarantees ane constitutional provisions.  He said that people all over the country are urging on the need for a Mahinda Rajapaksa era.  Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa not only ended the war but also introduced a populist development agenda by clearly identifying thee needs of the people.. Mr. Rajapaksa said that by understanding the people’s needs it is necessary to reintroduce this development process by providing concessions to the people.  In the past Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa not only implemented large scale projects but also created medium and small scale entrepreneurs and it were those medium and small scale entrepreneurs we used for urban development and city beutification. It was his plan to construct 5000 multi storied flats in Colombo but by end of 2014 we comstructed 2000 flats.  Under a future government a people centred development will be undertaken and the urban and village areas will be developed on an equal footing.  It was due to lack of development that 1971 rebellion took place in the districts such as Hambantota, Moneragala and Ampara.  It was to provide employment facilities to people in Matara, Hambantota aand Moneragala districts that the Port and the Airport and other facilities were constructed in the Hambantota district.. Unfortunately without realizing their commercial values steps have been taken to hand them over to foreigners.  It was the concept of the Mahinda Rajapaksa government to  protect the local entrepreneurs and industrialists and to develop industries and thereby palm over the economic development to all the people.  When we formulate plans for economic development it should be made on  a knowledge based  economi development concept.

Vijayakala obtained Rs. 500 Million to giv up the Ministry post – LCN

Posters were pasted in the Kopay area of the Jaffna district on 9th Monday night by an organization called Siva Sena and the posters asked what Ministry posts for Vijayakala who protected the murderers of student Vidya foer Rs. 500 Million?  The poster said that her Prabakaran eevival speech was also made for a ransom of Rs, 500 million on the instigation of some partie.s.  The Siva Sena posters have also stated that she should not be given any Parliament priviledges..


If Prabhakaran was there Tamils would have been traated better than now  Sumanthiran – LCN  

Addressing a public rally the TNA Parliamentarian Sumanthiran has said that if Prabhakaran and the LTTE were there the government would have treated the Tamils better than now He has said that the leaders of this country have rejected to provide the solutions promised to the Tamils.He has stated that it was this factor that was implied by the speech of Vijayakala recently.


Fonseka blames about Police atrocities – LCN

Ministerr Sarath onseka adedressing the medipa personnel said that the Police instead of controlling underground activities taking innocent people into custody allege them of possessing drugs by planting on them with drug packets by the Police itself  He said that if the Police have a genuine desire, controlling of the underground and drug peddling will noyt be a major issue although some Ministers are involved in the trade.  He narrated an incident in which an innocemt boy from Kelaniya area has been taken into Police and he had been tortured by throwing chilli powder onto his eyes, hiitting with a pole onto his head and he had been hung by the legs and further tortured.

PM Ranl meets Arjun Mahendran in Sngapoewm entrusts hikm re task od Sri Lanka’s debt management and open up another avenue for robbing – LCN.

The leader of the National Freedom Front Mr. Wimal Weerawans said that there are reliable information rthat Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe is to meet fugitive Arjun Mahendran in Sngapore  and entrust him the task of managing the 10percent of loans of loans amounting to Sri Lanka’s total debt to gbe taken by thw Prime Minister under a new Act passed by rthe Parliament.  MP Weerawansa made these observations after appearing for a Court case.

There were more crimes during the Rajapaksa era and Gotabhaya gave protection to th Underground – Minister Amaraweera  LCN

Although the joint opposition claims that there is a wave of crimes taking place at present there were more crimes in the Rajapaksa era, This was stated by the Mnister of Agriculture Mr Mahinda Amaraweera at a function held at Medaketiya in Tangaalla.  He alleged that the former Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajaappaksa instead of controlling the underground activities gave political proyection to underground personnel.

Reconciliation unceased – Those who died in rhe war commemorated inJaffna  LCN

A special service was conducted on the night of 9th in  memory of those died in a bomb attck that hit rhe Navaali St, Peters Church in which 147 people who were refuged in the Church died and 200 others injure.  The service was conducted by the Chief priest of the St, Peters Church Fr Roy Benedict.

The boat stranded in the sea for 26 days found  – Lakbima

The multi day fishing vessel with 7 fisheren that left for fishing from Galle fisheries harbour 26 days ago on 14th June has been found near Maldives. Tjere were daily protest demonstrations in the Hikkaduwa area for the last few  demanding the Navy and the Air Frce to find these fishermen and their boat.

Line of Trees in th Kandy Town denuded to minimiza vehicle congestion.  Lakbima

Environmentalists have expressed deep sorrow over removal of several very old trees that were in front of the Kandy Central market. They point out that there is a heavy air pollution in rthe Kandy Town and this measure will further increasure the pollution levels.

