The Government should refuse to issue visa to Canadian Prime Minister who is planning to visit this country to commemorate Black July 1983?
Posted on July 25th, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara

25.7 2018.

It is reported in the press that the Canadian Prime Minister Trudo is coming to Sri Lanka to commemorate the So-called Black July 1983 in support of the LTTE Tamil cause and share the grievances of the Tamil community.

Is he aware that the LTTE was the deadliest terrorist organization ever existed in this world that had declared war against the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka

I she aware of the colossal destruction and damages the LTTE did to this country over a period of 30 years in terms of national wealth, in Rupees and cents and human life.

Why can’t the Government ask the Sri Lankan Ambassador to brief the Canadian Prime Minister on this issue and request him not to make this visit as it goes against all accepted and civilized diplomatic norms between two independent countries.

In the event if he does not comply with our request I suggest we recall our Ambassador and discontinue all our relations with Canada.

After that Truedo can invite all his Tamil friends in Sri Lanka to come to Canada and offer them full citizenship and help them to form a Liberation Tamil Tigers Canadian (LTTC) so that he can take over our headache thereafter.

He should have known what July 1983 was and that there were many more black julys in Sri Lanka far more blacker than July 1983.

He should also understand that he is acting against the Sri Lankan State a fully independent sovereign State and its people, which is not a part of Canada or a colony of Britain or France any longer as he may have thought mistakenly.

If the Government fails to do that we will have to consider this as not our Government anymore and also that there is no government in this country.

Also the Government must make this an opportunity to stop all foreign Governments and their diplomats interfering with our domestic affairs as all such actions amounts to blatant violations of the Geneva Convention of Non-Intervention (Non-interference in domestic affairs)

7 Responses to “The Government should refuse to issue visa to Canadian Prime Minister who is planning to visit this country to commemorate Black July 1983?”

  1. Christie Says:

    He should first visit the Natives of Canada if there is any left.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The guy is desperate for traitor tamil votes in canada and wants to do its bit to consolidate the traitor vote base.
    After stealing the country from the native Indians, they objected Quebec breaking away. Sri Lanka? Of course,
    it’s different since it doesn’t matter to them. What matter to them is, the diasporats’ votes. These diasporats’
    kith and king losing ground to fast multiplying mussies in the north and the east of Sri Lanka. Get your drealam
    and can you keep it safe from the fastest breeding religion mussies? Are all the tamils going to move to
    drealam once you get your separate kingdom? Colombo and the rest of the country is a no no after that of
    course! Remember there were millions of hindus in pakisthan before the partition. Today there are 0000000
    hindus there. Formerly pakesthan was a Buddhist country. But fastest breeding religion guys multiplied so fast
    and stole the country. Today? It’s a hell hole. Sinhalese have been too good for the traitor foreigners tamils
    and never happy, never enough, never grateful foreigners want their exclusively them only drealam while
    living all over the country comfortably.

    These canadians are real hypocrites. After stealing the country from native Indians, they should at least change
    their ways to make up for the cardinal sin of making those guys pariahs in their own country. No chance of that
    when you are followers of a religion of convenience which don’t regard killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying,
    drug abuses as sins (Buddhism’s five precepts) while all honest people including all the law courts under the sun
    do. Charles Darwin showed the world god is a man made (mythical thing) with his Theory of Evolution. Today
    the Theory has been accepted by all the scientists in the world and the honest people. What’s more no museum
    in the world display a god in their collections. All of them dedicate a section to the Theory of Evolution!

    Ok for the argument’s sake if we accept god made man, then who made the mosquito, fly, etc. etc. Why people
    look different from race to race, country to country, region to region? That’s all explained in Charles Darwin’s
    book, The Tree of Life, and has been accepted to be more than true by the scientists today. So we can’t expect
    any better from these religions of convenience followers. Thinking sins isn’t a sin is cheating yourself. ‘Good’ in
    this life, very bad in the next. Won’t be a two legged creature! No PM job!

  3. Nimal Says:

    PM of Canada and his father are both caring humans, but in this case he is batting for the high numbers residing in Canada of the Tamil Diaspora.We Sinhalese hardly achieved anything in business of wealth creating and paying high taxes in their countries unlike the Tamil diaspora.This matters to them and our corrupt leaders, once offered a few visas to their cronies will be grant an invitation and even a red carpet.
    see what the so called saviour the Sinhalese did ,allowed PM Cameron to visit Jaffna, allowed him to degrade us and the only reaction from our leader was that likes of Cameron should know our culture. Yes rubbish and crooked culture where we give VIP protection and even diplomatic passport to them, the known Tamil terrorists.
    No word from this writer about this?
    I say politely turn the visit down but he could go to Saudi Arabia,Gaza and Yeaman where people are really suffering, but he is good man playing Canadian politics in SL.Fishing in trouble waters.

  4. Henry Says:

    Trudeau is not interested in the so-called plight of the Tamils. He, as many readers have pointed out is only interested in the political advantage he can gain from this. If the people of India wanted to commemorate the Amritsar Massacre- among the many other atrocities the British committed-would he jump a plane to India? Come on Trudeau, stop the hypocrisy. Do you guys have no shame?

  5. Nimal Says:

    Exactly Henrey.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    Ponna Yamapalakayo will give him a state reception, forget about not giving a visa..

  7. samurai Says:

    I agree with Hiranthe.

    And that number one Ponnaya, Ava Mangala will give the visitor a warm reception

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