RCMP-Toronto footing down to deal with Pro-LTTE fronts after the successful Meeting with Peace loving citizens of Canada
Posted on December 12th, 2009

By: Kamala Chandrakurana (Ajex-Pickering Special Investigation Journalist)

The meeting with RCMP National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) and Toronto Police unit commander Director Mark Pugash and nearly 100 peace loving Canadian-Sri Lankan citizens took place on 5th December at “Party Room” at 301 Prudential DR, Scarborough. Toronto, was a “volunteer cooperation” from Canadian Citizens and “alert call” for enforcement officers to deal the Banned Terrorist organization LTTE in Canada.

This was a significant turn from Canadian-Sri Lankan citizens after 3 decades who were divided and misguided by LTTE and some Pro LTTE organizations to support and finance their terror organization in Canada. This was the result after LTTE lost its ground in Sri Lanka as well they were badly defeated by Sri Lankan Government forces. Canadian-Sri Lankan (including all race and religion) become more united and bolder enough to raise their voice against to this Terror group and be one community to stand up against to LTTE activities in Canada to ensure to bring up a peaceful and harmony young generation in Canada and whole world.

This meeting with Law enforcement authority was highlighted to give fullest support “volunteer Cooperation” with vital information about LTTE and Pro LTTE front’s network and activities in Canada as well an “alert call” for being more watchful for LTTE visitors who visit time to time.

RCMP were informed by Citizens that LTTE Visitors were targeting Tamil young generations to draw to LTTE activates in Canada by giving very violence and emotional speeches. This was same tactic use by LTTE in early 80’s in North and East of Sri Lanka to draw more young boys and girls to join their organization. The recent visit of “Nam Thamilar” (we are Tamil)movement Leader and Tamil Cine industry personality Mr.Seeman had called all youngsters as his young brothers “Thambihala” to come forward and take over the freedom Fight for Tamils aspirations to become “ƒ”¹…”Suicide Bombers”. Also he said that to kill all Sinhalese in this world to get Tamil freedom in Sri Lanka home land. He was invited by Pro-LTTE front in Canada to celebrate LTTE’s “Maveerar day” (Heroes Day). Last year they have brought Dr.Brain Seveverathna (LTTE member from Australia- who is a Sinhalese by birth and well paid by LTTE to do propaganda for their messages) has confirmed to CMR/TV (Pro-LTTE station- Bought by LTTE fund) that he too spoke to young generation in Canada about the Tamil straggle in Sri Lanka. This two invites (Terrorist) were escorted by Pon Bala who had arrange his house for their accommodation and all needful.

Mr.Eleaventhan- Ex-Parliamentarian of Sri Lanka who is presently in Canada and waiting for his asylum claim also told one of his interviews with CMR/TV that he was instructed by late Mr.Tamil Chelvam (Ex. Political wing head-LTTE) to go to Canada and talk about the Tamils freedom fight and turn more young Tamil generation as contributors to LTTE. We should not forget that two LTTE pilots who died in last attack on Colombo city were lived in Canada as well they have trained in Canadian flying school.

Interestingly, Mr.Eleaventhan was trying to get his Visit visa through Colombo Canadian Mission while he was a Member of Parliament was rejected as he was a Pro LTTE and he had direct connection with LTTE top rankers. His second appeal also rejected with same reason but he has managed to get his Visit visa through Delhi Canadian Mission. Even MR. Seeman was arrested by Tamil Nadu Police forces and face court punishments due to his LTTE connection and Pro LTTE speeches. (As LTTE is a banned terror organization in India) however his visit visa was issued by same Delhi Canadian Mission. The reason behind to issue visit visa for this notorious LTTE members should be investigated as LTTE is capable to penetrate any level of administration with their “Money power”

Mr.Eleaventhan is not qualified for his asylum claim and he is very dangerous element for Canadian society. He was referred by MR Seeman in his speech as “Appa” father of Tamil Eleam and remembers that he too closer to his Terror leader. It is shows that his direct connection to Canadian banned terror group. Through our investigation we have learned that Pickering Mr. Pon Bala and Mr.Eleaventhan are conducting pocket meeting in his house as well some of collage halls with Tamil youth saying that they are the next generation to start war against to any elements stop Tamils aspirations. It is a serious thereat to Canadian security situation. Mr. Pon Bala is a member of Canadian Tamil congress and close friend of Mr.David Poobalapillai. Both are now very keen to rescue the ship asylum seekers and find shelter to settle them in Canada as they know their origin and their connection to LTTE.

More about Pickering Mr. Pon Bala who was the main man behind the Carkham township election in 2007 where LTTE/CTC sponsor personalities were candidate and he has allocated seats accordingly not to challenge more than one person in one area to keep the Tamil vote bank safe and to ensure to bring more LTTE/CTC members in to public administration.

CMR/TV was giving fullest coverage to these 10 candidates. Our investigation reveled that CTC and Pickering Pon Bala were bring and accommodating Tamils voters from other area in order to rig the votes. Some of the CTC member’s house was occupied by more than 10 people during the election period. This information also brought to RCMP chief notice.

RCMP has noted all question raised by Ajex Canadian citizen Mr. M. Candran and they were thanked for their willingness to help Law enforcement authorities to do their job. Citizens also thanked the RCMP for their prompt action to arrest and deported Mr.Seeman who was a LTTE “brain washer” claimed that he had followers of thousand in Tamil Nadu to start Terror act in Sri Lanka. Even in that meeting hand bill printed in Tamil and English by


TEL# (416)808-7260 OR 1 800 222 TIPS

 RCMP was distributed in tamil saying “Reward offered” for any information given for LTTE or Pro-LTTE group’s activities and network in your area by paying C$2000 to C$50,000 (Tax free) money. This show RCMP is more concern to nail all LTTE activities and network in Canada.

Now more and more Canadian-Sri Lankan are joining hands to nail the COFFIN of LTTE in Canada for the shake of our younger generation.

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  1. Raj Says:

    Thank you for this article Kamala. However there are obvious grammatical and spelling errors due to rushing to get published. It is a good idea to give the ‘Toronto crime stoppers’ information. I think this information should be publicized more frequently on sites like this forum although they are available for anyone who likes to do a bit of research on the web.

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