Minipe Yoda Ela ubnder the hgrip of Sand Mafia – Mawbima

Farmers in rrrgw area complain that the longest canal in Sri Lanka the Yoda Ela has become a victim of the sand mafia.  Tjis 74 kilometer provides irrigation facilities to several thousand acres of paddy fields.  Farmers omplain that ther is a danger of several bridges across th canal ollapsing an falling down due to sand erosion

Jaffna Univercirty students to erect a memorial for the commemoration of the slain Tiger Terrorists in the Univercity premises. – LCN

Attempts  made earlier by the main student organiation odf the Jaffna Univercity to construct a memoral for the commemoration of tiger terrorists slain at Mullaivikkal in 2009 was  stalled even after laiyinf the foundation since they could not get permission for it from the Univeercity administration.  Members of the student body has met the Vice Chancellor of the Univercity Mr. Ratnam Wigneswaran to discuss  about this matter and he has requested them to seek permission from the Univercity Grants Commissuon as he has no authority t grant their request.

A Buddhist monk has killed a Policenan by strangling him and attempted to bomb another Police team – LCN

A Buddhist monk attached to the Gallenda Temple of Ratnapura who was under a warrant from the Courts has strangled and killed a Policeman from the Ratnapura Police Station who went to the Temple for an investigation.  He has also attempted to bomb a Police team that went to the Temple after this incident.  The concerned monk has been arrested.

9 Policy Statements for 3 years, Taxation increased by 100%, and Rupee depreciated by 22% – LCN

Addressing the Elitya” semunar held in Matara on 8th Sunday Dr. Nalaka Godahewa said that ttempts are being made to tax those who own vehicles and those who go to overseas.  Compared to the year 2014 taxation in the ytear 2018 from the people has been increased by 100%.  It was by exploiting the people that the colonialists ruled this country.  In the post independent period no government has taxed the people like this inept government.  During Mhinda Raapaksa period steps were takem to reduce taxes in a systematic mnner. Now,,all that has been changed.  This government since the very first day it camee to power what it did was to waste the economy.  Due to wrong decisions takem by the government a damage of more than Rs.2,000 Billion has been caused to the economy.  The value of the Rupee has been deprciated by more than 22%.  For the first time in the history an inept and visionless government is in the country. Petrol prices are increased at 12 mid night and then reducedd in the morning.  There is no economic policy.

During the last three years 9 economic policies have been presented.  This country cannot be run with fairy tale narrators. To tell the fact the country has been ruined.  All economic nerve centres are beinhg destroyed.  The public service has become ineffective.  It is essential that this horrendous rule should be chased out.  The time has come for the people to unite for that purpose.  If the people get together and demand they will haveto go.

Let us ignite the people’s light (Eliya). Let us recommence our development programmes and make this country one of the powerful countries in the world.

Wednesday 12th  July

A group of RAW agents in the JO   A plan to put an end to Gota – LCN

MP Dayasiri Jayasekera said that a group of RAW agents are functioning within the Joint Opposition and they are attempting to prevent a left government being firmed and that they are also helping for the sustenance of the Ranil Wickrenasunghe government. #He made these comments participating in the Salakuna” programme of Hiru TV

Gota requests to hear the case against him in the Express Decision Special Court –  LCN

Former Defence Secretaery Mr, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said that he requests the government to make the Express Decision Special Courts to hear the cases against him, if any.  He made this statement to the media after participating in a religious function at Medagama in Bibile.

Ouur presudentiasl candidate is Chamal and only he can win  Vasu – LCN

MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that it is personal opinion that yhe JO candidate for the presidential election shiyld be Chamal Rajapaksa and a group of JO MPs have proposedhe namr of Mr. Chamal Rajapaksa.  Addressing a media conference in Colombo he said that other than Mr. Chamal Rajapaksa no one else from the JO can win the presidential election.

Clash of opinion in thee Cabinet meeting ofer fuel price increase   Lankadeepa

Government sources said that there were ctriticism by the Presient and several Minhisters about the manner in which fuel prices have been increased. Minister Mangala Sammaraweera has said that State Minister Eran Wickremaratne made prior intimation to the President about the inxrease/ Minister Arjuna Ranatunga has said that despite he being the Minister in charge he was unaware until the prices had been increased.  Minister Mangala Samaraweera has stated that prices were increased on the agreed price formula under which prices are to be increased or decreased every two months.  .

SLFP is ti appoinr new office bearers  Lakima

SLFP sources have said rhat iternal discussions are niw being held for the sekection of new office bearers for the paety and a new General Secretary will also be appointed and several names have been proposed for this post.

Dayasiri Jayasekera will chave to jump intoParakrama Samudraya and die at the next election  LCN.

The Deputy convenor of the JO Ratnapura District MP Ranjith de Soysa speaking at  Embilipitiya respomding to a statement that had been made by MP Dayasiri Jayasekera that if he goes after flower bud it would e like getting killed himself by jumping to Parakrama Samudraya said Dayasiri Jayasekera is not a character that is important to the SLPP and 15 persons who jumped to the Parakrama Samudraya have now come out from it and atre with the SLPP.  Niow Dayasiri Jayasekera will have to die by drowning in Parakrama Samudraya at the next election.

