EU has been aiding and abetting terrorism and providing breeding grounds for terrorists
Posted on May 22nd, 2009

Ben Silva UK

The truth as given below has to be told to the world. It is the responsibility of our Diplomats to pass on the message. It is rather sad that our diplomats have failed to communicate the truth to the world, and have allowed LTTE propaganda to win. However I also realise that it is impossible to communicate, if one party is not prepared to listen, as may be the case with EU countries.

The fact that LTTE was on a mission to create a Tamil racist empire, with partnership with Indian Tamil racists such as Vaiko, has never been conveyed to the world. Now the truth is that even Tamil Nadu politicians like Karunanidi and Jyalalitha openly support division of Sri Lanka, to create a racist Tami state, in addition to the Tamil state, Tamil Nadu in South India. This in short, is racist Tamil empire building, similar to the actions of Hitler.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ It has not been conveyed to the world, that the whole of Sri Lanka was the home land of the Sinhalese and that they have been ethnically cleaned by LTTE. It is most unfair to steal the only homeland of the Sinhalese, when Tamils already have a homeland of their own. Few countries have faced terrorism so severely as Sri Lanka and orphans, disabled persons, blind persons were created in Sri Lanka, thanks to EU indirectly funding terrorism. It is a shame that EU tried to give a lifeline to the deadliest terror group in the world under various pretexts.

LTTE have carried out an orgy of violence and mindless killings and yet EU wanted to give a life line to the terrorists by calling for a ceasefire. It is rather sad that EU has lost its sense of values and morality and kept defending the terrorists and hounded the victim Sri Lanka. EU should have spent its energy on persuading LTTE to give up terrorism and should have done more to curb fund raising by LTTE. EU now has the ceasefire they wanted, but without the terrorism they funded. It has to be stressed that without funding, there would have been no violence, deaths or terrorism. I believe EU has a moral obligations to compensate victims of terrorism and a compensation claim should be made against EU and Canada.

It is very odd that EU affiliated nations that killed millions in Iraq and Afghanistan, that indirectly funded the terrorist group LTTE, now attempt to preach Sri Lanka on human rights. This is very similar to pick pockets preaching morality. In my view EU should be asked to compensate the victims of terrorism.

The Sinhalese, numbering merely 14 million are the true minority that need protection, from being driven to extinction by Global Tamils, that number around 100 million. Tamils, with their superior numbers and wealth succeeded in deceiving the world, with an efficient propaganda and disinformation machine. LTTE managed to deceive gullible politicians, clergy and officials with lies and deception. LTTE managed to fool the world that the victim Sri Lanka is the villain. Unfortunately Sri Lankan diplomats have not been successful in countering LTTE propaganda.

In reality, the Sinhala peasants are perhaps the weaker party, and perhaps form the most disadvantaged group in the country, rather than the Tamils. All Sri Lankans are members of the Sri Lankan and human family and should be allowed to live in peace, without facing terror funded by foreign countries. Further , Tamil tribalism and racism should not be allowed to disturb the peace in Sri Lanka. The world should not allow Tamil racism and tribalism to destroy Sri Lanka. Every Sri Lankan should be treated with respect and dignity. It is rather sad that Western countries have lost moral values and are unable to distinguish between right and wrong.

The damage to Sri Lanka, due to Western countries turning a blind eye to terrorists will run unto billions of dollars, Western countries heavily favoured Tamils and discriminated against the Sinhalese. The discrimination against the Sinhalese is stark, clear and very visible. It is indeed, this imbalance of power, in favour of Tamils, created the whole mess in Sri Lanka. It is sad that our diplomats have not been able to put this basic fact across to the Western Nations.

Ref Prof McLean,n

ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”The thirty year war created by the Tamil Tiger Terrorist LTTE, fully supported by Tamils in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Global Tamil Diaspora et al, cost the Island of Sri Lanka billions of dollars in financial cost and trillions in Sinhala human lives. The tourism industry was crippled. Buildings, aircraft, infrastructure totally destroyed. The entire economy was depleted of its resources simply to defend the human lives in Sri Lanka.’ All of the above, thanks to Western countries turning a blind eye to terrorist fund raising and favouring Tamils.

