Conservatives – Jag Sahota Campaign seeking Ananda Wijesinghe’s Vote
Posted on September 21st, 2019

Asoka Weerasinghe Ottawa-Vanier

17 September 2019

Jag Sahota
Conservative Candidate for  the Calgary-Skyview Riding Campaign for Canada’s Federal election of October 2019, seeking Ananda Wijesinghe’s VOTE..

Hi Jag:I am not in your riding but in the Ottawa-Vanier Constituency.

You might ask – Why the heck are you writing to me then?

 It is a dam good Question Jag..

I was privy to the note sent to you by my good friend, Ananda Wijesinghe a constituent of yours, a Canadian-Sri Lankan Sinhalese , like me in his response to your request for his VOTE he said – ” No Sri Lankan Canadian will VOTE for a Conservative Party Candidate. – never since former Tories idiotically supported the Tamil Terrorists Diaspora (Ontario) that waged  30 years of carnage by terrorism to bifurcate the little island for a day-dream of a totally Racial Tamil Eelam in the country’s North/East.”

Do you know what Jag, I being a former card carrying Conservative, I wouldn’t hold my nose to keep away the disingenuous putrid smell of the Conservative’s foreign policy on Sri Lanka and drop my ballot with a cross against the Conservative candidate into  the ballot box.  Never,, ever., never again.

My Conservative mentor was Art Hanger, the MP for Calgary East from the time he was elected to Parliament in 1993,  until he decided not to stand for election again.

in 2008.

You know what, Jag, Ananda got it right about the  Sri Lankan-Canadian VOTE. Jag,my Canadian politics and my democratic VOTE revolves around how well, and honestly will the incumbent Canadian Government treat my Motherland, Sri Lanka.  

You Conservatives haven’t been honest, nor have the Liberals nor did the NDP.  All you Canadian politicians have sold your soul to the separatist Eelamist-Tamil voters, falling on your knees grovelling for the Tamil votes..,  Right, Jag?   And so have the Tamil-separatists being smart have used all of you as a bunch of “SUCKERS” who look foolish trying your Canadian-jig to the Tamil beat of their tom-toms,to the rhythm of ‘Thunai-lakadi-thanthalakadi, thunai lakadi -thanthalakadi.”

You said to Ananda seeking his Vote – “I have heard your concerns with how the Trudeau government has mismanaged Canada….but things have to change for those dreams to become reality.”.  Well…well….well, Jag, do you really think that your Stephen Harper’s Government did not mismanage Canada’ s foreign policy when they were dealing with Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, when you all didn’t have any business to do so.  What a crock of cods-wallop, Jag!

This is what you Conservative’s got my goat and made me give up on you lot as a card carrying Conservative?  It was when Prime Minister Stephen Harper had his hissy-fit when the Commonwealth’s Heads of States Summit was to be held in Colombo, the capital of my dear Motherland, Sri Lanka, over her alleged human rights record.  Shish! what a Joke!

So what did he do, Jag?  He decided to boycott the Commonwealth Summit and wanted to act the Pied Piper of the Commonwealth,, hoping that all other Commonwealth Heads of leading nations would  follow him like a group of stupid lemmings.  He was into a surprise, when UK, Australia, New Zealand  quite likely told him – Stephen, you are a Big Boy, it is your prerogative to go or not to go  to Colombo for the Summit, but we are going.   We have absolutely no interest in getting involved in your domestic  separatist Tamil politics.  If you want to stand in a corner of your office put your thumb in your mouth, suck on it and whine, that is your problem and not ours Big Boy, and Good Luck. 

If the Conservative Primer Minister Stephen Harper had a presence of mind  crowning himself as the Commonwealth’s Mr. Morality, and he felt morally right to boycott the Colombo Summit as he wanted to support the claim of  the Tamil refugees who said that they were persecuted and discriminated and their rights were violated by the Sri Lankan Governments since Independence, in 1948.  And thatwas why they ran away from Sri Lanka, by passing their Motherland India’s Tamil Nadu, thumbing their noses at her and landed in Canada as refugees, which they thought where the grass was greener than in Jaffna,

and Canada’s roads were paved with gold, as Sri Lanka had failed the core values of the Commonwealth upholding Human Rights.  And that sounds horrible, isn’t it, when this minority  Tamil community of 12% was the‘privileged’ minority for 131-years of British colonial rule,compared to the 75% of the majority Sinhalese community were the ‘wronged’ majority for that 131 long years.  Shish!  That stinks isn’t it, Jag?.

