Posted on January 2nd, 2019


LTTE terrorist war was a serious problem to Sri Lanka from 1983 to 2009 and the war was ended by Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. Generally, the end of civil war massively benefited to Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and others such as foreign and domestic tourists. If Prabhakaran and his movement survived on the advices of West, the most of senior members of the parliament including TNA would not alive today.  The post-war situation seems to be talking in news media directed to a criticism on the response of the Rajapaksa regime to bloodletting terrorists rather than benefits generated from the ending of the war. The hidden objectives of criticism are to blame the patriotic behavior of Mr. Rajapaksa not listening to traps of western advocates.  Rajapaksa regime delivered the right service to people of the country as they expected and individually, each person of the country appreciates the service of the Rajapaksa regime.  There may have been willful or unknown minor mistake incurred without the will of Mr. Rajapaksa. The accurate information in the country is that people don’t concern on western oriented rubbish talks and people expect from news media to talk about political, economic, social and other issues in current environment, which generated after the Rajapaksa regime. Most misinformation created in the country during the election platforms and news media managed by mercenaries who created by NGO funds.

News media in Sri Lanka is too much looking for information on the past war issues which are irrelevant to present and the future despite the war-related issues in history.  There may have been many issues that are needed to be discussed by relevant authorities and let them to do it without influencing to current politics in the country and make attention of the public to current issues in the modern era. It appears that news media has ignored them and looking for dead rats misleading the public.

There were many wars after 1950, in which many countries involved and such wars are regarded as historical events and only a few historians do research on such wars and look for information on past events. Why media in Sri Lanka too concern about the past events ignoring modern events? I feel that it is a strategy of people, who lost opportunities from the ending of the war. These people may include Sinhala, Tamil. Muslim and NGO people.  The current experience in Myanmar show that Western-based presents and grants were purposed to change Ms. Awun San Suki, but she never betrayed the country for financial or non-financial advantages

Ms. Awunsan Suki was forced to Western ideology, but she has not changed and stands like a concrete pillar disregarding previous appreciations from Western countries and Korea. That is the truth.  Mr. Rajapaksa also stands like a concrete pillar disregarding outside pressure and he is the most popular politician at the grassroots level. A political commentator in Sunday Times recently mentioned that West is still believing that Mr Rajapaksa has the grass-root level popularity and the reported information of political leaders in new year day showed the politicians are in trouble waters except Mr. Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka’s government, opposition and minor parties such as TNA too concern on historical matters but many countries where involved in wars are not concerned with the past events and if there is something need to do domestically or internationally, they do them silently and do not use as points to focus in political platforms and major points in media.

According to information I found, media personnel are lowest paid employees are in Sri Lanka except few and many of them are hungry for information to report and make something.  They go behind politicians and look for words to report with a view to make some money for living. Several print publications are already closed and the readers of the available print and electronic media are limited to less than 500 people in the entire country where there is more than 21 million population.  Therefore, many media are depending on advertisements especially from the government.

Sri Lanka has fundamental political, economic, social, cultural, governance, religious problems. Why media suppose to ignore such issues to give awareness to public and generate right opinion to policy makers.  Giving priority for redundant issues reflect the stupidity of media in Sri Lanka, but media in many countries are powerful as they cogent in right things.


  1. Christie Says:

    The LTTE is the Indian Colonial Parasite terrorist arm of India; formed, trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by India.

    The West except the Indian Parasites and Socialists in the West got nothing to do with this Indian terrorist outfit.

    If there is a lesson we have to learn from Myanmar is to leave the Commonwealth.

    Look Indian Empire Government Agent in Jaffna has been sent to Guyana another Indian Colony.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Listen to this !
    4 years gone after Ranil’s record theft
    1.5 years after COPE report released
    1 year after Presidential Commission report released
    No legal action taken against the thieves. Those who gave the bribes released on bail. Those who taken the bribes are ruling the country
    What is AG doing ? He is unable to even read the constitution.
    Sack him and overhaul the whole AG department. People should surround the AGs department and demand justice now !

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