Gen. Sarath Fonseka
Posted on December 14th, 2009

Rohana Arambewala

Mangala was the first one to assess Sarath Fonseka as not even good enough to command the Salvation Army. Now Mangala wants the man who can’t even command the Salvation Army to rule Sri Lanka. I am confused. Now SF is giving orders to Mangala as his spokesperson. I am getting more confused. According to Leader newspaper, quoting SF, it is Gotabhaya who has given orders in the last phase of the war against LTTE but I thought SF was the one who was in command until the end, according to SF’s boasting in the last few weeks. Oh! My God I am getting completely confused now. The hero is sharing everything and asking the support of Hakim, who has signed an agreement with LTTE Prabhakaran (I have photo of them together after signing the agreement) for part of Sri Lanka for Muslims. No it can’t be!! SF will not share anything with a traitor like that, would he???? I am really really and utterly and completely confused now. Day by Day SF is proving that Mangala may be right. What a Duo!!! Good luck and God Bless them.

 On the other hand SF’s wish has come true to be more popular. Now SF has become more popular not only in Sri Lanka but among the West and LTTE supporters worldwide who were trying to demean Sri Lanka and the brave forces of Sri Lanka. His denial is too late as he has repeated the similar thing on the 10 Jul in Amblangoda as per US Congressional report. 

So now according to SF, Sunday Leader has become the liar misquoting him. How come this great paper journalist got it wrong, I thought nowadays they tape every interview for this reason and hopefully SF will sue them for damages. SF now can blame Sunday Leader when he loses the election. This man will sell anyone to get what he wants, and I said that from the beginning. Good example of how greed, hatred and power can corrupt people.

 One thing is certain; this man SF is becoming very popular for the wrong reasons though!!!!!!!!

 I don’t know whose “dead rope” he swallowed to contest and become a joker in the pack. So far he has done a very good job of making sure MR will win easily. He should have enjoyed of what he achieved and spent the rest of his life with his family in happiness rather than trying to do things for the wrong reasons. Hatred towards MR, GR and family, for their “ill treatment” (which is doubtful now) that is what it is all about.

 There is one similarity I see between Ranil and SF, and that is everytime they both open their mouths, they lose more supporters.

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  1. aravinda Says:

    Time to check in to Angoda or Mulleriyawa. He needs a doctor!

  2. aravinda Says:

    Mr.Fonseka, I too went to Ananda, I really can’t believe you studied there…because @ Ananda we learned to love our country, be greatful to our benefactors and never stab our friends in the back. There are things more valuble than life, such as dignity, self respect, gratitude and principals. Did you really go to Ananda? I really can’t believe it!

  3. Nihal Fernando Says:

    If he goes to toilet and washes his hands he is not an Anandian. If he washes his hands and wipes them with a tissue he still is not an Anandian. If he does not wash and wipe his hands after a pee because his teachers had taught him not to pee on his hands then he is a true Anandian. But, as the things are happening whether he is an Anandian or whatever he will very soon wet his sarong. He is lucky that he is no more in his uniform but unfortunate enough to show his nudity, and vanity now that he has descended himself from hero to zero.

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