Statement Against hounding journalist Kusal Perera
Posted on June 16th, 2019

Parakrama Niriella

238A, Rajagiriya Road, RaJagiriya. 16th June, 2019

To all media institutions and All political leaders of Sri Lanka Freedom Party, United National Party, Sri Lanka People’s Alliance, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, Tamil National Alliance, Sri Lanka Communist Party, Lanka Samasamaja Party

Statement Against hounding journalist Kusal Perera

We are reliably informed that the Organised Crime Division has petitioned the Colombo Magistrate Courts against journalist Kusal Perera who has written a political column in the Daily Mirror every Friday for many years. We also came to know that police officers had visited the Daily Mirror yesterday (Friday) in this regard. It is allegedthat his article on 17 May 2019 on developments after the Easter Sunday tragedy is being interpreted by a complainant as inflaming religious rivalry, therefore making him liable to be arrested under the ICCPR Act No.57 of 2007.

This is a very grave situation. Throughout his adult life, Kusal Perera has stood against all forms of racism and has written extensively against extremism and terrorism openly and fearlessly. He is internationally known for his very strong anti-racist stand. He is accepted by all as an independent political critic too. As far as we know, he is the only journalist who contributes to both mainstream Sinhala and English newspapers. He was a regular political writer for the Sunday Lakbima and was invited often by Lankadeepa to write their Thursday political analysis. International media too seek comments from him as an independent political commentator.

Therefore, it is clear that this is an attempt by someone or some group to silence Kusal Pererato serve their petty interests. Permitting this travesty would not only violate Kusal Perera’s freedom of expression but it would also curb independent views and dialogue within the broader society too. This is an extremely dangerous precedent in the making.

We therefore urge all those concerned to immediately intervene in stopping all action initiated against Kusal Perera.

We request your kind cooperation to publish this news.

