Dayan Jayatilleke – The treacherous,pro-separtist Anti Sri Lankan RAW Agent – Part I
Posted on August 17th, 2018


Many of the scribes, local and foreign who write to English newspapers in Sri Lanka hold the opinion that Sri Lankans are damp squibs who still hold a white skin glotifying amglophile mindset.  This vicious phenomenon has been erased to a great extent by scholarly Sinhala language writers who flood our newspapers and social media with articles inspired with patriotism.

Dayan Jayatilleke who is an extremely treacherous, anti Sri Lamkan, pro tiger terrorist amd RAW agent used to write more than one article a week quoting some extremely irrelevant world history promoting divisions among Sri Lankans, devolution of unlimited powersto provinces, neo liberalism and the urgent need to implement more than what is stupilated in the ignominous 31st Amendment. Suddenly his articles ceased to appear and may believed that he has attained RIP which some people jokimgly refer to as rise if possible” but to find that he had been clandestinely courting ignoramus inept and foreign slavish වැඩ බැරි. පරගැති,Aappaya Sirisena to jump intp his band wagon and Sirisena nominating him as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Russia. Despite High Post Committee’s rejection of his nomination, the first time a nomination by the Preesident has been rejected Sirisena in his arrogant and dictatorial attitude has gone ahead with the appointment. Comments said that Jayatilleke represents the national interests” that is more close to the President Maithripala Sirisena than the West-leaning foreign policy of Wickremesinghe.

Historical facts point out that this Dayan Jayatilleke (DJ) like his father Mervyn de Silva well known as Andayaa has a chequered history behind him, becoming involved in extremist politics, founded with the Vikalpa Kandayama” (Alternative Group) In the 1980s. His group supported the Tamil militancy and maintained that their actions were a war of national emancipation, and not terrorism. Vikalpa Kandayama” formed a close relationship with the EPRLF of Vartharajah Perumal, DJ serving as a Minister in his government fully endorsed his declaration of Tamil Elam” in the North and East. Having being elected as Chief Minister Perumal said that Sri Lanka Army is not required in his Elam. Vikalpa Kandayama was banned in 1986 and DJ, was indicted  in absentia, by the Colombo High Court on 14 counts comprising conspiracy to overthrow the state through violence. In the meantime, DJ gone into hiding, spenT two years underground in Sri Lanka and one year in India. He was then pardoned by President J. R. Jayewardene. Perumal fled to India.

At Peradeniya he was a member of two radical groups – the Lanka Samaja Adhyayana Kavaya (Lanka Social Studies Circle) and Samaja Adhyayana Kavaya. Later,. whilst at Binghamton he was involved with solidarity movements in support of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Jayatilleka has been married three times.. He first married a Burgher woman called Margreet and then Pulsara Liyanage.  He is currently married to an accountant and writer Sanja de Silva. He returned to Sri Lanka in 1982 to observe the presidential election but, having gotten involved in militant Sri Lankan politics, never returned to Binghamton and dropped out.

He then joined the Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya and after its leader Vijaya Kumaratunga was assassinated became a member of the party’s central committee. Chandrika Kumaratunga whom he now calls federalist was the leader of the party after Vijaya’s assassination. She adopted the same policy on devolution even at that time. After that this multi tongued chameleon became a prominent supporter of President Premadasa, serving him as his advisor from 1989 to 1993.. He then abandoned his radical beliefs and became a prominent and docile supporter of Premadasa serving as his advisor from 1989 to 1993. It was reported that this chameleon extensvely assisted Premadasain his honeymoon with LTTE terrorists and also played a major role in suppressing youth rebellion in the South during 1987 1989 period which resulted in more thn 60,000 deaths.  He was Director of Conflict Studies at the Institute of Policy Studies (1990–94) and executive director of the Premadasa Centre (1994-2000). When the funeral of Lt.General Hector Kobbekaduwa, whose death is believed to have been stage managed by Premadasa through LTTE, was held at Colombo Kanatte people attending the funeral pelted Dayan with stones and he saved his life by running away naked.He was also editor of Lanka Guardian, the journal founded by his father, from 1996 to 1998.. He received a PhDdegree from the Griffith University in 2007 after writing a thesis titled The Moral Sierra Maestra: The Moral-Ethical Dimension of the Political Thought of Fidel Castro.

His crowning glory was shielding Sri Lanka from denunciation by the UNHRC for alleged human rights violations during the final stages of the War in 2009, due to the backing he received from the socialist bloc countries.. He had been appointed for a two-year term but when his contract expired in June 2009 President Mahinda Rajapaksa extended his contract until June 2010.  His glory was short lived, when on 17 July 2009 the Foregn Ministry told him by fax to relinquish duties and return to Colombo on 20th August”. According to him no reason was given for his sacking but he claimed that it was because of his extensive support for the implementation of the 13th Amendment.

Comments made against him by various publications and organizations and his criyicisms and comments on various organizations and individuals follows:

Condemnation by Lanka E News, the pro UNP website

Lanka E News (LEN) reprted on 20th July 2018 that for the first time , the parliamentary committee on  high posts  decided to question   President Sirisena an appointment made by him , in respect of the appointment of notorious political opportunist cum infamous traitor Dayan Jayatileke ( a confirmed  traitor because , when Varatharaja Perumal who was the Northeast Chief Chief Minister declared a separate government , Jayatileke who was in that cabinet  most shamelessly accepted and acknowledged  it)   being appointed as  ambassador to Russia by the president.

