Zahran Hashim trained 15 female suicide bombers – Police
Posted on February 21st, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

It has been revealed that Zahran Hashim, the ring leader behind the 2019 Easter Sunday terror attacks, had trained 15 women to become suicide bombers.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana stated that the information was revealed during the interrogation of the girl who was arrested by the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) recently.

The 24-year-old Mohamed Ibrahim Saheeda was arrested at Hingula in Mawanella on Friday (February 19) over her close links to Easter Sunday bombers.

She was identified as the sister of Mohamed Ibrahim Sadeek Abdul Haq and Mohamed Ibrahim Shaheed Abdul Haq – the main suspects in the Buddha statue vandalism incident in Mawanella. The duo, who was arrested in Gampola a week after the carnage, are still in remand custody.

Their sister, Saheeda was also taken into custody and interrogated at the time, however, she was arrested again on Friday while she was out on bail.

Saheeda has divulged that she had attended lectures on extremism conducted by Zahran Hashim at Kattankudy back in 2018.

It has been further revealed that 5 of the 15 women were killed in the explosion in Sainthamaruthu following the Easter attack.

The remaining bombers are currently imprisoned or under the custody of the TID, said DIG Ajith Rohana.

During the interrogation of the Terrorism Investigation Division, it was revealed that about 15 women had participated in the classes conducted by Zahran Hashim in December 2018.

Five of these women were killed in a suicide bombing in the Saindamardu area. Three other women have been remanded. In addition, 7 other women including the woman arrested the day before yesterday are currently in the custody of the Terrorism Investigation Division.

It has been revealed that the women had taken the ‘Bayat’ oath [oath of allegiance] after attending the classes by the criminal named Zahran Hashim. The ‘Bayat’ oath states that they will be prepared to carry out a suicide attack at any given moment.”

The 15 women who had pledged to commit suicide in the name of religion are as follows:

Five women who died in Sainthamaruthu explosion:
01. Abdula Sathar Sitti Umma (Zahran’s mother)
02. Mohamed Qasim Hidaya (One of Zahran’s sisters)
03. Adam Lebbe Fatima (Mohamed Zaini’s wife)
04. Mohamed Nashat Fatima Nafna (Mohamed Rilwan’s wife)
05. Feroza (Asad’s wife)

Three women who are in remand custody:
01. Mohamed Qasim Madaniya (One of Zahran’s sisters)
02. Mohamed Paleel Fatima Zahida (Sadiq’s wife)
03. Mohamed Ahmadullah Fatima Justa (Mohamed Milhan’s wife)

Seven others who are currently in TID’s custody under detention orders:
01. Uduma Lebbe Farizana, aged 45 years (Gafoor’s wife)
02. Mummadu Hanifa Fatima Nusra, aged 25 years (Wife of one of Zahran’s close relatives)
03. Mohamed Salih Jafadiya, aged 56 years (Milhan’s mother-in-law)
04. Abdul Rauf Fatima Zara, aged 22 years (Daughter of Darul Adar Mosque chairman Rauf)
05. Abdul Kuddasi Sitti Satuna, aged 44 years (Wife of Darul Adar Mosque chairman Rauf)
06. Seiyadu Ahmadu Asmiya
07. Mohamed Ibrahim Saheeda, aged 24 years (Sister of Mohamed Ibrahim)

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