International Community please leave Sri Lanka alone, leaving it sort out its own problems its own way, do not try making  Sri Lanka a Libya or a Syria. 
Posted on October 31st, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

USA had always been working against the people of developing countries by eliminating elected popular leaders  as it had been with Mohammed Mosaddeq in Iran, in 1950, Jacob Arbenz in Guatamala in 1950, Patrice Lumumba in Congo in 1960,Salvador Allende in Chile, in 1973, Hudson Austin in Grenada in 1983, and more recently Colonel Gaddafi in Libya in 2011.

They were all  leaders of their people who wanted to develop their countries in their own way to provide their people a decent living. But USA intervened with its CIA and they were either murdered or expelled from their countries. USA had the support and the approval of the  other countries of the West- the International Community for their reactionary activities against developing countries.

USA and the West cannot   feel  the pulse of those people who are of a different culture, or understand what they want and what are their expectations. The West therefore acts in their own political interest judging countries not from the people’s likes and dislikes  but  judging  the countries from  whether their systems of government in place are in line with their own capitalist systems.

If a government  is not in keeping with their political system, they immediately set in motion the elimination process of the  peoples’ leaders through CIA or CIA sanctioned Jackals. The International Community  still  intervenes to destabilise poor countries through their secret agents the CIA, MI6,and the Indian RAW too  tagging  along.

It is the west that intervenes to  warn  Sri Lanka today which has  a political problem it is quite capable of solving. What business for instance has the Canadian Embassy got to do with the internal affairs of Sri Lanka ?  If the foreign embassies are unable to mind their own business, it is better that they are asked to close their embassies and leave until the present situation is settled in Sri Lanka.

Incidentally today  India too seems to worry about democracy in  Sri Lanka despite knowing very well the democratically elected  President Maithreepala Sirisena and the former President Mahinda Rajapakse who eliminated terrorism and brought back peace, security and democracy to every corner of Sri Lanka. India has issued a statement to  says that, …. it closely follows the recent political developments in Sri Lanka , as a democracy and a close friendly neighbour  hoping that democratic values  and constitutional process will be respected .”

India should know that Sri Lanka follows  nothing other than a democratic process, despite a stubborn Prime Minister who has no backing of the majority of the  people and who had lost nearly thirty elections in the past  is holding on to his position that he is still the Prime Minister, despite another has already been sworn in,  in terms of the Constitution and with the support of the legal fraternity.

The West just barges in like a bull in a china shop in to developing countries moment there are political disturbances,  to destabilise the countries more and effect a regime change, but they never intervene to help countries when they are  in dire need of financial aid for its development by giving unconditional financial loans on easy terms at low interest

The USA and West encourage  small groups of people in developing countries  taking arms or simply manifest against a people friendly government so that they could intervene  by sending experts to work out  a regime change. They did that in Sri Lanka in January,2015 and the US Secretary of State John Kerry came to Colombo to brag that he had been a part of the regime change in Sri Lanka and that USA distributed 585 million dolloars amoung Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Burma just for that.

Today USA has called the President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena to immediately reconvene the parliament in consultation with the Speaker so that the people’s representative can decide  who has the majority to lead the government. Strangely the demand coincides  with the same demand of the dismissed Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, who  remains self arrested in Temple Trees  the Official Residence of the Prime Minister calling himself  still the Prime Minister.

Is this no proof that Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP  are staging this  last ditch political stand  hoping to come back to power at the behest of the International Community ? 

In the meantime the Secretary General of the UN the cat’s paw’ of the International Community has  also  called on the government to respect democratic values  and constitutional provisions and process , uphold the rule of law  and ensure the safety and security of Sri Lankans.

The Human Rights Watch too has jumped into the band wagon of  reactionary USA and the Western forces.  Brian Adams of the Human Rights watch says , Rajapakse’s return to high office without any justice for past crimes raises chilling concern s for human rights in Sri Lanka”.

With such a statement one has the right to ask what right Brian Adams  has to represent an organisation calling itself  Human Rights Watch,  when the very statement is slanderous without any proof of  alleged past crimes”.

Does  Brian Adams know what it is to have pangs of hunger , sadness  to be without enough means to even feed the children ? This is where Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Government had left the poor people in Sri Lanka after three and half years of his good governance.

The majority of the people of Sri Lanka are happy today, that Ranil Wickramasinghe has been ousted and  the people friendly Mahinda Rajapaksa has been appointed the new Prime Minister.

The legal fraternity of Sri Lanka in a majority supports the decision of the President of Sri Lanka Maithreepala Sirisena as Constitutional, to have  dismissed the former Prime Minister and appoint a more people friendly Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. The USA and the West  looks at only the negative side of an issue  without understanding the people  who suffered for three years since 8 January, 2015, with a government which was corrupt and brought people back to misery and poverty with  the value of  the rupee tumbling to the lowest level.

The International Community is more interested in supporting the puppet government it set up without  feeling kindly towards the people who wanted  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse back in power as the Prime Minister, to take Sri Lanka back to what it was before the regime change on the 8th January,2015.

