Two dead in A’pura Prison shooting; no inmates escaped, says Police
Posted on March 21st, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Another inmate injured in the Anuradhapura Prison shooting incident has succumbed to his injuries, stated the Director of Anuradhapura Hospital.

This brings the total number of deaths in the incident to 2, stated the Hospital Director.

A tense situation occurred at the Anuradhapura Prison this evening (21) leading to a shooting incident.

Previously, an inmate suspected with an infection of COVID-19 had been identified and had been hospitalized for treatment.

Reportedly, inmates had staged a protest over the incident today, with several detainees attempting to escape during the commotion.

However, prison officials had opened fire at the inmates attempting to escape and 5 inmates injured in the shooting have been hospitalized.

Subsequently, 2 injured detainees had succumbed to their injuries, stated the Hospital Director.

The tense situation at the prison had resulted in a fire at the prison premises as well.

However, no inmates had been able to escape in the incident, assured the Police.

Anuradhapura Police, Anti-Riot Squad and the Special Task Force (STF) have been called in to control the situation.

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