History repeats: Dayan Jayatilleka’s attempted second escape!-Re-incarnation of Harold Laski
Posted on July 15th, 2009

C. Wijeyawickrema

Re-incarnation of Harold Laski        

            Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka (DJ), identified by Carlo Fonseka, the Colombo Marxist who once counted the number of kings in the Mahavamsa who killed a father or a sibling, as Sri Lanka’s Laski (The Island, 7/15/2009) has refused to answer a set of eleven questions I sent to him on behalf of my country of birth. With his “13-A now 13-A plus later” albatross on the neck (SJVChelvanayagam strategy, not Laski’s) DJ thinks he can escape from the trap he himself got in by blaming me as a racist-Nazi. I can accept the label on behalf of my country of birth because I see the value of Sri Lanka more now since I have lived in a country of choice for the past so many decades. If the world is divided between racists and saints, then saints have an obligation to acts as saints””‚answer questions. DJ with Vartharaja tried a racist UDI and fled and received a pardon.

False information and dialectical mind

            I have accused DJ of using false data and vomiting 13-A and 13-A plus garbage to back up people like Rajitha Senaratna and APRC master Tissa Vitharana who for some reason are angry with Sri Lanka. RS confessed that he wants to think about now and not about the future! DJ’s logic for ignoring my questions is that I myself used false data about his birth mother and for calling him a “hybrid” product. I called the former president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam, a product of Muslim and Tamil parents. I called Vishaka Kumari Jayawardena, the Colombo Marxist who first introduced the phrase Sinhala chauvinists in the 1970s, a product of Sinhala-English parents and I consider my own granddaughter a hybrid product of Sinhala-Irish/Scottish parents. So I cannot give special treatment to DJ. If DJ thinks that makes me a racist then so be it. I am not in the separatist prison crated by a class of Colombo-living Christian Tamils which controlled the minds of the Christian and Buddhist Sinhala Colombo ruling families. The Sapumal Kumaraya was at least half Tamil and the last Kandyan kings were south Indian Tamils. The King Vijayabaahu, who according to the Tamil historian Neela-Kanta Sastri saved the Sinhala race from extinction had Tamil blood.

Ecotones and mixing of blood

            Because inbreeding is considered genetically bad some countries have laws prohibiting first-cousin marriages. In Sri Lanka one can marry ones maternal uncle’s daughter/son. In Karnataka there is a custom of a brother marrying his sister’s daughter. In fact SWRD’s mother was married to her uncle. I knew a family-devoted Tamil engineer who married a not so pretty looking girl because of the agreement by the girl’s to marry his sister. This is how we human animals survive. A hybrid on the other hand is like a river flowing rather than a pond with no outflow. To me a hybrid is a good idea. I am influenced in this regard by a concept I learned in ecology and human progress. An ecotone is a transition area between two adjacent but different plant communities, such as forest and grassland. It may appear on the ground as a gradual blending of the two communities across a broad area, or it may manifest itself as a sharp boundary line. The word was coined from a combination of eco (logy) plus -tone, from the Greek tonos or tension “”…” in other words, a place where ecologies are in tension. The theory is that human civilizations grew (cradles of civilization) in places where two contrasting environmental conditions met””‚Mesopotamia , where arid zone met with water, India, where mountains (Himalaya) met with river plains (Indus/Ganges), the rift valley in Africa, mountains and valleys in Central America (Incas).  I have no doubt that the seasonal temperature change with winter and summer makes some change in human brain reaction compared to uniform temperatures in a tropical island. The ecotone idea affects expats who live away from the home country. They appreciate more the value of the village they were born in Sri Lanka after decades of modern life in a western industrial concrete and tire dust.       

            If my information about his birth mother was a Tamil was false I admit my mistake. Obviously I did not see his birth certificate. But an essay attached at the end of this reply written by a person who knew about Dayan’s father before Dayan was born places DJ in a very awkward situation. I was only the messenger and DJ can now shoot the message if he so decides.  My purpose behind giving this information was that as a public figure DJ cannot claim any right to have secrecy on the matter. Am I unreasonable in thinking that may be DJ fled to India with Vartharaja Perumal because his Tamil half blinded or reinforced his dialectic?  I have nothing more to do with this unfortunate topic

Renting the womb! 

            The reason why this informant came to the picture was my own curiosity (a bad habit?) to know why DJ’s father’s day tribute has different last names for the father and the son! I had no reason to doubt the information I received because, writing on his childhood memories of his father DJ had omitted mentioning his mother, and instead mentioned about his grandmother. DJ should not have mixed the father’s day with his 13-A message. This was his just copying an American commercial idea of no significance. For example, the person who invented the Mother’s Day later quit from its ownership because daughters used to buy cards printed with a message, Mom, thank you for renting your womb” and mail it. That’s all in the name of the sacred concept of motherhood! I am fascinated by the human drama that we all play during the short time we live on this planet in this birth. The respected American film star Jack Nicolson once said a fantastic story. He grew up with his mother and his sister and only when he was about 30 years old that he came to know that the woman he thought was his sister was really his birth mother. Imagine the psychological devastation JN faced.

