Posted on September 6th, 2021


It would be clear by now for the readers that a few countries including India and their agents are involved in a misinformation campaign to bring unwanted fear into the minds of the Sri Lankan public by spreading false news about food shortages.

The agencies such as Gravitas, DW Germany and Al Jazeera, etc depicted long queues of people at food stores and were discussing the apparent shortfall in the foreign exchange earnings of the country by relating it to food shortage and food emergency!

There were screenshots of sugar bags confiscated and the commentary was on food emergency. But never mentioned the unscrupulous practices of the hoarders and why the Government had to use emergency powers to ensure supplies at the approved prices.

Sumanthiran, MP was interviewed, and he was given an opportunity by Al Jazeera to appear as the bird of ill omen who poured his venom on the President’s executive powers by converting it to the well-known narrative of anti-GR government agenda.

There was hardly any connection of Sumanthiran’s diatribe to the subject in question. One media outlet even attempted to connect

their imaginary food emergency to the SL Government’s decision to ban the toxic fertilizer imports!

While there were comments on the food shortages in Sri Lanka some were even discussing Chinese debt traps!

But, they never ventured to get the viewpoint of the Government which they do with other international issues.

Their sole effort is to continue bashing the GR government, the agenda which these sources have set in motion after their favorite Yahapalanya government lost power. On the part of the Government, it is necessary to be aware of the nasty agenda and to be proactive in presenting to the public all the beneficial steps and decisions taken for the progress of the country.


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