Appeal to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
Posted on June 19th, 2019


As a peace-loving citizen of Sri Lanka, I would like to place before you the following facts as a precursor to the dialogue that you intend to conduct with the powers that be in my country.

International cooperation loses its legitimacy if the transactions between states are not executed in a transparent manner. We welcome you as our nation’s guest. Coming from US, the fiercest exponent of democracy as well as the leader in the second modernity of the capitalist world, we are confident of your honest intentions about our well being. The following facts should be uppermost in making social compacts and contracts between modem nations, not only from the angle of the foreign partner but also from the point of view of Sri Lankan national politics. Your good name should not be associated with the political agendas proposed by our incompetent leaders who are willing to do anything to stay in power. We like to treat the US as our friend forever.

In the proposed compacts with the MCC, the organization headed by you, to develop infrastructural facilities, namely under-used land and under developed transport, we earnestly beg of you to take into consideration the nation’s history, culture, literature, etc., besides the economic and other material benefits you intend to deliver.

We appreciate your cooperation in the fight against terrorists, backed by the ISIS, but please do not try to use it to further your military interests in the Indo-Pacific region. We are determined to remain non-aligned.

Our PM said (21/01/19), in answer to a question from the Opposition, that he was against establishing a US military logistics hub in Sri Lanka and that is the position of all of us.

Your envoy in Colombo said (23/01/19) that Sri Lankan leaders have outlined their vision for the country that reflected its geo-strategic position, but please be aware that the Sri Lankan people have never been given the opportunity to express their views on this issue.

We would like to state our concerns briefly with regard to the MCC compact on economic corridors, and the attempt to open up land for the open market. Majority of our people are engaged in agriculture and the proposed land reforms will only turn them into a landless peasantry.

None of the amendments to the Physical Plan have gone through the due process and, therefore, we appeal to you to honour that strong commitment and hear our voice. We do not like parts of our country to come under US laws, as such a situation might lead to international conflicts as in the case of the Okinawa rape incident in 1995.

Precious minerals in the ‘tradable’ land will be lost for our future generations, and you have been offered those areas against the will of the people. Please do not accept that illegal offer.

Mr Secretary of State, please discuss these and other issues with the Opposition.

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