In a nutshell, LTTE carried out indiscriminate killing of innocent people, politicians, Government employees, security officials, cold blooded killing of babies, pregnant women, Buddhist priests, Buddhist and Muslim worshippers, pilgrims etc. Western countries need to realise that LTTE is responsible for over 70000 deaths, far more deaths than 9/11, and brought unimaginable misery to the 20 million people in the country for 30 years with suicide bombings, political assassinations, massacres and destruction of property and infrastructure, In fact with LTTE around no one felt safe and everyone was scared to criticize the actions of LTTE, as LTTE assassinated their opponents. Such was the ruthless and deadly nature of LTTE. For over 25 years Sri Lankans suffered in silence, with very few helping them. Sri Lankans have every right to completely eliminate racist terrorism, that terrorised them for over 25 years.

As the events showed, the war in Sri Lanka was against terrorists and not against Tamils. In a nutshell, the war in Sri Lanka was caused by a group of racists, attempting to carve out a part of Sri Lanka for a mono ethnic racist Tamil state. There is evidence that there was a plot to create a racist Tamil empire by linking part of Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu in India.

India initially, trained, funded and supported LTTE with the aim of destabilising Sri Lanka.
An investigation is required as to who funded and aided terrorism in Sri Lanka that has caused the deaths of over 70000 people and brought about untold misery and suffering to the ordinary Sri Lankan. Western countries also have heavily discriminated against the Sinhalese and favoured Tamils.

It is well known that all the sustenance and funding for the terrorist war that was unleashed in Sri Lanka over the last 30 years originated from Western countries. For this, EU led by Britain, Canada, Australia should bear responsibility.

Western countries bear responsibility for promoting terrorism in Sri Lanka and for the over 70,000 deaths in Sri Lanka. It is they who harboured terrorists and funded them. The monies raised in Western countries were laundered and these finally ended up in Sri Lanka in the form of bombs and explosives.
Western countries allowed themselves to be deceived by terrorist propaganda and did everything possible to sustain terrorism.

Claims for damages should be made from these countries as it is their officials that allowed in bogus refugees and it is those countries that turned a blind eye for terrorist fund raising.

Funds of LTTE assets, both in Sri Lanka and abroad should be claimed to compensate victims of terrorism.

It is well known that UK and Canada were/are the main breeding grounds for the LTTE terrorists.

If Sri Lanka is to avoid future race wars, then self reliance and defence, partnership with friendly countries need to be given top priority. The Sinhalese also need to change their frogs in a well mentality and recognise global threats that could affect the country.

An independent inquiry is required to determine the role of EU in funding terrorism and to seek compensation from EU for the victims of terrorism.

Ref: Finally the masks are off, Ratanapala

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  1. shaz Says:

    I am British, born and bred but I deplore the biased and ignorant journalism we are being subjected to. I apologise to all the true Sri Lankan people for the disgraceful conduct of our press and MPs. Not all MPs are tarred with the same brush but it seems little notice is taken of them, I would ask you to remember Lord Naseby and his colleagues who speak the truth and are your friends. Unfortunately they have little power against the bitter onslaught from hoodwinked and ignorant colonialists who seem to think the Government of Sri Lanka are unable to think for themselves. It is true that the Sinhalese have nowhere to run but they do not shout and scream about injustice, they get on coping with their heartbreak, their poverty and lack of opportunity because of the LTTE waging war on Sri Lanka. For it is indeed the LTTE murders who have waged war on the Sri Lankan government, not the other way round although you would never believe it. The Muslims, Sinhala and Veddha have no recognition by the bullies of the west for their suffering, and there is a concerted effort to tear Sri Lanka apart. You Sri Lankans must realise you are strategically placed in the world as a power base for many countries, this has always been your tragedy, I hope you safeguard yourselves from any country who is an adventurer wanting to use you for their own ends. Do not sell yourselves short, you are amazing.

    Little Sri Lanka you have showed the world how to do it, I morn the deaths of all true Sri Lankans whatever their ethnic race as you all do and wish you well for the future. I know when I return to visit the people I love therer, even though I am British I will be met with kindness and enormous genoristy.
    May peace now bless your land and bring prosperity to the ordinary people who have suffered so much.
    I am ashamed to be British.

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