Speaking frther he said that there is no shortage in the JO, there is no shortage in the leaders, no shortage in the voters and they do not regret at all if Dayasiri does not come to SLPP

Mr. De Soysa said that it was Prime M9nister Ranil Wickremasinghe who has sent Arjun Mahendran to Singapore and he does not know whether it is possible to brimg him back.  However this government has a significant deal with Singapore.  He said that MP Bandula Gunawardene revealed that under this pact with Sri Lanka arrangements have been made to brung down garbage from Singapore and dump them in Puttalam. Similarly dump Singapore in knuckles mountain range as well The Prime Minister would have gone to Singapore for a plan to sell the country with Arjun Mahendran, or to attend a wedding there with him, or to find a suitable place for him to hide.

We the people of Ratnapura are farmers.  The prices of our produce have severly gone down.  Last week the ptice of cinnamon also got reduced by Rs 500. This government has no plan to protect the producers of export crops. If the Prime Minister opens his mouh there will be some disaster. Last week he said that King Parakramabhu built Parakrama Samudraya by exporting cinnamon cultivated in the Kalutaraa area  This week the price of cinnamon which stood at Re. 2400 has got reduced by 500 to 600 rupees.  It may get further reduced next week.  He said tht the Prime Ministe spoke about pepper and the ppper prices fell down and spoke about cinnamon and cinnamon prices have fallen down.  He urged th overnment to take immediate measures to protect the farmers in the Wlawe and the Sabaragamuwa regions. .

New Tiger Uniform and Bomb foun in Mullaivaikal  LCN

new tiger uniform and a bomb have been found hidden ubnderground in the MullaiVaikal area in Mullaithivu. Esrlier, a frew days ago three airforce officers carried out excavation work in the area and they were taken into Police custody charging they carried out excavation work without permission. Subsequently the Mullaithivu Air Force took court permission and carried the excavation which resulted in the discovery pf the uniform and the bomb

A bribery complaint against Prime Minister – Divayina

The Desha Hithaishee Vruththikayoo (Patriotic Professunals) Organization made a complaint yewsterday to the Bribery or Corruption Commission against Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe in connection with Central Bank Treasury Bond Scam. The complaint points out that Prime Minister’s connection with the Bond scam and presents several details related to the scam and highlights Prime Minister’s failure to prevent the loss that resulted from the scam and by his failure to act against the 2nd Bond Scam that took place on 29th and 30th March 2016 and states that in this respect a major charge against him should be made under article 70 of the Bribery Act.

Professor Channa Jayasumana Senior Lawyers Kalyananda Thiranagama, T.M.N.A.Tennekoon and Attorney at Law Raja Gunartne filed this complaint yesterday on behalf of the Desha Hithaishee Vruththikayoo (Patriotic Professunals) Organization,

Attempts made by the Prime Minister to protect the former Governor of the Central Bank Arjun Mahendran, the continuous efforts made by the Prime Minister to suppress this issue have also been sighted under 8 points presented in the complaint made by the Desha Hithaishee Vruththikayoo (Patriotic Professunals) Organization. It also states that the Prime Minister has not shown any inclination to prevent the huge losses suffered by public funds due to this scam and there were many possibilities for the Prime Minister to prevent the second bond scam that took place on 26th Feebruary, 2016.

This written complaint has been handed over to the Chairman of the Bribery or Corruption Commission Mr. T.B.Weerasuriya.

Cabral discloses about ship and frequenct deals  LCN

Addressing media the former Governor of the Central Bank MR. Ajith Nivad Cbral said that those who attempt to make allegtions against them are those who swindled tmillioms hrough ship deals and TV frequency deals.  He said that government official;s today are very much dissapponted and disgrusted as they have b een frequently symmoned by the FCID and questioned for long hours attempting to extract evidence for false allegations.  Mr. Cbral made these observations addressing a meeting held for forming an organization named Yukthiyarta Handak” (A voice fir Justice) which will be dedicated for helping victimized public servants.

Getting permission to open a Damma school today is more difficult than getting permission to cut a tree   former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa    Mawbima

An all religions committee has been appointed to decide on giving permission To oipen a Damma school,. How long it takes to get permission to cut a tree? To open a Damma school also it is necessary too go after many people similar to getting a wood permit.  There had never been such an era in the history of this country.  The gformer President Mr. Mahinds Rajapaksa made these comments addressing the media after participating in a function held at Navamedagama Pahalagama Ashokarama Viharaaya in Dehiatttakandiya. Speaking furher he said that aftwe ending the 30 years of war we were able to lauunch a development programme and simultaneously renovate the temples that had been nehglected for years throughout the country.  Thereby we were able to reawaken the Buddhist atmosphere.  But during the last 3 ½ years not only a deterioration of religious values but the cultural and good manners have also taken plade..  At that time there was law and order and a dsciplinary rule.  Today when you switch on the TV what you see is that the President or the Prime Minister blaming me for their inabilities.  Not only for me they blame everyone in the country..  Cases are being filed aginst us. They think that filing revenge cases is a great achievement and give wide publicity to such things over all TV and Radio channels.

In Pannipitiya a student who became first in the class had been killed attacked by40 other students o the same class. . One man was shown thundering a student on the road.  These incidents make students’hearts cruel and spread hate, revenge and arrogance.  It is the responsibility of the parents and elders to protect safeguard and guide their children.

