Lankan President announces toll free number for people to complain about drug menace
Posted on January 21st, 2019

Mullaitivu, January 21 ( Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on Monday announced a toll free telephone number 1984” which people can call to lodge complaints about the drug menace in their area.

The President made this announcement at an event held at the Vidyananda Maha Vidyalaya, Mulliyawalai, Mullaitivu, to inaugurate the National Drug Prevention Week.

Sirisena declared that all decisions taken in the last four years to curb the drug menace will be implemented with new approach from the next week.

He emphasized that the government will not change its decision to impose capital punishment on drug traffickers.

Lankan President announces toll free number for people to complain about drug menace

Won’t Follow Philippines In Toto

President Sirisena said that the government of the Philippines has agreed to provide assistance to Sri Lanka to curb illegal drug smuggling and a Philippines expert team is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka shortly to explore the possibility of providing technological consultancy services in this regard.

The Philippines was being destroyed due to rampant drug use but due to the initiatives taken by the President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, it has overcome this challenge, Sirisena said. He will not change the stern decisions taken against drug traffickers due to the fear of NGOs,  the President added.

Alluding to the large scale extra-judicial elimination of drug users and traffickers in the Philippines, the President said that he will not implement some of the decisions taken by the President of the Philippines.

Certain human rights organizations raise their voices against hard decisions taken against drug dealers, but they should realize the damage caused to the country, the nation and the future of children by rampant drug use, Sirisena said.

Drug Lords To Be Exposed

The President announced that information regarding drug dealers, and parties behind these dealers will be revealed to the country.

The national drug prevention week will be observed till January 28. Special activities will be organized in schools from January  21 to 25.

Parents, social and religious organizations and places of  worship will all be used to educate the people on all aspects of the drug question including the legal framework applicable to it.

2 Responses to “Lankan President announces toll free number for people to complain about drug menace”

  1. aloy Says:

    This is akin to “katin bathala hitaweemak”. At the end nothing will happen, I believe.

  2. aloy Says:

    Prez says that documents that were signed for the death sentence in respect of 100 of drug dealers except one Parkistani are missing. Under these circumstances what guarantee is there that the large hauls that are being caught also go missing?. He should give orders to take samples at random from this stocks for productions at courts and destroy the rest publicly then and there to prevent these re-entering the market.

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