Thank you. Submitted by,

Parakrama Niriella, Dramatist (0773175638)
Wijayananda Jayaweera, Former Director Communication UNESCO (0773625701)
Dr.Sunil Wijesiriwardena, Lecturer and Researcher (0718580074) Prof.Arjuna Parakrama, Senior Professor, Centre for study of Human rights, University, Peradeniya (0777712264)
Dr.Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri, Senior Lecturer (0718016200)
Prof.Liyanage Amarakeerthi, Professor, Dept of Sinhala, University of Peradeniya (0774141544)
Victor Ivan, Senior Journalist (0777394959)
Asoka Handagama, Film Director (0777229500)
Prasanna Vithanage, Film Director (0777288984)
Sudath Mahadivulwewa. Lecturer and Film Director (0767372779)
Vimukthi Jayasundara, Film Director (0777578432)
Ravindra Guruge, Film and TV Producer, Editor (0777728821)
M.Safeer, Dramatist (0773129749) Anton Marcus, Trade Union Leader (0777281477)
Kumari Welagedara, Researcher and Social Activist (0773242105)
Selvaraj Leelawathy, Performing Artist (0711116658)
Rasaiah Logananthan, Performing Artist (0719373542)
Jeevanie Kariyawasam: Attorney-at-Law (0772181878)
Rathnasiri Paranavithana, Dramatist & Writer (0723308649)
Prof. Sasanka Perera – South Asian University, New Delhi (0711654476) Thiyagaraja Waradas – Senior Lecturer, University of Colombo (0715153144) Omar Rajarathnam – Communication Specialist
Vishnu Vasu – Musician (0772262267) Philip Shantha – Journalist (0714419157) Damith Chandimal – Social Activist (0712341311) Dr. Chamindra Weerawardhana Aadhil Ali Sabry – Journalist (0719842732) Kalpana Ambrose – Writer (0773441810) Chameera Dewantha – Activist Anushka Indrasiri – Foreign University Student Pujika Rathnayake – Concerned Citizen (0717609136) Chamal Polwattage – Writer Ishan Jalil – Human Rights Activist (0777532381 ) Kaushalya Kumarasinghe – Writer Asela Ekanayake – Banker (0766707970) Sharni jayawardhana – Media Activist (0777393462) Kelum Shivantha, Editor – Sri Lanka Mirror (0771446533) Ashra Wickramathilaka – Researcher (0717889768) Dr. Harini amarasiriya – Lecturer – Open University Vidura Prabath Munasinghe (Attorney-at- Law) – Senior Researcher, Law & Society Sumudu Guruge – Freelance researcher / Writer / Composer / Documentary film maker (0776140599) Vinyya Ariyarathna – Medical Doctor (0773413724) Ajith Perakum Jayasinghe – Editor, ( 0771229191) Athula Pathirana – Director and Actor Kanishka Guluwita – Urban Planner (Australia) Maala Gabriel – Retired State Servant at UDA (0773456600) Janaka Bandara – Fashion Designer (0772632477) Dinushi Samarasekara – Architect Deva Sanjeev – Digital Marketer (0776146295) Anuradhi Perera – Independent Researcher (0716650231) Paba Deshapriya – Social Activist Priyanjan Suresh de Silva – Journalist Malith Hegoda – Film Director Rathnasiri Paranavithana, Dramatist & Writer (0723308649 ) Malaka Dewapriya – Film Maker and Artist ( 0770778008) Anusha Sivalingam – Writer Kaushalya Herath – PhD Student (0769402993)
Saman Kariyakarawana – University Lecturer (0777151542) Kavindya Tennakoon, Educator / MA Candidate, Stanford (0766693562) Deanne Uyangoda – Attorney-at-Law (0773546624) Subha Wijesiriwardena (0771708704) Mohammed Infaz – Free Media Movement Suchith Abeyewickreme – Concerned Citizen (0770859676) Shanika Jayasekara -Journalist (18612978913) Viduranga Tennakoon – Concerned Citizen (0775736926) Sanjani Liyanage – Undergraduate, University of Moratuwa (0773311218) Krishan Siriwardane – Media Researcher (0779968797) Nirmani Liyanage – Senior Project Manager and Social Researcher (0778808887) Asanka Senadeera – Researcher (0715168166) Professor Sasanka Perera – South Asian University, New Delhi (0711654476) Thiagarajah handouts – Senior Lecturer , University of Colombo (0715153144) Omar Rajaratnam – Communications Specialist Vishnu Vasu – musician (0772262267) St. Philip – tsilanruoJ (0714419157) Damith Chandimal – laicoS Actives (0712341311) Lawyers life Kariyawasam (0715168166) Dr. Chamindra Weerawardhana Ādil Ali Sabri – tsilanruoJ (0719842732) Ambrose thought – writer (0773441810) Chameera Second trial – Social active Anushka Indrasara – lanretxE Foreign University Students Renowned Ratnayake trelA The Citizen (0717609136) Chamal polvattagē – Writer Jalil backside – Human Rights Action (0777532381) Kumarasingha ingenuity – Writer Asela Ekanayake – Bank Officer (0766707970) Sharni Jayawardena – media activist Kelum Shivantha – Editor , Sri Lanka Mirror (0771446533) Allied Wickramatilake – Researcher (0717889768) Dr. Harini Amarasuriya – Lecturer, Open University of Sri Lanka Counsel Vidura Prabath Munasinghe – Senior Researcher The waL and Society Trust Smooth Guruge – Independent Researcher , Writer , Musician, documentary film director (0776140599) Dr. Wing Ariyarathne (0773413724) Parakum Ajith Jayasinghe – Editor , (0771229191) Athula Pathirana – Director and actor Kanishka guluviṭa nabrU Designer (Australia) Gabriel series – former state employees nabrU Development Authority (0773456600) Janaka Bandara – Clothing designers (0772632477) Dinūṣi Samarasekera – Architect Let Sanjeev – latigiD Partner (0776146295) Anuradhi Perera – tnednepednI Independent research (0716650231) Paba Deshappriya – Social activist Priyanjan Suresh de Silva – Journalist (0771959076) Malith Hegoda – Film Director (0770593266)
Rathnasiri Paranavithana – actor and writer (0723308649) Malaka Dewapriya – Film director and actor (0770778008) Anusha Sivalingam – Writer Kaushalya Herath – doctoral candidate (0769402993) Saman DFKariyakarawana – University Lecturer (0777151542) Kavindya Tennekone – Educator / Masters degree candidate, Stanford (0766693562) Attorney Diana nominated (0773546624) ELT Wijesiriwardane (0771708704) Mohamed Infaaz – FMM Index Abeywickreme – Citizens are concerned (0770859676) Shanika Jayasekara – Journalist (18612978913) Viduranga Tennekone – Citizens are concerned (0775736926) Saṁjāni Liyanage – Undergraduate, University of Moratuwa (0773311218) ngiseD Liyanage – Senior Project Manager and Social Researcher (0778808887) Krishan Siriwardena – noitacinummoC Researcher (0779968797) Asanka Senadeera – rehcraeseR (0715168166)

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