JO will abort ‘federal demon baby’ before its birth – Gammanpila
Posted on July 23rd, 2018

By Tharindi Pabasara Courtesy Adaderana

There is a risk of the proposed new Constitutional Draft being clandestinely included on the same day of the debate on 20th Amendment, says Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU).

The General Secretary of PHU Udaya Gammanpila stated this addressing a press conference in Colombo, today (23).

According to him, the bill that is to be presented to the parliament on the August 7 is not regarding the abolition of Executive Presidency, but of the foundation for establishing a federal constitution.

He further stated that the Joint Opposition MPs will take action to abort this ‘federal demon baby’ before its birth.

One Response to “JO will abort ‘federal demon baby’ before its birth – Gammanpila”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Not true.

    JO totally supports extreme federalism (13A). Since 1987, Sri Lanka is a federal country with elected Chief Ministers, Constitutionally guaranteed devolved provincial powers, inability of parliament to take back any devolved powers (without the consent of all PCs – a typical feature of extreme federalism not found even in India), the inability of parliament to dissolve a PC and the inability of the president or anyone else to takeover PC functions without dissolution.

    Proposed new constitution makes Sri Lanka a confederated nation like the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia.

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