You know what Jag, Stephan Harper looked a fool to take that moral stance, if he only wondered if his moral basis is what was required to be invited to the official Commonwealth’s Summit dinner with the Queen orher representative, there would have been no  Head of the 54 Commonwealth countries sitting at the table with the Queen, as none would have been eligible to be invited, as no country could have claimed to be squeaky clean sans Human Rights violations   And when it comes to Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has told Sri Lanka, we Canadians are Holier than Thou, wouldn’t have had a Snowball chance in Hell to prove Canada’s purity with all the human rights violations and Genocide of the women of the First Nations.that Canada  is well known for.

It is embarrassing, isn’t it Jag.   All because you Conservatives had sold your souls to the Tamils to garner their votes to win that Federal election last time, Well, you all ended losing  to the Liberals, anyway. That is how the cookie crumbles,Jag. That was the rub!  Ouch! as a Conservative candidate for the next Federal election,, these facts hurt you isn’t it, Jag.

So you Conservatives want to unseat the Liberals eh!   This is another dishonest political party who has aided and abetted the  Eelam War to destabilize Sri Lanka, my Motherland. who nurtured me during the first 19-years of my life,  These Liberals looked aside during the Chretien and Martin  13-years of government, when the Tamil Diaspora collected two million dollars a month  to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest  to  purchase sophisticated war weapons to fight their separatist war, and along the way killed thousands of  my innocent Sinhalese  people…  I resent both you  Conservatives and Liberals for that.   And you guys who, preach  good governance and  plaudits of Human Rights to Sri Lankans,  couldn’t care a precious little when it comes to the majority Sinhalese of that democratic island nation.

Let me tell you of one more of several incidents how you Conservatives got my goat.  So Jag,  your ConservativePrime Minister, Stephen Harper, sent his emissary,  MP Deepak Obhrai, to represent Canada at the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo.  This guy didn’t care two Prairie straws about Sri Lanka nor its peoples.  He went with one and only intention to play into the hands of the Canadian-Tamils  to do what he had to do to satisfy them to garner every Tamil vote from the Greater Toronto Area which had nine ridings depending on their votes to win those seats.

So what did this smart  Alec  do,, Jag?.  He flew in to Jaffna in the north.  His entourage consisted of the Canadian High Commissioner., a photographer and a few others assisting him on his act of  a Canadian High School Bully.  One of his assistants carried a wreath. It had a ribbon with silk-screened words in Tamil  script- in remembrance of the victims of violence among the minorities, which excluded the members of the majority Sinhalese who also died defending the sovereignty of the island  nation.  That was nasty Jag and  you want Ananda’s, a Canadian-Sinhalese, vote.  You got the gall.  You got the temerity!.

This Politician-Bully entourage stopped at Elephant Pass on their way back to Colombo in a motorcade.. Even after the protest by the Sri Lankan official asking Deepak not to lay the wreath, this obnoxious  Harper’s emissary laid the wreath at Elephant Pass anyway. The photographer clicked his camera to give him proof to take back to Canada,to show  how this Conservative Bully  landing in Sri Lanka and did what he is not supposed to do, support the Tamil-Eelamist separatist cause.

 He was lucky that,yours truly, Asoka Weerasinghe was not the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, as he  would have given the same treatment that Prime Minister Lester Pearson gave France’s President Charles de Gaulle, and he had to take the next plane back home.  He was not allowed to walk on Canadian holy- soil. after supporting the FLQ separatist cause at a public gathering.

So this arrogant fool, Deepak, comes home, meets up with the Toronto Tamils to relate the outcome of his visit to Elephant Pass and what he had done on their behalf,  Here’s the proof, an now I want your vote.:  When questioned  he said that Elephant Pass was a neutral site.  

In a letter (December 13, 2013) I gave Deepak a lesson of Eel am War history, and  that Elephant Pass was part of the War theater where three  major vicious battles were fought between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan armed forces and  asked him to cut out being a Humbug..

My foot – a neutral site!.   What crap.  What baloney.,.What a humbug!

So there you are Jag.  Ananda was right.  No  Sinhalese-Canadian who has an ounce of self respect and pride, will ever cast their vote for a Conservative any more.

I wish you luck Jag.  And if you are successful being elected to Parliament, , remember to dot your “i’s” an cross your “T’s”  if you are going to take on an act of being a Smart Alec to support the Tamil separatist cause, you will certainly hear my voice  loud and clearly like London’s Big Ben’s noon hour ding-dong.

Good luck.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    OMG, there is another Ananda Wijesinghe in Canda (not the USA)? I thought I was the last Sri Lankan bison on the American Continent!

    Bloggers here please note: this Sinhalese Canadian Ananda Wijesinghe is NOT ME, although I compliment him heartily on his good judgment in supporting Patriotic Sri Lankan causes!

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