Bob Rae… Bob who?
Posted on June 11th, 2009

Anton Perera Calgary, Alberta Canada

I am really bewildered by the Canadian Foreign Affairs press release on the Canadian Government being upset that the Opposition Member of Parliament Bob Rae was deported by Sri Lanka on security reasons. Why can’t Canada accept the fact that Bob Rae was coming to Sri Lanka to mess around with Sri Lanka’s domestic issues? Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation and is not interested in idiots coming to disturb the peace it has achieved painstakingly after long sufferings at the hands of the LTTE.

 Let Sri Lanka solve its problems on her own. She showed that she can do it without the support of the west… pardon me… rather, amidst the many road blocks created by the west against eliminating the world’s most ruthless terrorist outfit ever to exist. What was Bob Rae’s intention in coming to Sri Lanka at this time?

 What did the Canadian Government do in March 2009 (not long ago) to a British MP? The British MP George Galloway was barred from entering Canada for security reasons. Here is an excerpt from Toronto Star dated 20 March 2009:

 British MP George Galloway, seen during a 2006 visit to Toronto, has been denied entry to Canada by the Canadian Border Services Agency. Galloway has been an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq and has been criticized for alleged support of Hamas and Saddam Hussein.

 Alykhan Velshi, a spokesperson for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, said today Galloway has openly supported Hamas, classified as a terrorist group in Canada, as well as other terrorists.

 “What we are not going to do is give special treatment to someone who has bragged about providing ‘financial support’ for Hamas … and who sympathized with the Taliban terrorists who are killing Canadians overseas,” Velshi said.

 So, it’s all right for Canada to take such an action as to bar an MP from Britain because the MP concerned was supporting the Hamas and sympathized with the Taliban terrorists who are killing Canadians overseas. He is a security threat to Canada.

 Bob Rae has been openly supporting the LTTE terrorist sympathizers in Toronto. He is now denying it. Check out his Blogs and speeches published in Hansard. He’s been elected by the block votes of these LTTE sympathizers in Toronto. This is no secret to Canadians. Further, he represents Liberal Party which is the party that helped the LTTE by letting them collect millions of dollars in Canada to fund its terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.

 Sri Lanka has the same freedom to deny entry to anyone who supports the LTTE terrorists by association with LTTE sympathizers. Bob Rae is a security threat to Sri Lanka. It’s so simple.

 What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Isn’t it?

 Canada should STOP this nonsense of bullying Sri Lanka. Western powers, who are still fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, just “ENVY” Sri Lanka – the small island nation, over its recent success against terrorism. Preach what you practice, Canada.

Anton Perera
Calgary, Alberta

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Bob Rae has a mandate from Toronto Tamil Terrorist Supporters to represent them in Ontario parliement. Bob don’t forget it. No one appoint you to represent Sri Lanka’s internal matters. Bob don’t behave like a mad dog!Don’t think you guys know everything.19th century old school lessons now out dated.Change your attitudes.
    There are limits for everything.For us you are a JAFA(Just Another F. A)

    My congratulations to Immigration Department and Defense Ministry to deport this Terrorist Supporter.It’s a right of our boarder control.National Security is a priority now in Sri Lanka as other nations.

    We have lost several thousand of innocent Sri Lankans from this western backed Tamil Terrorism.Enough is Enough.Anglo Saxons please mind your own business let us live peacefully.

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