Indian Communities in Sri Lanka Spreading Anti-China Hate Condemned
Posted on April 14th, 2020

Dilrook Kannangara

China-bashing has raised its ugly head again. A section of Sri Lankans displays their anti-China hatred at any given moment. The twitter account of the Chinese embassy in Colombo was not functioning for some time and it was made into a China-bashing event. To their misfortune and for the fortune of most Sri Lankans, it soon came back live. The same group demonizes China for helping Sri Lanka financially.

China is Sri Lanka’s closest ally economically, politically, socially and militarily. Economically because Chinese investments have transformed Sri Lanka into what it is today. However, a section of Sri Lankans openly abhors China for no fault of the People’s Republic.

That is because they are Indian communities living in Sri Lanka making up around 23% of the population. Their sympathisers also join them in bashing China. The majority community loves China and wants to further strengthen bilateral relations. It is important to distinguish this ethnic difference.  

If not for Chinese funded Mattala airport, Sri Lanka would not have a back-up international airport. The need for a back-up international airport was very strongly felt during the time Tamil terrorists attacked the only international airport at that time (Rathmalana in 1978 and Katunayake in 1986, 2001 and 2007). If not for Chinese investments in power generation, Sri Lanka would be having power cuts every day. If not for China, Sri Lanka would not have international standard conference halls, roads and internet facilities. Politically China has stayed out of interfering in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs which is commendable when India, USA and others try poking their dirty fingers into to everything under the sun.

Chinese supplies were essential to defeat Indian funded Tamil terrorists and bring peace to Sri Lanka.

Presence of China in UN Security Council has brought some stability to otherwise unstable world where might is right.

Given this context it must be stated in black and white that the majority community in Sri Lanka support and is grateful for China. Only the Indian minority communities lead the charge against China. It is understandable given the Indian animosity towards China.

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