Good side of Corona
Posted on April 15th, 2020

Dr sarath obeysekera 

OPD of all hospitals are closed, there is no rush in the emergency ward. Private hospital make an enormous amount of money from people who tend to attend the OPD for a mild cough and cold 

Doctors are given a financial reward for ordering tests which may not really be required 

They are also paid for admitting patients 

With corona, all these malpractices have stopped.

No new patients are coming apart from corona obstructed patients.

There are no accidents due to the lack of vehicles on the roads. People do not so summoneth liquor and stop smoking this saving state funds to treat them when they fall sick of drinking and smoking 

Cases of heart attack, blood pressure, brain hemorrhage have suddenly reduced.

People tend to do meditation which reduces stress 

One of my friend who has psoriasis told me that the mediation had drastically reduced skin ailment due to steeds relief 

What has happened so suddenly that the cases of diseases have fallen so much?  Even the number of dead in the crematorium has decreased.

Has Corona controlled or destroyed all other diseases?

*No, Absolutely not?*

 Actually, now the reality is coming out that even where there is no serious disease, doctors were deliberately giving it serious form.

Ever since the influx of corporate hospitals, testing labs came into this country, the crisis had started deepening.

People were being forced to do tests worth thousands of rupees even in mild cold, cold and cough.  Operations were being carried out indiscriminately even in a small amount of trouble.

Patients were being kept in ICU.

More fear of illness was felt through treatment.

Now after Corona, how will

Does all this suddenly stops?

In addition, there is another positive change.

Due to the arrival of Corona, there has been a curb on people eating in the hotel.  People have started to prefer home food more than outside street food and even big hotels.

Many unnecessary spending of people has stopped.

Corona has changed the thinking of human beings.

Every person is awake.

*If you really understand how little needs are there to live in peace, then it can get rid of diseases, food and money concerns to a great extent. *

Tomorrow corona will be controlled, with that our life, which has been controlled today.

If we keep it in control in the same way, reduce the requirements, then life will become very pleasant and beautiful indeed.

*This is a bitter truth?*

*Definitely think about this once.*

Dr Sarath Obeysekera
CEO Walkers Colombo Shipyard
Sri Lanka

2 Responses to “Good side of Corona”

  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    This is a good time to ban the import of unnecessary imports and stop producing unnecessary products ,especially the cheap plastic items that pollute the environment namely atmosphere, land and sea and the waterways.
    It is also a good time to change the behaviour for the better, stop worshipping money, get rid of extreme greed and over consumption, find ways to reduce trash that harm the environment, stop exploiting the fellow humans, stop cutting down trees and so on.
    This virus, for those who believe creation is sent by the almighty and to those who believe in evolution by nature as a warning to change the way we now live. This virus does not seem to spread by air but who knows the one may not be.
    We still have time to change and correct ourselves and do right thing.It is not too late.
    Faith in praying, pirith and worship is ok, but so far none of the religious leaders have said that changing behavior is a must.
    While the Pope advises the faithful to pray from home, the leaders of ultrarich mushrooming fundamental christians groups tell the followers to come to church. Their motive, I think are the collections.

  2. aloy Says:

    Haven’t we realized that we have more food than we need?. Jaffna farmers cannot sell their vegies even at Rs.5 a kilo as they cannot reach Dambulla. Everywhere we see stores packed with rice and other food stuff. A good opportunity to process and export. We do not see this situation in any other country.

    On the other hand:

    Keeping people poor is a way to increase food production. This was the theory put forward by DS Senanayake when the education minister at that time wanted to introduce free education. Even after 70 years people are still poor as we see in the TV these days. The more the number of samurdi recipients, the happier the politicians are. Samurdi recipient- 3.4 million families(old + new). Public servants – 1.5 families. Is there anybody left?.

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