Coronavirus: Recovered patients testing positive again – BBC News
Posted on February 27th, 2020

Courtesy BBC News

Chinese health officials say that about 14% of people who had the coronavirus but recovered and were discharged from hospital have tested positive for the virus again. Health officials admit they’re still learning about the new coronavirus and how it operates within the human body. The same phenomenon has been reported in Japan, when a woman in her 40s who had recovered and tested negative for the virus then tested positive more than three weeks later. The authorities in both countries have pledged to continue tracking former patients, even after they’ve been discharged from hospital.

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  1. aloy Says:

    Is this not a case of survival of the fittest?. How many of our big wigs have realized that this is an opportunity to cash on in tourism?. So far not a single Sri lankan has contracted (or may have not suffered after unknowingly contracted it) inspite of so many Chinese from the mainland coming to SL. This means we have built in immunity (due to color?), consumption of loads of spices (curry powder etc), use of cocktails of medicinal herbs like “Samayang” etc which are popular all over the world, cultural practices and even ‘bali thowil.

    Why not the tourism promotion takes over and publish these facts.

    The Africans also haven’t got it so far, but they are vulnerable to “Ebola”.

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