Rishad called me thrice over suspect of Dehiwala bombing – Army Commander
Posted on May 16th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

The Commander of Sri Lanka Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, states that Minister Rishad Bathiudeen had called him three times over an arrest of a suspect linked to the Dehiwala bombings on Easter Sunday.

The Army Commander revealed this today (16) at a press conference, answering a question raised by a journalist regarding a point in the non-confidence motion against Bathiudeen.

Referring to a statement made to a newspaper on May 5th that the Minister attempted to influence the Army Commander into releasing a suspect arrested over the Dehiwala bombing, the Commander that he would describe it as a request from the Minister rather than influencing.

Senanayake said that Minister Bathiudeen called him following the arrest of a certain suspect and that he gave the minister two answers.

According to the Commander, on the first two calls from Bathiudeen, he had told the Minister that he would inform him after checking on the suspect.

On the third call, he had informed the Minister that there is such a suspect among the arrested and asked Bathiudeen to make the same call in one and a half years, said the Army Commander.

When journalists queried the Commander on the relevant suspect, he responded saying that he cannot reveal anything about them except that they were arrested from Dehiwala.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Does this mean that this particular minister has connection with these terrorists then why wasn’t he be arrested? Appreciate the Army commander for revealing this aw we the citizens and tax payers should be made aware the true situation.
    We should cut all ties with the gulf states and prevent Muslims going to Saudi.I will not go to the holy land until the Israelis behave and respect the just rights of the Palestinians who are held in their own country like prisoners.
    Muslims must boycott Saudi Arabia for so many human rights violations, like poisoning the Muslims in SL that is leading to so much ill will and even terror, not forgetting their illegal involvement in Yemen and their backing of a intending conflict against Iran, another Muslim country.
    If the Saudis are true to their religion then they must find every mean to heal the division between the two sects of the religion that is causing so much hated and damage. They should not take part in any step to declare war against Iran or any other country like Syria and give up their utterly stupid medieval social practices, sadly they live a double life in the West where they spend much on Casinos and other indulgences.

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