Act with aim of not getting infected after curfew lifts – Army Chief
Posted on April 19th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva says that the public should make sure not to loiter or idle outside once the curfew is lifted.

The Commander of the Army mentioned this joining the ‘Derana Aruna’ Breakfast Show on TV Derana this morning (19).

The decision to relax the curfew regulations was taken considering the hindrances caused to the public by the curfew, he said. He pointed out that many are unable to attend work or pay salaries without running businesses.

The Army Chief saluted the Sri Lankan public for their cooperation in measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Silva says that the government led by the President and the Prime Minister has taken this difficult decision to move the country forward and not for people to go out freely.

Therefore, the Sri Lankan citizens should consider it their duty to act with the ultimate aim of not becoming infected by the virus, he said.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    In New Zealand, the government encouraged her citizens who go out of their ‘bubbles’ to think for themselves – that they are themselves infected with the Covid-19 virus and behave responsibly. This way it is possible to be compassionate and make social distancing a matter of social etiquette!

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