USA has its own problems as yesterday on the 28 October,2018 eleven people had been killed inside a Synagogue by a gunman, their only crime  being  that they are of Jewish nationality. These Jewish people  are  being  massacred since time immemorial for no crimes committed by them. They were the people who suffered the greatest and most inhuman  genocide in the world,  which Sri Lanka Tamil politicians shamelessly and  disrespectfully to the unfortunate Jewish people,  claim to have suffered genocide themselves-which is absolutely false.

It is time that the UN , the International Community instead of worrying about Sri Lanka which knows very well how to solve its problems, set about finding a solution to stop this continued hatred towards the Jewish people massacring them  inhumanly  without any reason as it happens  often in  the USA and the West.

What has USA and West got to gain  from creating communal dissension in Sri Lanka. If they seek global leadership they should stop dividing and destroying the sovereignty of developing countries. The best they can do if they cannot give financial aid for developing countries is to help the developing countries preserve their  unity between Majority and Minority Communities.

Therefore the International Community instead of  being concerned with the reconciliation amoung Tamils, Muslims and Sinhala in Sri Lanka, should inform their Agents the Tamil diaspora to leave Sri Lanka alone without creating Communal disunity and  advise the Tamils in Sri Lanka  to fall in line with the majority Sinhala Community as it is with all minority communities in the Countries of the International Community.

Therefore, we request the International Community to turn their attention to problems within their countries without interfering into Sri Lanka destabilise the country and  distancing  the Communities from each other. Sri Lanka is neither a Syria nor a Libya that needs foreign intervention to solve its problems. Therefore please keep away from Sri Lanka. 

3 Responses to “International Community please leave Sri Lanka alone, leaving it sort out its own problems its own way, do not try making  Sri Lanka a Libya or a Syria. ”

  1. ranjit Says:

    This high handed International butchers will never stay idle or keep away from meddling on others never. That is there system around the world,harassing poor countries which doesn’t follow them. Nobody to question these hypocrites for destroying historical countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc. Nobody!! If our rulers are strong no one will interfere in our affairs. If they saw us fighting each other all the time then they will try to poke their fingers all the time and make problems for us. We should tell them to mind their own businesses and piss off without giving us headaches. We are a sovereign country and a free country. We don’t need anybody’s advice to govern the country. Better dissolve the government and start new with new rules and regulations in our system without begging from outside world. Our countrymen are very well educated and have will power to do anything so let’s get united and help each other to built our beautiful nation for every citizen to live in respect and freedom. All these current old politicians must be rejected this time instead chose good educated individuals to represent their constituency who will serve the people not serving themselves. If you send the same old uneducated dumb guys we will face the same situation therefore keep in mind to select good young educated personal to represent us in the parliament. Anyhow we need a strong leader who can say to those white hypocrites to mind their own business. He should be sincere to his countrymen and should be able to root out corruption completely from our society. Enough is enough we need to stop politicians who are corrupted if we want our country to be great again.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    We cannot live in isolation with our negligible economic power. We need a strong ally , China doesn’t help strongly.
    Problem is president’s suspension of parliament which cannot be justified at all.
    MP buying should hurry up and parliament called soon or otherwise we will be another North Korea.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is NO NECESSITY for a vote count? Says WHO?

    1. At FACE VALUE, the UNP has a NECESSITY for a VOTE COUNT to recover its lost power. The Governing party usually does not INITIATE a VOTE COUN; only the party out of power does it.

    The UNP has TWO methods of TRIGGERING a VOTE COUNT. FIRST, it can submit a NO-CONFIDENCE MOTION against PM Mahinda Rajapaksa. SECOND, it can DEFEAT the pending Budget Bill through a VOTE COUNT. On FACE VALUE, the Govt will FALL if it FAILS to show a MAJORITY in the VOTE COUNT.

    2. But, WILL IT really? The UNP can fall from the FRYING PAN into the FIRE with a VOTE COUNT at this time because, a VOTE COUNT WIN by the UNP, will FORCE President Sirisena to DISSOLVE the Parliament, and CALL FOR a NEW GENERAL ELECTION within 3 months, well ahead of the scheduled time for the NEXT GENERAL ELECTION.

    That is a HUGE PROBLEM for the UNP, because, given its UNPOPULARITY among VOTERS, it will LOSE DISASTROUSLY, perhaps losing more than HALF of its current MP seats in Parliament.

    Therefore, we must PONDER whether it is BETTER for the UNP to AVOID TRIGGERING A VOTE COUNT in order to HANG ON to its current MP seats in Parliament at least until the NEXT regularly scheduled GENERAL ELECTION.

    FORCING the UNP to TRIGGER a VOTE COUNT resulting in DISSOLUTION of the Parliament and calling for an EARLY GENERAL ELECTION may be the REAL STRATEGY of Mahinda Rajapaksa!

    I REJOICE in that the PARA-GATHI UNP is in DIRE trouble: it is DAMNED if it TRIGGERS a VOTE COUNT and WINS, and DAMNED if it TRIGGERS a VOTE COUNT and LOSES!

    That maybe why it CONTINUES to use the current opportunity to DESTABILIZE the NATION and TREASONOUSLY PLEAD for FOREIGN INTERVENTION … the LAST HOPE of this PARA-GATHI DESHADROHI PUPPET kalliya!

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