The economy has collapsed. The cost of living has increased by many folds. No proper price is  bwing paid for paddy.  The farmers have been forced to sell a kilo of paddy for Rs. 28. During our time we purchased a kilo for Rs, 60 by visiting to the fields itsef..  The government does notthink about the farmers.  Although they say that fertilizer can be purchased from everywhere there is nowhere to purchase fertilizer.  Children are being destroyed.  Businessses have become bankrupt.  The price of a coconut has skyrocketed. It is imperative that we should change this situation.  The time has come to change this situation and rescue the country

I am proud of Vijayakala – Gnanasara Thero    Mawbima

The General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Organuzation Gnanasara Thero has said that he is proud of Vijayakala as she represents her community.  He has said that there are leaders for political parties but there is no proper leader for this country and all those who came to power only dvided and made us weak.  The thero made these comments aftrt attending a function held to bless him at Sri Dharmaeama Vihaaraya at Ulpana. The function was organized byHebariyawe Ratanasara thwero.

Speaking further  he said that those who camr to rule this country only made us weak but he is proud of Mrs, Vijayakaa Maheswaran because that lady stands for her nationality. He said that Prabhakaran took up arms on behalf of his nationality.  It is due to weaknesses of our leaders ladies like Vijayaala climb on to their shoulders.  .We should fulfil our duty for our chikdren, he said

Political Fronts cannot be formed without SLFP leadership,  Reginald ooray – LCN

A programme to establish SLFP high commands in several areas of Southern Province was held recently under the participation of NP Governor Reginald Cooray.  These bodies were established in Baddegama Akmeemana, Imaduwa, Elpitiiya and Ambaalaamgoda areas Speaking at these functions Mr Cooray said that he cancer in the UNP is friendship mania and the cancer in the SLFP is family bandytism.  He sai d in the past UNP was known as Unge Nedayange Pakshaya and the SLFPtoo gas now become an Unge Nedayange Pakshaya.

Cabinet approval to revise fuel prices on the 10th of each monrh  LCN

Cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratnee said that cabinet approval has been given to revise fuel prices on the 10th of each month.  He said that these revisions are to be made based on the world market fuel prices.  Meanwhile, bus fares and 3 wheel charges are also to be increased due to the increase in fuel prices and their associations are reported to be discussing about the basis they should undertake in this regard

MP Kunara Welgama says that they want only Mahinda – LCN

MPKumara Welgama has said that they want only a democrsticleader and that democratic leader is only the former President Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa and there is nioissue beyond that.. The former Minister has made these comments in response to a question asked by journalists whether Mr. Gotaabhaya Rajapaksa will be brought forward as the next Presidential candidate.of the JO.  Speaking further Mr. Welgama has said that if Mr. Gotabhaaya Rajapaksa will be able to become a presidential candidate only if he enters the democratic sphere and the State Leader should not be anyone else but Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. Mr. Welgama has made thesr comments while leaving after attending a discussion held at Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s official residence jn Colombo.

Nimal Siripala to quuit the Minister post and join the Gang of 16. –  LCN

MP Dilan Perera has said that the Minister of Transport ans Civil Aviation and the Senior Vice President of the SLFP Mr. Nimal Siripala de Silva will shortly quit his Minister post and join their group of 16.  He has said that in addition to this 2 UNP MPs representing the Badulla district will also join the SLFP shortly.  He has made these comments at a media conference held in Badulla.

Thursday  12th July

Cricket Selection Committee becomes more discriminative and Malinga leaves in disgust   – LCN

The super fast bowler of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team Lasith Malinga has decided to quit from Interntional Cricket.  It is reported that he has taken this decision because the interim selection committee has totally ignored his talents.  It is said that Malinga is in overseas at present and he would come back to Sri Lanka shortly and announce about his departure by holding a media conference.  It is also reported that after quitting cricket he will serve as a bowling coach

Fuel prices should be increase by another Rs. 7. Otherwise it will be a loss  LCN

.Tje Ministry of Petroleum Industry says that if the loss being suffered by the Ceypetco is to be cobered the price of fuel should be increased by another Rs 7. It has said tthat because of selling kerosene oil at Rs 70 prt liytr the Corporatiom already incurs a huge loss

Thye government is a mental asylum – Mawbima

The Kalutara di;strict JO MP Mr. Viidura Wickremanayake said that when the problems in the country gets accumulated to unsolvable level the government imnovates something day by day and week by week to mislead the people.  Addressing a media conference in Horana Mr. Wickremqnayake asked what has happened to the economy of this country? What are the problems facing the society? How much efforts are being made by the people for their living? He said recently there were talks about chasing elephants in the Sinharajah, then  ttheir were talks about attiring Jumpers to Buddhist monks, then there were talks about Hitler . Itis the government politicians who innovates these stories to divert thr attention of the people form their economic hardships.  We must get together and make an alternative plan to take this country away from this mental asylum.  There was no situation like this in this country prior to 8th January, 2015.                                                                                                                                 

A new alliance under Mahinda’s leadership to end the monopoly of Pohottuwa   LCN and Mawbima.

