While Sri Lanka Tamils do not want Buddhisisation of  North, a Portuguese Buddhist Monks initiates  Buddhisisation of Portugal.
Posted on February 28th, 2019

By Charles S.Perera

Suren Raghavan, immediately after being appointed as the Governor of Northern Province announced  that he is against Buddhisisation of the North.

Well he is not alone, there are many more Tamil politicians still with their Dravidian instincts like that of  animals, such as the TNA MP the Christian Tamil Sumandiran, who wants to distance Tamils and Jaffna Tamils from the teachings of  the Compassionate  Buddha.

But this stupid statement coming from a Governor of a Province is not tolerable. A Governor is the representative of the President of Sri Lanka in the respective Province. He should be the uniting force that brings the people-the Communities in to the national fold. He should be a symbol of unity in the Province to bring the people  together, not to separate them.

The Governor Suren Raghavn has a Doctorate  in Federalism, that does not put him into the category of an intellectual, as much as Wignesvaran, who had spent all his professional life as a Judge dealing with thieves and criminals who have rubbed off their  evil thinking  to Wignesvaran.

Therefore these ignorant morons have no minds to think positively and constructively. They do not know what a priviledge it is to live  in the land sanctified   by the visit of the Compassionate  Buddha long before the Dravidians had even heard of Jaffna- Jaffna -the land of the Nagas.

These unfortunate Tamils are ignorant that today  learned men all over the world- academicians, scientists and psychiatrists  are awakening to the teachings of the  Buddha, and accepting the teachings and setting up temples and Buddhist Centres of Buddhist Studies in USA,  Europe and in far away Africa.

Suren Raghavan when he is planning to stop Buddhisisation of  Jaffna, a group of savage Dravidians in Mulathivu occupied the Mulathivu Nayaru Khandha Ancient Buddhist Temple on the Pongal day, threatened the resident monk Venerable Kolamba Medalankara Kiththi Nayaka thero and dug a foundatiuon for a Kovil in the Temple premises. In which century are they ? Are  there  civilised people living in the North?


It is interesting in this context to see what is happening in Portugal. A Portuguese man who is ordained  as a  Buddhist Monk Ajhan Dhammiko,  understanding the great teachings of the Buddha, considering that the Portuguese had  wronged the Sri Lankans by converting them to Christianity, has built  a Buddhist Monastery  called Sumedharama which  spreads out over 25 acres of land in Lisbon, wants to compensate Sri Lanka  for the wrongs done to the people of Sri Lanka by the Portuguese, by spreading the teachings of Buddha in Portugal.

But this uninformed ignorant Raghavan  speaks of Buddhism as a plague with which he does not want to infect his people in the North. Raghavan is also a Christian with a special devotion to Jesus , who according to some historians was in India,  and was  perhaps a disciple of the Buddha. Is Suren Raghavan a civilised man ?

It is not strange that Sri Lankan Tamil politicians have an aversion to Buddha and his teachings, as  their mental development has still not gone beyond their ancestral Dravidian instinct to understand the greatness of the teachings of the Buddha. Hence they rejects Buddhism  as a blind man kicks a jewel he steps on while walking, not knowing what it is.

Therefore Raghavan as much as other anti Buddhists Tamils amoung the TNA MPs having the same Dravidian Genes still do not know the value of the Buddha and his teachings. They prefer the blood soaked floors of Kali Temples, to a clean peaceful simplicity of a Buddhist temple.

Having primitive Dravidian genes is not a disease or an unsurmountable handicap, but the Tamil politicians thrive living with this  undeveloped mindsets and do not allow the poor Tamils to rise above these ethnic handicaps. These Tamils activists be they TNA politicians or of other political or non political groups are all the same.

Therefore, it is best that the Sinhala people who wants a true unity with the Tamil Community think even for an instance they have found hope for such a unity in  Arun of the AAWA Group, because it was evident from the interview with him carried out by the Derana TV that he is a big farce, a trickster, he is not  different from the Tamil politicians from the North or the Tamils of the diaspora..

