University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) Report – ‘Separate the Chaff from the Wheat’
Posted on June 16th, 2009


The defeat of the LTTE which is  a cause for universal celebration, as it uprooted the number one terrorist organisation and opened up a new era in Sri Lankan history, has been marred by certain countries, Tamil diaspora, Human Rights Activists & Organisations, various interested Institutions and so on. The latest to join the line is the University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna).
The UTHR (Jaffna) Report claims that Prabhakaran was tortured before being killed in the presence of a Tamil government politician and a General. In fact, the Tamil diaspora is disputing the fact that he got killed. According to them, he will make his first appearance again on his birthday anniversary and make his usual ‘war hero day’ speech. Again in contrast to this, the current claimant to the LTTE leadership K. Padmanathan, after whom the Interpol is, says he has attained ‘martyrdom’.
Based on the Report, if Prabhakaran was captured alive, the question asked from the UTHR (Jaffna) is how is that he did not swallow the cyanide capsule which was the ritual imposed on thousands of youngsters conscripted to the LTTE as fighters. They were made to wear it around their neck saying that it is better to take their own life than be captured by Sri Lankan soldiers. In all of Prabhakaran’s photographs published he displays the cyanide capsule but after he was killed and the body was found  the army
did not find any on his neck. This is proof that he made thousands die for his cause while he wanted to escape death and live for another day.
The Report also commented that the government forces had not said anything about Prabhakaran’s wife who had obviously got killed. If Osama Bin Laden gets killed by the US forces in the current war will they be looking for his four wives to see where they got killed?
Human Rights Activists, H.R.Organisations, the UN or the UTHR (Jaffna) did nothing during the last 30 years with regard to conscription of children mostly students as LTTE fighters. The late Anton Balasingham’s wife Adele Balasingham, an Australian citizen now living in the UK., one of the co-leaders of the LTTE who distributed cyanide capsules to children and who supported child conscription as fighters walks freely among the people today. There are so many video clips of Adele distributing cyanide capsules to conscripted children and putting them on their neck. If the so called Human Rights Activists and Organisations are genuine in what they preach they should  see that Adele Balasingham is sent first before the International Court of Justice to be tried.
They have referred to the large number of civilian deaths on the last days of fighting. Films by the UAV’s  show how artillery guns mounted on double-cabs were manouvered by these so called ‘civilians’ and how these ‘civilians’ were taking cover behind sand bags and in bunkers with arms. During that time there were several reports of LTTE fighters approaching the government zone as civilians and firing at the army.
The Report observes how dead bodies were disposed of in the No Fire Zone . Does the UTHR (Jaffna) expects the army to call the Funeral Services to perform the last rites for fighters who got killed in the war against the government?
In this connection we wish to draw the attention of the UTHR (Jaffna) to the fact that the efforts of the government were to save the civilians from the clutches of the LTTE death squads. This had been be ignored in the report.
Thus it appears that this Report is also as other Human Rights Reports based on false rumours, Tamil Website, hearsay evidence and so on and not credible but made up to demean the government and the forces. So from whatever source  these so called Human Rights Reports are introduced it is for the reader to separate the ‘chaff from the wheat’.
For nearly thirty years because of one mans ideology more than 90,000 had died and the iron fisted government with the steel determination of the armed forces uprooted terrorism from Sri Lankan soil   and now the University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) are shedding crocodile tears for him!

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