At a meeting of party leaders of the joint opposition held at Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s official residence in Colombo it has been unanimously decided to form a new alliance under the leadership of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Joint Podujana Peramuna. MP Dallas Alahapperuma said that several decisios were taken at this meeting which included that the JO should function as an independent group within the Parliament. He said that the Speaker has deprived them their due rights of participating in Commiittees and allocartion of time for their speeches. He said that the government and the ‘official opposition’ are making all efforts to suppress the voice of the opposition.  The MP further stated that the young MPs of the JO have decided to stage a mammoth Satyagraha in Colombo om the 17th of August on the 3rd anniversary of the 2015 Parliament election.  He said that this Satyagraha will be a decisive turning pont on the programme of sending this government home.  He also stated that 3 people’s representatives have been assassinated within 30 days, 1260 robberies,74 rape cases, 274c murders have taken place, duing the last 6 month and this is a good indication of the direction that the government is taking this country He said that 4 years ago Colombo was considered as the Asia’s most beautiful and safe pace in the world. .Iit is a pity that the Deputy Minister in charge of Police has said recently that all these crimes are being organized by prison inmates.  That shows that the government has become an accomplice for these crimes.

SLFP’s temporarty General Secretary says there was a significsnt progress of the Party under him – LCN

SLFP’s temporarty General Secretary Mr. Rohana Lakhgman Piyadasa said the party reform activities are being carried out expeditiously.  He said that the Central Committee of the paerty would decide whether he should continue in the post after his term of 45 days.His temporary term ends on 18th August.

Asia’s biggest stome quarry owned by the close reelative of high ranking politico. A huge palace also also built in the 15 acre land – LCM

This quarry initially started on a small scale has been expanded to a large extent of land and has become a multi million profit earning venture.  The owner is reporte to have built a huge palace with all indoor sports facilities in a 15 acre land

President claims assassinations have dropped these days compared to previous era – LCN

President Sirisena said that as per Polic erecords the crime, rape and robberies rates have significantly dropped during the last 3 ½ years.  Speaking at a function in Kandy and showing whar he called Police records he said that in the year 2017 crime rate has dropped to 452 murders.  He said anti government politicians talk much about media reports related to crimes.

 Joint Opposition smashes coconut at Seenigama – Divayina

A smashing of coconuts and a divine appeal agaimst government attrocotioes including increase of cost of living, corrupt administration, politically motovateed character assassinations and rise Commerce and Industrf underground activities were held at the Seenigama Devalaya yesterday. MPs Kumara Welgama, Rohita Abeygunawardene, Gamini Lokuge, Mohan Silva and Dr. Ramesh Pathirana and Galle District provincial council members and the genral public participated in this event.  .

The laegest consignment of the CID history taken into custody – LCN

 About 10 kilos of Heroin worth Rs. 120 Million hasve been taken into custodty from a Saw  Mill in the Vakarai area in Batticaloa.This raid has been carried out by a Police team from Colombo and 2 suspects have been taken into custody.

Court action against increase of fuel prices

The Attormey at Law Vikum Basnayaka has intimated Minister of Commerce and Industry on the advice of the National Movement for the Protection of Consumer Rights in accordance wuth Civil Cases code No. 146 prior to filing a case in the Appeal Court demanding the Minister of Commerce and Industry to obtain a court order naming fuel as an essential item umder regulation No. 18.1 of the Comsumer Activities Authority Act No. 9 of year 2009.  The Attormey at Law has intimated in his letter to the Mini;ster that  due to increase od fuel prices intermittently it has caused much hardships to  the living conditions of the people and urged rthw Minister to take a court order within 30 days to declare fuel as a specific essential item under Comsu,mer Activities Authority Act No. 9 and states that if such action was not taken legal and judicial action will be taken against the Minister.

Peteol litre will be Rs. 243 and diesel 129 if wold market fuel prices increased to thr level that prevail;ed in Mahinda’s time – LCN

The price of a barrel of crude oil in the world market during the time of Mahimda was 121 USDollars and now it is only 72 USDollars. Under Mangala’s price formula a litre of petrol now is Rs. 145 and diesel is Rs. 119.  But if the price of a barrel of cride oil increased to that of the price that prevailed during Mahinda’s time Peteol litre will become Rs. 243 and diesel 129 under Mangala’s pricing formula.. The media spokesman of the National Freedom Front Mr. Mohammed Muzammil pointed out thaat under the Rajapaksa rule petrol litre was  givem to Rs. 115 when thw price of a barrel of crude oil was  asas high as 121 USDollars

Rajitha opposes President’s decisiom = LCN

Rajitjha Senaratne has opposed President’s decision to implement death penalty. He has said thaat there are countries that implement the capital punishment and evem if it is implemented there had been no reduction in drug related crimes.

MP .S.B.Dissanayake says the Prim Minister an the Finance Minister cripple Presidents attempt to resurrect the economy – LCN

MP .S.B.Dissanayake who has rejoined with Sirissena following his call for a meeting was rejected by the Group of 16 said that ehile the President is attempting to resurrect the economy the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister are obstructing the President’s moves.

A Tamilsn Gundu” hand bomb manufactured by LTTE found – LCN

A resident of Irattaaperiyakulam in Vavuniya has founs d a  Tamilsn Gundu” hand bomb while he was clearing the land for cultivation. The Police is to get the bomb deactivated under a Court order.

