Posted on November 28th, 2019

Anjalika Silva USA

We need to do all we can to preserve our hard-won Peace from the disruption of miscreants who have sunk so low there is no place lower to go.  It is not about party politics.  It is about the country – SRI LANKA

When I wrote this piece of music for Peace, in my mind I believed our Peace had come to stay.  WHY CAN’T PEOPLE GIVE UP HATE?

However, from time to time it became necessary to revive and stir up short memories and the value of Peace.

After an enthusiastic election with an unprecedented record voter turnout of over 80% beating records of bigger democracies, tactics started again. 

Barely a day after a new President sworn in, the BBC got active providing a platform for hate mongers to talk Genocide” without knowing what it really means.  What Genocide?  If it was Genocide, we would not have seen a single Tamil good or bad survive.  Diaspora in their safe heavens are talking for those who don’t need their representation.  If there was Genocide they are going back and forth to Sri Lanka and enjoying freedom far from Genocidal treatment.  The ground situation is that “we the people live in harmony accepting all people the same”.  The fear psychosis is planted by a few to ruin the lives of many.

These folks may want to see real Genocide because they don’t know the meaning.  Well, the Genocide that took place a few weeks ago when Turks hunted down Kurdish people and stopped cars pulling Kurds out of cars and shooting them execution style.  Men women and Children had no escape.  That is real Genocide.  Not the fake one where the use of the word has became a convenience for some.  It is a joke how they pop out with the Genocide

These captains of Genocide fame have dual citizenship with Sri Lanka, they go back freely, purchase prime property in the  best parts of the country and no one is hunting them down!!!! Why now?   They call out the Genocide very conveniently. 

But fail to look at their own failings.  We have had enough of you lot!   This song is not for Utopia but we want to embrace all ethnicities and faiths with respect and live together as humans.

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