Father, I want to change my name

When I saw the father’s day message by Dr. DJ (The Island, 6/22/2009) it reminded me what my teenage son once told me, “father I want to change my name.” I was not happy at all but I had no choice. I told him yes, you can do it when you are 18 years old. Why would one change the last name? When the Buddhist bakery owner at Kotte heard from me that Ananda Tissa de Alwis was not a Buddhist he was shocked because the names were pure-Buddhist! Tisaranee means the noble triple gem. For those who write to change public opinion cannot have double standards. DJ used all about his father to say how MahindaR-friendly they were.  He writes about how pro-Buddhist his relatives but gets panicky when asked about his un-Buddhist approaches.

When I was working in Sri Lanka after they come to know my last name often they asked are you from Galle. It took me some time to realize why. I was recently asked about my first name too, and I promptly responded (The Island, 8/22/2008, http://www.island.lk/2008/08/22/opinion3.html I had nothing to hide.  JRJ wanted to change JR to Jeevan Raveendra or something like that, I saw in the book about him.  I thought Dayan got his mother’s last name, like now a days at least one talkative politician uses his wife’s Kandyan last name as his last name.  How do people behave and react under different life situations?  For example, G.P. Malalsekera, S. A. Wickremasinghe and P de S Kularatna had white wives. SWRD who had white private teachers waited until he found the ideal and a very pretty native woman. Ananda Coomaraswamy was married five times, each time to a European woman. The Nehru museum in Delhi does not have a single picture of Lord and Lady Mountbatten. A recent new report revealed that Rajiv G was supported by Sonia’s salary who worked as a waitress in London. There is no doubt that we have mixed blood””‚Portuguese or Dutch, Muslim and Tamil.  This kind of information did not make me think in terms of racial discrimination but how human drama operates in this world.

Difference between Vartharaja P and V. Prabakaran

When faced with some tough questions DJ in his delusional mind thinks he got me (Gotcha!).  He found Sinhala Bushists in GOSL and now a new Nazi. He is doing a Bruce Fein or a Gareth Evans (R2P man) thing.  About 100 or so documents on the public domain since 1998, not DJ’s Nazi label, that should decide if I were a racist.  Throwing mud balls at those who refuse to be prisoners to the Tamil racist paradigm was first began in the 1970s with Kumari Vishaka Jayawardena’s Marxist writings. I encourage DJ to read the Island newspaper essays by me on the Karuna paradigm (3/7/2009, 4/20/09, 5/25/09). I found that during CBK-RW times people I knew were reluctant to talk about the King Dutugamunu because Mangala Samaraweera and S.B. Dissanayaka and INGO-NGO mudalalis began distributing sudu nelum. Fortunately, the late Ven. Soma rescued Sri Lanka. Those who label others as racists cannot see that they are also racists. Vartharaja, Prabakaran and DJ are racists because they all want a separate country for Tamils in Sri Lanka which is not a reasonable request or demand. So there can be reasonable racists and unreasonable racists.

            DJ becomes an ostrich hiding his head in the sand by not answering the key questions aimed at puncturing his 13-A balloon. I do not wish to repeat all the questions again. Here are some of them presented as statements/questions.

  1. DJ was unreasonable and unprofessional diplomat-writer as if eating the ear while sitting on the horn. He should let us know if anybody in the MahindaR Administration authorized him to write about his 13-A plus plan, and end it with a sentence that it was strictly his personal view.
  2. DJ is like a chameleon. With Paskaralingam and RPremadasa he armed Prabakaran to attack IPKF. Now he is like an agent of Indian RAW.  India and RAW were so worried about China, and if India opposed Sri Lanka at the HR meeting in Geneva it would have been a disaster for India. DJ still thinks India became a saint after removing Prabakaran. DJ is in delusion. He does not want to accept the roles of Russia and China?
  3. 13-A plus will add to and not prevent separatism with world Tamils’ and Tamil nadu Tamils desire for a separate country. 13-A is a ladder to monkeys. Does DJ disagree with the fact that PCs are white elephants?
  4. If as DJ says there is a Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka, he must explain how to handle the 60% of those live outside it and the Sinhala and Muslim people.  157 out of 160 electorates (1976 census data) have a mixture of Sinhala and Tamil people.  Were Tamil police stations in the south the solution as proposed by the APRC majority report?
  5. Why the Gram Rajya method and going upward to larger spatial units based on ecology (natural boundaries, not language) is not a better solution than the 13-A path must be explained by DJ. Why empowerment of people not in DJ’s plan?
  6. Does he not accept the fact that there are corruption triangles in Sri Lanka at village level and PC and country-levels? Does he not accept the fact that three world forces work in unison to create instability in the former colonies?
  7. Does he refuse the conclusions of the Unethical conversion of Buddhists report, 2009 (page 192, paragraph 833)?
  8. Does he deny that white colonialism was based on humiliation of non-whites and this game is now becoming a return-humiliation started with the French and British foreign ministers by Sri Lanka’s defence secretary?
  9. Why do he and Rajitha Senaratne think that we should think of now and not of the future of the country? What is the hurry?