An International Airport to Trincomalee.  Lamkadeepa and LCN

The government which initiall used  the Mattala airport as a warehouse to store paddy saying that the country does not need an additional airpot and now has made arrangements to lease it outvto India for 99 years is reported to  be  planning to build an international airport in Trinco,alee.  This was revealed when the Trincomalee Development plan was released at the Temple Trees under the participation of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. This airport which is to be completed in 2050 is to be built in Hingurakgoda area of Polonnaruwa.

President Council Ali Sabri appearing on behalf of the Comsumer Affairs Protection Autjority in connection wwith the case relating to government’s attempt to award the tender for the comstruction of the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant asserted the said that the bd submitted by the government preferred Chinese company was full of f;laws and if the tender as awarded to that company the country would incur a loss of Rs. 40 billion and if the Tupee depreciate further the loss may increase to Rs. 80 billion.  The case was taken up for hearing yesterday (11th) before a 3 memer pamel of Supreme Court judges comprising Eva Wanasundera, Priyatha Jayawaedene and Murdu Fernando.  Upom submissions made by Mr. Ali Sabri further hearing of the case was posypomed to te 17th o this month.  There are 82 respomdents in this caase including the Prime Minister, the Monister of Powwer and the members of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Esxecutivee Grade Government Officers stage a protest demo – lakbima

19 cateegories of Executive Grade government officers staged a protest demonstration yesterday (11th) over their salary salary anomaliew and other problems and against the government’s failure to find solutios to their ptonlrm.  In this commetiom the Lotus Rod was kept closed for traffic yesterday.

Minister Ranawaka presents concocted LG  Election resultss – Rivira

Minister Pa.Cha.Ranawaka has told a media comference without divulging the sources of imformtion that in the last local government election despite espousing Sinhala Biddhist communakism Mahinda camp got only 4.9 million votes whereas the opposition groups to Mahinda camp got 7.6 million votes and hence if Mahnda camp is to win the 2020 presidential election they should master at least another 1.y million votes and it is an extremely difficult task to achieve and as such the Mahinda camp can neer win the next presidential election.

Gotabhaya canoit win but Maithree can, Dilan Perera  LCN

Addressing a media conference called bythe group 16 MP Dilan Perera has said if Gotabhya comes as the presidential candidate he cannot win as he cannot get Tamil and Muslim votes.  However if Sirisena comes forward as the Pohottuwa candidate he can win. For this purpose, he has ssaid tha rhe SLFP should first leave the government.  He has also stated that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa will nominate a suitable person as the presidential candidate. #

Friday – 13th July

If President signs the order for execution the first person to hang will be an acolyte odf a powerful Minister – LCN

Political sources have said that a powerful Miister is much worried about President’s plan to sign the order for execution of capital punishment convicts.  It is reported that the top of the list of capitl punishment list of those convicted for drug related crimes is a person who closely associated and assisted this particular Minister.

FCID summons Major Generl Kamal Gunaratne  LCN

Majaor Generl Kamal Gunaratne, the Division under him was responsible fo the elimination of Praabhkaran in the last bttle at Nandikadal has been summoned for questioning by the FCID.  It is reported tht he has been summoned for questioning in respect of a death of a servant of Sri Lanka Embassy in Brazil when Mr. Gunaratne was the Deputy Ambaassador there.

All UNP Ministers and MPs boycott President’s function  LCN

All UNP Ministers aand the members of the Wwestern Provincial Council have boycotted the function held to declare open the new building complex of tte Western Privincial Council.  They have boycotted the function because Prime Minister Ranil Wickeremasinghe was not invited for this function. The Ex President Chandrika Kmaraatunga has been invited and it was reported that she occupied the seat that was reserved for the opposition leader.  When questioned by the UNP members the Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya has said that as this was not a national event only the President was invited.

The Prresidential candidate of JO Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa ?  LCN

Several internet and social media sites have reported that there is a plan to field Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapaksa as the Presidiential candidate for the forthcoming presidenti;al election  These reports indicate tht due to the growing misunderstaneing between Raajapaksas and the JO members the former Presidentt Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided to take thi decision

Former Prsident has riticised the government for fleecing the people by intermittenllly increasing fuel prices – Lankaweb.

A message issued by the former President says fuel prices have been increased yet again within a period of about eight weeks – a situation we have never experienced earlier. Now the price of petrol is Rs. 145 and diesel Rs. 118 while today’s price of crude oil in the world market is around USD 74 per barrel. In 2008, when Sri Lanka was buying crude oil at the much higher rate of USD 97 a barrel, petrol was sold at Rs. 120 and diesel at Rs 70. During the nine years in which we ruled the country, world crude oil prices were always high. According to the Central Bank reports, when I first assumed office as President back in November 2005, crude oil was imported to Sri Lanka at around USD 73 per barrel. Thereafter the price of crude oil increased steadily and during the last four years of my government, in 201120122013 and 2014, the average price of crude oil imports was over USD 109 per barrel. Hence the present crude oil price of USD 78 is very low compared to the prices that prevailed when we were in power.