The ordinary Tamils are beautiful people. We know many like Muralitharan, Kanthar Balanathan , and  Dr. Nadesan from Australia who are wonderful people who like to have close contact with Sinhala people and even accept and respect Buddhism. ( I have visited Jaffna where I met my friend Radha Manohar , and his family and friends who received  me with sincere affection. I do not want to hurt their sensitivity by any of what I have written against the Tamil Politicians and their ilk).

The ordinary Tamil people in the North  cannot be ruled out as anti Sinhala Buddhists. It is the Tamil politicians of the TNA who keep the ordinary Tamil people from demonstrating  their affection to the Sinhala people.

It was seen recently where the villagers of Visvamaduma in Jaffna gathered to bid farewell to Colonel Ratnapriya Bandu who was leaving the Military Camp on transfer. The people surrounded him weeping and lamenting. They garlanded him and held onto him as he was one of their beloved elder relative.  Suren Raghavan should goto Visvamaduva and ask the villagers what was the reason for them to show such warm affection to that Sinhala Military officer.

The politically motivated Tamils are ready to reproach  and accuse the Sinhala political leaders and the Afrmy, but none comes forward to speak gratefully of them, who had helped the ordinary Tamil people to live peacefully and in security having saved them from the clutches of terrorism.

It is not too late for Governor Raghavan  to learn a little about the teachings of the  Buddha if he wants  to be a suitable man to be the Governor of the Northern Province.

During the time of the Most Compassionate Buddha in India there were 62 different philosophies in the North of India . The South was where the Dravidians had been chased   by the advancing Aryans.  The Dravidians or the Tamils had more primitive religious worships and it was later that a cannibalised  form of  Hinduism came to be practiced; prominent amoung them the worship of  Goddess Kali. 

There is no mention of the Buddha Visiting South India.  Even today the Tamils,  except the Dalits,   have not accepted the teachings of the Buddha. The Tamils of Jaffna do not seem to know that the Compassionate Buddha had visited Jaffna.

They prefer their primitive religious practicesn and  insult and despise the great teachings with which they have been priviledged to live side by side. Even though the decorated Mandapas of  Hindu Temple in  North India are beautifully crafted, the Gopurams of  Hindu Kovils in South India and in Sri Lanka are ugly and frightful with large eyed, big bellied, large breasted fantasy figures of Yakshas and Yakshanis.

There were very few Buddhist in South India when Venerable Buddhaghosa was engaged to translate into Pali the commentaries to the teachings of the Buddha made in Sinhala by great Buddhist monks  and perhaps Noble Arahaths. 

That was perhaps a mistake done by Venerable Revata Maha Thero of Mahavihara. Perhaps Venerable Buddhaghosa did a good translation of those Commentaries and prepared the Visuddhimagga. But no one could  verify what he had included in it and what he had not. 

Venerable Buddhaghiosa before he became a Buddhist monk, was a South Indian Hindu who was learned in the Vedic literature, therefore there is no doubt that he had  included in Visuddhimagga his own Hindu views as for instances the 40 objects of meditation which had not been mentioned by the Buddha in his discourses such as Maha Satipatthana Sutta.

All the Commentaries  in Sinhala had been handed over to Venerable Buddhaghosa giving him a carte blanche  for their translation. Mahavihara Bikkhus had trusted him and no one had even been given to assist him. Therefore it is questionable whether Ven. Buddhagosa read and understood correctly the Sinhala commentaries.

There is no way to verify the correctness  of the Pali text of Ven. Buddhaghosa by comparing it to the original Sinhala commentaries as it is said that Venerable Buddhaghosa after writing the Visuddhimagga burnt all Sinhala commentaries that had been handed over to him, without leaving any trace of them.  That was a great act of betrayal as those original commentaries were of immense importance. 

That is how South Indian mentality worked even at that time.  Destruction of Buddhism is in the genes of the Tamils. Venerable Buddhaghosa  should have respected the ancient Sinhala Commentaries and handed them  back to Mahavihara. But he probably wanted credit for himself for what is  written in  the Visuddhimagga..

