Archaeological officials threatened with death while marking the boundaries of the historic Devanagala sacred area
Posted on May 27th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

Archaeological officials say they were threatened with death while marking the boundaries of the historic Devanagala sacred area.

After the CIA revealed the illegal acquiring of lands around the sacred area, officials who visited the area made a public statement of these threats for the first time.

2 Responses to “Archaeological officials threatened with death while marking the boundaries of the historic Devanagala sacred area”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Fastest breeding religion aka religion of mussies turned old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakisthan, bangladesh,
    malaaysia and indonesia to mussie countries within a few hundred years of their arrival in those countries with
    their baby machine wives (BMWs?). The dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick of multiply, multiply and outnumber
    was recently tried in Buddhist Myanmar. Unfortunately for the breeders, Myanmar had a patriotic leader and
    the mussies had to flee across the border to bangladesh where they came from with 100s of 1000s of children
    (votes) coming out of their ears. Sri Lanka is the next target for the menace.

    Anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, anti Sinhalese, Mother Lanka dismembering, minority worshiping GooandPee aka
    UNPatriotic_rats promoted mussies so much for their votes by heaping them with powerful ministries which the
    mussie deshapaluwas used to promote even more mussie multiplication. Sinhalese have become prisoners in
    their own land while the foreigners destroy our heritage, the Sinhalese race and Buddhism. It’s time to get rid
    of these menaces from our soil and claim our country back. We didn’t any of them to our country. Both tamils
    and mussies (apart from great Murali), don’t want any Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. The traitor foreigners don’t want to co-exist with the Sinhalese either.

    Both sets of traitor foreigners are after Sinhalese blood and get the country for themselves. We sacrificed
    100,000+, mainly Sinhalese, for the tamil drealam campaign. The traitors haven’t given up the demand and
    getting ready for the next war. Meanwhile, fastest breeding religion mussies multiplying like …. and encroaching
    on our sacred lands to settle down new breeds. We didn’t bring any of these traitor foreigners and it’s time we
    claim our country back. Mussies getting ready to annihilate the Sinhalese and get their mussiesthan.

    After all, Mr Modi has opened the door and tamils can go there where they came from. Mussies can go to those
    80 mussie countries and live to their hearts’ content with several wives, child brides, sharia law, goni billa dress,
    halal etc. etc. Do we need these menaces on our soil who are plotting to kill us all the time. Even the traitors get their drealam and mussisthan, there will be eternal wars them trying to expand their territories and Sinhalese
    going to be refugees in their own land. Do we need that? All three parties going to realise tamils and mussies
    leaving to tn and saudi where their hearts, minds, loyalties are, was the right thing they did when the dust settle down avoiding eternal bloodbaths. Do the decent thing and disappear! You’ve been very very
    bad tenants! Sinhalese campaign for a bloodless revolution to get rid of these two traitor lots to save Sinhalese
    race, Sri Lanka, Buddhism and 100s of 1000s of Sinhalese lives from the drealam and mussisthan war looming
    in the future!

  2. aloy Says:

    Sinhalese are utterly incapable of saving their land. The politicos who are hoodwinking the Buddhist are hastening their end by siding with the minorities. We can see what is happening in the upcountry today.

    If they want to delay that end at least by few more years, vote wisely – do not vote for any of these deshapaluwos.

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