10.  Already there is a demand for a Muslim region and will be agitation for an Indian Tamil region. The late Neelan Thiruchelvam opposed the Pondicherry model as it will create a moth-eaten like Tamil homeland. What is DJ’s answer?

11.  Why DJ not think that teaching Sinhala and Tamil to all children will remove any room for Tamil separatism or discrimination?

12.  Does he deny the fact that a group of Sinhala, Tamil Muslim and Marxist Colombo black whites (coconuts – white inside, brown outside) has ruined Sri Lanka?

13.  As far as President MahindaR is concerned, he said he will consider a home-grown solution after his second election. The entire bahubootha thing by JRJ-AJ Wilson must be thrown out and a constitution based on people’s input must be created. So I do not have to follow DJ’s advice to ask any question from MahundaR. Instead DJ should think of item 1 above and respond publicly. We can even think of a Second Great Panadura Debate on the internet.

C. Wijeyawickrema


Dayan Jayathilake and his 13th Amendment Band Wagon “”…” Is this above the Presidential Authority?

Written By: Upasiri de Silva

Dayan Jayathilake the “paid” representative/employee of the people of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is beating the drum so loud in support of the 13th amendment, seems to be above the authority of the President of the country.  Dayan has forgotten that he is representing Sri Lanka at the Geneva outpost.  At this outpost he should carry the LION flag of Sri Lanka and NOT the Indian flag, as his duty is to support the wishes of the President and the people of the country.  Dayan must be not aware that the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord signed on July 29th 1987 is a “dud” agreement NOW according to the Laws of Sri Lanka.

Every one is of the opinion that Dayan is a very peculiar character, and beating his drum anyway he thinks is correct to make some noise. Once he worked for the Premadasa regime as a top adviser.  Most people are not aware that he was connected to Premadasa in a very mysterious manner from his father’s side.  After Premadasa assured him that he will not be prosecuted for his declaration of “Unilateral Independent North” with Warda Perumal, and he returned from Tamil Nadu to serve for Premadasa.  But Warda Perumal never got the same presidential pardon for the crime he committed.

I think Dayan has forgotten that his father Mr. Mervyn De Silva arranged for him to be pardon and work for (late) President Premadasa.  Most people have forgotten what Dayan did to our motherland while working as a Senior Adviser to the President Premadasa.  He became the best pal of Paskaralingam, and with him he arranged the transfer SEVEN (7) lorry loads of Arms to the LTTE, to chase away the Indian Forces. But now he barks at every one saying that without India Sri Lanka will not survive or can keep the country a Unitary State.  Is he responsible for the surrender of 600 unarmed police personnel’s to the LTTE? 

I think Dayan has forgotten how he ran from the Kanaththa Cemetery when he attended the funeral of late Brigadier (later promoted to Major General) Dencil Kobbekaduwa. I think he came to represent the late President Premadasa, but the Patriotic Sinhala youths forced him to run for his life without any cloths.  

Leave along every thing he did to make a name for him. But trying to sell the Amendment 13 to the WORLD, without the “green light” from the President is a very grave crime he committed against the people of Sri Lanka.


On 30th June 2009, President Mahinda Rajapakse addresses a meeting of the Leaders of his United Front at Temple Trees and instructed the Leaders not to discuss about the Amendment 13.  This is what he said at that meeting.  “Every body in the government says various things about the amendment 13. Now the people are getting confused as they do not know the truth. As such please do not do say anything or discuss the amendment 13. I am not going to divide this country after saving this country from a forced division by the LTTE. I shall do what is necessary at the correct time”.

When Minister Dinesh Gunawardena brought to the notice of the President that this message should be given to Prof. Tissa Vitharana, President instructed Minister D.E.W. Gunasekara to pass that message to Prof. Tissa Vitharana.

At that movement MP Wimal Weerawansa has told the President that even at the Ranawiru Ceremony held at the Parliament Grounds Prof. Tissa Vitharana discussed about the division of the country. To satisfy MP Wimal Weerawansa President has told him, that he instructed Prof. Vitharana not to discuss about the amendment 13 again”.

So the official position is no Minister, MP or any other Public Servant should discuss about this Amendment 13.  Is this applied to our Ambassador Dayan Jayathilake to express his “personal thoughts about the Amendment 13“ while holding the very important position of Ambassador?  

He may write about the Amendment 13 as his personal thoughts, after President has placed this “Ban on discussing the Amendment 13″and  most of us will not be surprised, if as Dayan write again as he  is not aware of Diplomatic Norms or Diplomatic responsibilities. 

Dayan is like a wild bull released in a China shop, as his main agenda is to fulfil his dreams of a separate Sri Lanka for the Tamils to satisfy his mother’s wishes.

As Major General Jagath Dias will be assuming duties as the Deputy High Commissioner in a few days time and as a serving Military Officer will he tolerate the antics of Dayan about his Amendment 13, as he is a very trusted officer of the General Sarath Fonseka, the Present Army commander? Can the final “gong” of Dayan’s Ambassadorial duties can be heard very soon by the anxious Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamils who opposed the Amendment 13.    

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