The government should explain to the public why the retail price of fuel is disproportionately high today. The latest price increase is being justified in terms of a price formula which nobody has seen. It is quite clear that this government is aiming to collect more tax revenue from fuel by increasing and reducing fuel prices frequently so that at the end of the year, more revenue would have been collected from consumers. This kind of price manipulation is a standard practice in the large scale retail industry. The public should also take note of the devious manner in which the government implemented the fuel price increase. The Indian Oil Company was first allowed to increase their prices while the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation held back. After a few days when the people had reconciled themselves to a fuel price increase, the government increased the prices at the CPC stations as well. They sought to diffuse public outrage by such meansSuch practices are all part of a government strategy to fleece the public through the manipulation of fuel prices.

The Electriity Board has incurred a loss o f18 Billion by overpaying to Kerawalapitiya West Coast Co. – Lankaweb

Despite signing agreement to purchase a unit of electricity for Rs. 16  18 the CEB has paid Rs. 29..85cand thereby incurred a los of Rs. 18 Billion. The Lskdanavi Co has obtained this temder saying tha their expenditure woul be 225 Million U.S..Dollars  instead the CEB has paid U.S.Dollars  294 Million U.SDollars.  The Caffe Organization has issued  lengthy statement givig details overpymet being made by the CEB and thereby forcing the electricity consumers to pay a higher price for a unit of electridity.

An agreement has been reached with IMF to revise fuel prices weekly  LCN

MP S.B.Dissanayake said that the government has reached an aagreement with the INF to revise fuel prices on a weekly basis. He said that the government has entered into an agreement with the INF in this connection. Addressing a media conferemce in Colombo Mr. Dissanayake said that the IMF and the World Bank very often advises to slash the conceswsions being given to the people and the government is aacting accordingly.

Remove War Hero monuments from North – MP Shridharan – LCN

If steps are being taken to erase the memories of the LTTE from the minds of the Northern people steps should also be taken all war hero monuments in the North..  This was stated by the TNA MP S.Shridharan addressing a protest demonstration held in Mulaitivu.

Group of 16 invited to attend JO party leaders meeting. SB and WDJ to attend –v  LCN

The Group of 16 has also got representation to attend JO party leaders meeting.  In this connection it is reported that S.B.Dissanayake and W.DJ.Seneviratne will attend.  They are at present functioning as the co-chairmen of the Group of 16. The party leaders meeting of the joinr pposiion are held under the leadership of Mr. Mahinda Rajapksa.  

Wigneswaean orders government servants in the North not to provide any information to Security Service personnel  LCN

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province Mr. C.V.Wigneswaran has issued an order to the government servants in the North not to give any information to Security Service personnel without his approval.  The Chief Minister made this announcement yesterday (12th) when he declared open a development center for disabled people near the Kilinochchi Depot Junction.  Sprkimg at this function Mr. Wigneswaran said that there are three administrations in the North ome of which is Central government administration, the other is Provincial Council administration and the third is the Governor’s afministration.  All these administrations are only inconveniencing the people and that is why they are demanding for a federal form of administration.  He further stated that all the 9 provinces should have federal administrations.

Members of the group of 16 demands SB, Dilan, Dayasiri and Thilanga to call themselves as Group of 4 without insulting them – LCN

The Group I6 who joined the opposition by leaving the government has said that no one should make any individual statement without an all consrnsus decision. They ask the people to ignore statements being made by SB Dissanayake, Dilan Perera, Dayasiri Jayasekera and Thikanga Sumathipala and states that such statements are being made without the consensus of the whole group  One of the members said a comprehensive media release will be issued shortly aginst the statements being made by these 4 MPs.

Minister Rishad Bathiudeen should be hanged first – LCN and Mawbima

Ven. Ananda Sagara thero has said tha if drug peddlers are to be hanged it should be started with the Ministrs in the Cabinet smd the first to be hanged should be Ministwr Rishad Bathiudeen.  Addressing a media cinference he has said that it is his personal opinion.

Meanwhile Gmamasaara thero p Bodi Ba;;a Sena has said it is the poliyicians who protect the drig peddlers sjould be hanged first.  He has sad that drugs cannot prevail without the underground and the underground cannit prevail without the protection politicians.  While praising the President for his statement of imposing capital punishment he has urged the President to hang not only deug peddlers but rapists, robbers and phaedeophiles as well.

Winter season over, Cride prices fall down.  As per pricing formula fuel prices in Sri Lanka should come down – LCN and Lakbima

In the coming months crude oil prices in the world market is expected to come down significantly due to the end of winter season. The government has also informed the possibilityfuel prices coming down.  It has said that it increased the fuel prices necause there was an increase in the crude oil prices in the world market.

Prices of Bakery products to go up    Lakbima andLCN. .

