I will never allow Thewarapperuma to enter parliament: Former Minister and Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka
Posted on January 3rd, 2019

Ajith Siriwardane Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Former Minister and Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said today he would not allow deputy minister Palitha Thewarapperuma to come to parliament alleging that he was engaged in corrupt activities such as sand mining.

Mr. Fonseka told a news conference that he received fewer votes at the 2015 general election than Thewarapperuma as he did not want to enter parliament but to act as an anti-Rajapaksa force and added that if Thewarapperuma contested under a minority party, he would not receive votes of even his family members.

Responding to the allegation that Mr. Fonseka was keeping kith and kin as his personnel staff, he said Mr. Thevarapperuma had no moral right to talk about it and added that he had a right to keep anyone in his personnel staff.

He alleged that Mr. Thewarapperuma had begun politics as a Kasippu’ smuggler and said he was known as Naiwadiye Palitha”.

He was now engaged in sand smuggling. I will take action against this person. I will teach him a good lesson. I will teach him what political decency is,” he said.

Mr. Fonseka said Mr. Thewarrapperuma was a navy deserter and he began politics as the driver of Anil Munasinghe and then joined Kumara Welgama, who kicked him out.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    We all know the sand mining monopoly of the MS and his family ran during his time as a minister. Poor sand miners are very angry and they will never vote for them because their whole of communities are affected.
    We waited this late to expose this racket.We have to go from Kandy to Miyangana to buy the sand while there’s restrictions on sand mining in Kandy, done for decades. This is part of our heartless cruel corrupt culture.
    In peradaniya for example the rivers will rise due to unmined silted sand under the main bridge and it will clog up the lower water intake chamber at the bottom of the river of the Kandy’s water supply which people like me worked hard in early 60s to put up for the 5MGD station that supplied the Kandy town. Thanks to the Danish Engineer we young learned to be straight, no nonsense and erect in character and no thanks to our local idiots who back peddled all the way.Since I left the country in disgust my dear burgher friend who could not put up without me committed suicide driving his car with his two children in to the incoming train. Three others too took their lives since I could not get them over to UK and they are from the burgher community. One of their sister’s house in Colombo7 is besieged by a politician and MR did nothing to help them. These criminals will never getaway.

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