Posted on February 20th, 2019

Dr  Sarath Obeysekera

State bank should be encouraging Sri Lankans to remit money to Sri Lanka from abroad ,but the behaviour of some officers in the Bank of Ceylon in London has a  different agenda .I myself wanted to send money to NRFC in Colombo and sent from another bank to be remitted to my own NRFC account in Sri Lanka .When the money reached the Bank of Ceylon Branch in London ,I was asked the purposes of sending money!!!

What a question to ask ????

I later found that the bank has employed a Britisher as the Compliance Manager who does not know the priorities .

No wonder even my own brother who was doing business via Bank of Ceylon left to become a customer in a rival UK bank



  1. Nimal Says:

    I am not surprised and what do you expect from our para Sinhalese culture of 2600 years of crap history? I had a similar experience at the same bank when it was at Lower Regent street,32 years ago when I tried to do my part to the country of birth where I remitted a very large hard earned money to buy my uncle’s coconut estate at Dodangaslanda.While my secretary was counting the money with the cashier at the bank I took the rare opportunity to have a Srilankan snack at the Ceylon tea centre in the adjoining room.While I was enjoying the snack a fellow from tea propaganda board came to the café and was running me down loudly saying some mad buruwa is remitting a lot of money to SL,without realizing that it was my money he was talking about. These officials could be political stooges sent there to enjoy the good life of the colonials whom they despise. I have seen this fellow had nothing else to do but hanging in side the bank and the tea centre most of the day.
    When I heard that the tea centre is to be sold I made a generous bid for the tea centre as well as for the Student Centre but never heard or got a reply but it was sold to some Iranians,behaps for seeking a commission?. My intention was for students and friends of Ceylon could find a place to meet. All those properties were bought by my uncle without seeking any benefit whatsoever.
    I am truly ashamed to call myself a Sinhalese where there’s so much envy, jealousy and greed among us which I have never seen in other races I constantly mingle with. I must say that we are our own enemies. Sorry for any errors as I am too busy in life here.

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