But these present day assailants of Buddhism do not understand that it is Buddhism that Identifies Sri Lanka.  Suren Raghavan says that the terrorist war was a one-sided victory. All victories are one sided and there is nothing intellectual about his pronouncement.  He calls the present situation a period of victors justice” Perhaps the appointment of  Suren Raghavan was another attempt in reconciliation which has badly  misfired. It is better that a Sinhala Buddhist is appointed as the Governor of the Northern Province and remove Suren Raghavan as he is a misfit as a Governor of the Nothern Province .

The ordinary Tamils in the North and East will certainly prefer to have a Sinhala Buddhist as their Governor as they can expect justice and a fair deal from a Sinhala Buddhist Governor. It is only the extremist Tamil politicians that would  protest against a Sinhala Buddhist as a Governor in the North or East.

4 Responses to “While Sri Lanka Tamils do not want Buddhisisation of  North, a Portuguese Buddhist Monks initiates  Buddhisisation of Portugal.”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Tamils are such an unfortunate community. Tamil country of South India was not part of the Asoka Empire. As a result they failed to receive Buddhism. Now Tamil politicians and their voters follow a racist anti-Buddhist approach.

    “Aho Devdath noduti mokpura”.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    “The ordinary Tamils in the North and East will certainly prefer to have a Sinhala Buddhist as their Governor as they can expect justice and a fair deal from a Sinhala Buddhist Governor. “ – Charles

    Based on his statement one can say – what ordinary people in the North want they are not given by Sinhala Buddhist Presidents.
    Are you implying that the appointment of governors for the North should also be given to a committee consisting of ordinary people of the North? Or as a minimum let MR select this position ?
    Did MR give the Chief Minister ordinary Tamils wanted ? I think so. No complaints so far about him.

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    ““Aho Devdath noduti mokpura”.

    At the last moment before being dragged to Aveechi Maha Hell , Devudath went to refuge of Buddha, mentally.

    Tamils do not have that opportunity and so are the Muslims , Catholics and Christians of all sorts ! They all are worse off than Devdath.

    But even the worst Sinhala Buddhist politician is capable of , at the least, matching Devdath.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    People used to worship trees, mountains, rivers etc. etc. in the olden days in the absence of science. Today, in this
    scientific era, all educated people (honest only) understand how we, including all the living thins, came to being
    thanks to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. What’s more, his book, The Tree of Life, explained how all the
    creatures came to being including mosquitoes, flies etc. etc. God created man, then why mosquitoes, flies etc. etc.? Today, the theory is accepted the world over and evidences are displayed in all the museums in the world while no mention of a god in any of those places.

    God theory only has so many holes and thanks to the fear factor built into god, concept is still alive and kept alive
    by the millions of paid staff and powerful organisations whereas none of the Buddhist monks are on any payroll and
    entirely depend on donations. That alone should be a factor for any honest person to realise that there is something
    about Buddhism.

    NASA’s missions have shown the world, that the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast universe where
    distances are measured in light years! This again tally with what Buddha preached. Simply put science and
    Buddhism, there is no conflict while god theory has no place in this scientific era. Thanks to millions of paid staff
    and powerful organisations, in one case thanks to fast multiplying these religions of conveniences thrive in this money ruling, corrupt world. Whatever you do, don’t spell my name backward was god’s advice to followers!

    Buddhism disappeared from india since it isn’t a religion of convenience where there is no place for animal
    sacrifices, lying, stealing, sex/drug abuses, caste system etc. etc and they quickly revert to a cheat yourself
    religion of convenience. Downside for these Buddhist haters, is by doing these acts, they are committing sins
    and won’t be two legged creatures in their next lives. Good/bad? Only honest people know the answer.
    In the meantime, these Buddhist haters should read, Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and his book, The
    Tree of Life to open their eyes to irrefutable evidences.

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