The All Island Bakery Owners Association has decided to increase the prices of bakery products from Monday omwards.  They have said that their production costs have increased due to intermittent increase in gas and fuel prices and quantum of increase will be decided during the weekend and it may be between Rs 5 to 10.. LCN reported the price of buns and oher products will be increased by Rs. 5 each fro, midnight of 15th. buns and

Kumara Weltgaama is alleged to be in a conspiracy with the government and that is the reason for his opposition to Gota   LCN

The War Heroes for the Motherland Organization claims that MP Kumara Welgama is being blackmailed by the government.  The convenor of the Organization Mr. Ajith Prasanna said that this blackmailing is being done on the basis of several court cases against Mr. Welgama and through him the government is getting all information aabout the joint opposition.  Refeerring to Mr. Welgsma’s opposition to Mr. Gotabhaya’s possible candidacy and his statement that anyone aspiring to become a President should have at least indulgeed in provincial politics, Mr. Ajith Prasanna points out that world’s first Prime Ministe Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the late Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yu and the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed became leaders of their respedtive countries without doing any ground level politics.

Saturday – 14th July

‘Janabalaya Kolambata,’ protests om 17th August = Lankadeepa

MP Namal Rajapaksa said yeterat that a massive anti-government protest campaign blocking all access roads to Colombo will be held on August 17 in Colombo on the 3rd anniversary of this government.  Addressing a news conference MP Rajapaksa said the joint opposition, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) and the Podujana Youth Front would gather a large crowd and bring them to Colombo on August 17.. He sid the prptests  will be held against the government’s arbitrary actions, selling of national assets and weak fiscal policies which have resulted in the collapse of the economy.and they will voice against the lawless nature that has allowed the underworld to thrive. Fishermen as well as farmers who cultivate pepper, cinnamon, tea, rubber and chena have become victims of this government’s arbitrary actions. More details including the venue and time of the protest will be notified soon,” he said.

4 from group pf 16 to attend JO Party leaders meeting – Lakbima

In responsr to a request made by the group og 16 to allow 4 of their members MPs W.D.J.Seneviratne, S.B.Dissanayake, Susil Premjayanrh and Anura Priyadarshana Yapa to attend JO party leaders’ meetings Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has rquested JO parliamentary group leader MP Dinesh Gunawardene to ivite them to sttend the meetings only two at a time.basis/

Spraker’s decision on Vijayakala thus week   Lakbima and LCN

Speaker’s decision on the controversial speech made by Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran at a Jaffna meeting is to be announced this week  Meanwhile the Speaker is reported to have been admitted to a private hospital in Colombo.

No response from Mangala when media personnel demanded to divulge the fuel pricing formula  LCN

The Minister of Finance Mangala  Samaraweera has kept silent when media personnel demanded several times to divulge the so-called fuel pricing formula as per which it was  reported that fuel prices will be increased or reduced based on world market fuel prices.  He has erlier sidd that fuel prices will be determined each month based on the world market prices.

Even a bbegger is to be taxed if the monthly income exceeds Rs. 100,000 – Mawbima and LCN

Minister off Finance Mangala Samaraweera said gat eveb a begger will be taxed if the monthly income exceeds Rs. 100,000.  He said that earlier the ta ceiling was Rs, 65,000 and it was increased to Rs. 100,000 and it was done so to increase the direct taxees.

04 from th Group of 16 bac;k to the government. Ready even take up Minister posts and one to be the General Secretary of the SLFP – LCN

04 MPs from the Group of 16 who joined the joint opposition from the  government are noe reported to be ready to go back to the government and take up Minister posts.  Talks ave been held in this connetion aand one of them is to be appointed as the General Secretary of the SLFP.  Meanwgile Minister Sarath Amunugaaama has said that several of them are due to re-join the government.

The First trial of the Special Corts will be against Gotabhaaya and the verdict to be delivered in three days – Mawbima and LCN

The first and second trials of the Special Courts to be established will be against Mr. Gotabhaya and Mr. Gamini Senarath respectively. A government spokesman has said that a decision on these trials was taken at a secret meeting among some Ministers redently.  As per this spokesman the trial against Mr. Gotabjaya will be the allegation against him over the construction of a DARajaapaaksa memorial museum.  The allregation aginst Mr. Gamini Senarathe is Rs. 4 billion from the Rs. 18.5vbillion allocated for the Hyatt Regency Colombo diverting for the construction Hyatt Regency Hambntota Hotel without permission

Nationl dress for the Police in place of Khaki dress – IGP  – LCN

The IGP Pujitha Jayasundera has said that he is ready to introduce National Dress to Police officers in place of the Khaki dress.  Showing the national dress he was wearing the IGP has said that when it is done, all Police office rs would look like him.  The IGP has made these comments at a function in which Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara and Deputy MinisterNalin Bandara were having a cordial discussion  with the NP Chief Minister Mr. C.V.Wigneswaran.

South Africa kneel down against Sri Lanka’s spinners.  All out in the nd Innings fo 73runs.  A massive 278 run win for Sri Lanka.

In the second innings of the first Tet between Sri Lanka and South Africa played at Galle, the South African team chasing aa target of 352 runs was all out for 73 runs

Gas Prices to go up

The government sources said that the price of domestic gas cylinder will Be increased shortly.Accordingly the price of a normal gas cylinder will be increased by about Rs. 135. When the gas price in the world market was high the government recently reduced the price of gas despite strong opposition from the two gas companies and the new increase will be made due to their protests. At present a normal gas cylinder in the local market is sold at Rs. 1538.

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