LEN said that when the parliamentary committee by virtue of the powers vested in the select committee Jayatileke was summoned before it members of the select committee explained the objections raised by the organizations and the charges against Jayatileke when the   ‘nutty Jayatilleke of a rare obnoxious breed dismissed it saying‘ what is told by the civil organizations cannot be taken into consideration’


DJ’s comments on Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa

In his Daily Mirror article WHAT’S NEXT & WHO’S NEXT AFTER YAHAPALANAYA, dated 35th April, 2018 he said that Mahinda Rajapaksa himself is easily the most outstanding, mature and experienced political and national leader we have —  a truly historic and appealing figure. As do most voters I would dearly like to see him as the leader of the country once more, and I definitely think he is the safest choice

Writng to Island on 13th April 2018, he said that Mahinda is the head of a formation which not only has the largest number of seats in the opposition but more importantly, beat both the UNP and the SLFP to emerge the island’s largest political entity at its electoral debut under a new symbol. His formation even did better than SWRD Bandaranaike’s SLFP/MEP did in 1956, which was the second, not the first, election it faced!

Comments on Chandrika

The biggest loser in Sri Lankan politics is Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. The daughter of two Prime Ministers and a former two-term President, she was on top of the world when she succeeded in ousting her arch rival Mahinda Rajapaksa in January 2015. And look where she and Mahinda are now.

Chandrika not only failed to prevent the SLFP-UPFA from soliciting and accepting Mahinda’s leadership at the parliamentary election campaign of August 2015, she also failed to prevent the majority of SLFP MPs from staying with Mahinda and rejecting her brainchild, the so-called national Unity government in the aftermath of that parliamentary election.

Now she has scored a hat-trick of political failure. She has failed to prevent a second split in the SLFP, this time in the minority faction that had remained in government; a split that has carried the overwhelming number of seniors in the party’s Central Committee into Opposition, turning their face against CBK’s line. She has failed to convince even her nominee President Sirisena who had rebutted her line of argument about January 2015. What an utterly dismal performance for the heiress of the Bandaranaike political real estate and fortune!

Worse still she is an unsuccessful prop of a UNP under a rightwing neoliberal leadership, while she was earlier a bitter opponent of the UNP under President Premadasa, a populist who was the closest to the line of SWRD’s SLFP ever to emerge within the UNP—and a man with whom Chandrika’s charismatic and progressive husband, Vijaya Kumaratunga had a political dialogue and an equation! So Chandrika rejected the UNP when it was under progressive, patriotic leadership but embraced it when it came under the most rightwing, pro-imperialist leadership ever! It is as if SWRD Bandaranaike supported a coalition government with Sir John Kotelawela’s UNP, instead of overthrowing it!

(Isand on 13th April 2018)

Self imposed Security threat

As a part of his hypocratic bluffing and in order to project himself as a person with security threats he wrotethat the the iconic father of Sri Lanka’s Special Forces and the LRRP, Gen Gamini Hettiarachchi, sent VVIP commando security for him on those annual occasions where he was a designated lecturer at the joint programme between the US Special Forces and a selected 40 men of the Sri Lankan Special Forces. He said that when he asked Gen Hettiarachchi who was the Commandant of the institution that hosted the programme, why he had wasted VVIP Commandos on his security, his answer was that the military has a good assessment of the LTTE’s assessment of him and that whatever he does in his own time was his business but when he was a guest of the Sri Lankan armed forces, he was their responsibility and had to be accorded a degree of security that was commensurate with the threat assessment. Hefurther stated that US Charge d’Affaires at the Permanent Mission in Geneva, later US Ambassador to Kenya, Mark Storella walking him to his official car in Geneva, opening the door graciously and asked him the vehicle was bullet-proofed, and when h laughingly said “no”, he said “but it should be…you are under a greater threat than any one of us here…you have a security threat from the Tigers!”

On Sinhala Nationalist Civil Societies

The increasing ascendancy– not the coming into being–of Sinhala ultranationalist civil society is due precisely to the disgustingly anti-national stands of the cosmopolitan liberals. Just as Sinhala Only was enthroned in the context of social revulsion towards the culture (and foreign policy) of the UNP of Sir John Kotelawela, today’s ultranationalist civil society groups surf the broad revulsion among the masses to the unpatriotic postures of the neoliberal democrats. It is a classic backlash.

He said that he us accused by the civil society ‘activists’ of being opposed to Reconciliation and added tha he is certainly opposed to a lop-sided policy of reconciliation which has resulted in Black Tiger Day, the day of the suicide terrorists who blew up Rajiv Gandhi, Ranasinghe Premadasa, Gamini Dissanayake and Neelan Tiruchelvam to name just a few, being openly commemorated in the North! He said that no society anywhere in the world which would tolerate the open commemoration of a terrorist suicide bomb squad within its own internationally recognized and legitimate borders. This brand of appeasement pushed by civil society has derailed the necessary project of reconciliation, and instead resulted in a burning desire in the Sinhala majority areas to see a leader who will crack down decisively on the theatrics of terror. With the ban on Mahinda Rajapaksa running for the Presidency, this has resulted in the default option of an Alt-Right candidacy.

Continued on Part II

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    I’m sorry but I’m confused.

    He was with Mahinda since 2005 for 13 years and none of these were stated. Why now? Is it because he is not with Mahinda? Similarly, KP, Karuna, Pillayan, etc. were all saints when they sided with Mahinda. So were Rajitha, Karu, Sirisena, Mangala, Hakeem, Bathurdeen, Ranga, etc.

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    Tow herd of cows go forward but close to each other. Sometimes leading cow inter changes path. Some follow, some don’t.

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