Good-for-nothings Rats & Rodents have started to Chew Again – Focus on Sri Lanka
Posted on July 19th, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), CEng. MIEE

Going back to pre-independence and post-independence, we all know that Tamils have been oppressing the lower caste Tamils and kept them under their arms to carry out mean & unkind work and obey them. Ponnambalam Ramanathan and Arunachalam advocated removing voting rights for the low caste Tamils (LCT). This boils down to disfranchising N&E Tamils. They advocated that the LCT should not engage in Politics and no education. This is the most malicious, vindictive, and felonious act by the Vellalars of SL. To add the Dutch when they invaded SL, they supported this cause of oppression and supported the Thesavalamai law.

SWRD Bandaranaike in 1926 wrote in favour of a Federal-State system for SL. In 1923 the Kandyan National Assembly also requested a Federal System of government. The Kandyan Sinhalese suspicious of the low country Sinhalese, formed the Kandyan Association to assert the distinctiveness of Kandyan Nationality”. On one side the Tamil elites wanted to assert the distinctiveness of their race, as Tamils”, while in the Central region the Kandyan Sinhalese asserted the Kandyan Symbol. Even today the TNA joins hands with UNP, however, they are forcefully opposed to the other party (SLFP). History quotes that Kandyans are Malabar”, although they speak Sinhalese, their dress, habits are similar to Kerala (Malabar). Quote: Birds of the same feather flock together”. The last king of Kandy Rajasinhe was a Malabar Nayakiya.

It may be in the culture of the Indian Tamils that when the French asked for contract manual labour to the Reunion Island, Tamils from Tamil Nadu (TN) went to work in farms. When the British wanted labour Tamils from TN to work in Seychelles and Mauritius Islands Tamils agreed in several thousands. In the same way, Tamils from TN were shifted to South Africa, Fiji Island, Kenya, Uganda, and several other islands. It may be the poor living conditions, caste discrimination and the greediness made them shift from their birthplace to these islands looking for greener pasture. The same way Tamils from TN were shifted to SL by the British. Beginning in 1839, the British shifted Tamils from TN to work in the Tea, Rubber estates in SL. Telugu workers were shifted for sanitary work. Megha in the 13th century brought Malabar and people from the South as Labour (Contract). In both cases people settled in the migrated countries, although it cannot be regarded as migration, but Contract Labour.

Tamil Diaspora, now boast that Tamils are everywhere and that they do not have a country of their own. It is the greediness that shifted Tamils from India and the egoism is making them utter cloudy words. Tamil Nadu is the country for the Tamils and Tamils cannot claim any other as their own country

When British took power in SL, they were so sympathetic to treat all Tamil as equal. To add, the Sinhale also treated all Tamils as equal. They removed the barrier for education, work and gave freedom to everyone in SL. The Sinhale politicians were also sympathetic and they gave freedom to all Tamils. Tamil politicians (Elites) did not like this to happen. Tamil elites were not intelligent, industrious, scientific-minded; hence they observed the caste system of administration. If a lower caste person attends a political meeting, then all were told about the lower caste person and their focus will be on that person to make sure he does not elevate himself in the political arena. This is the dirty mind and the dirty culture of the Tamil elite politicians. Even in social associations in Australia, the dirty Vellalar will manipulate not to allow any lower caste person to head or even being Secretary whom they believe is lower than them. That’s the dirty unscrupulous mind of the Tamils from SL and India.

The writer has worked in an industry (KKS-Cement) where he studied and seen how they treat lower caste workers in the KKS Cement factory. It is absolutely barbarism and dirty minded industry politics. Tamils are a bunch of caste-oriented megalomaniac clowns. For example, a megalomaniac in Australia, in a meeting stated that TNA cannot do anything because lower caste Tamils are more now within the Northern Provincial Council. Tamil elite politicians have noticed that lower caste Tamils have elevated their social status through education, technical know-how, and knowledge. The elites are not happy about this and will not accept. In Jaffna, some people poisoned the water tank because the students at that school were quite intelligent but lower caste.

TNA and the Tamil elite politicians like R. Sampanthan, CV Vigneswaran etc have now developed a strategy to get back to their old style of political governance. I.e. to oppress the lower caste Tamils. This strategy may be to stress the government to grant police and land power. How can this be done?

  1. Similar to the TN politics create Law & Order disobedience.
  2. Advocate separatism.
  3. Organise sword killing culture among the people in Jaffna.
  4. Organise and escalate drug trafficking.
  5. Assaults and stealing from houses.
  6. Organise and escalate smuggling.
  7. Politicians create separate political groups/parties.
  8. Generate theories in favour of Tamils.
  9. Tamil Diaspora and Tamil media always address a Tamil diaspora as Eelam Tamil”, while they are from SL as Sri Lankan Tamil. This is for the senseless educated/uneducated Tamils to generate a mindset that there is a land called Tamil Eelam.
  10. Vijayakala’ s recent statement on LTTE may be with motive and knowledge. Subramaniam Swamy has stated that one of the top leaders of LTTE is in Italy. It is to be believed that most LTTE cadre may be in Italy. CV Vigneswaran and Vijayakala are on the same path.
  11. It could be that a team from NPC/Jaffna may be working with the Tamil Diaspora developing a strategy to get the police and land power.
  12. The seven prisoners who have been recommended for a death sentence from the Prison are Tamils. Reason: Drug trafficking.
  13. Generate wealth to fill their caste-based power hunger

Why do they want these two?

To maintain the politics and governance under their arms. I.e. Vellalar. Police power will help them to be in power. Land power will help them to maintain settlement based on caste.

SL faced terrorism for 30 years. Right from the first century, the SL people were invaded by the South Indians. The invasion continues with the Tamils playing their dirty politics.

Tamils, hate and are xenophobic against their own Tamils because of their caste status.

Tamils hate the Sinhale because of the Eelam and power mindset.

Tamils have to reform their mind to think that they are Sri Lankan and not Eelam Tamils because there is no Eelam in the Island. All are Sri Lankan.

GOSL should punish whoever who is advocating separatism and terrorism, possibly pass a death sentence for people who advocate terrorism and jail terms under PTA. Ignoring on the assumption it is trivial may lead to another set of decades for destruction.

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Well said Kanthar,

    We need True Sons of Mother Lanka like you to come forward and solve this agony among the innocent Tamil community. They are just helpless without a proper leader. All what they have are cunning politicians.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Thank you Kanthar for your very enlightening letter. Sri Lanka should see an end to caste based politics in the North as well as in the South.

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