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Posted on August 8th, 2010

Ben Silva

OPEN LETTER to Former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu

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Dear Desmond Tutu,
Tutu gone ku ku
Sri Lankans  have suffered massively and a lot of blood spilt  due to Tamil, racist terrorist violence that produced orphans, regular blowing to pieces of innocent civilians, smashing the heads of Sinhala babies, ripping the guts of Sinhala poor pregnant women and  so on.  Media reports indicate that LTTE treated captured Soldiers badly. They  were savagely beaten and sometimes electrocuted. They crushed their  genitals, also used to put chillie powder in to their foreskin Ref: http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2010/08/08/pows-of-the-eelam-war/ . Whilst  Tamil terrorism was in full swing Tutu did not open his mouth and kept his mouth shut. Tutu also appear to ignore natural justice as he only appear to listen to the Tamil terrorist version of events. It is shocking and disgraceful that Tutu wants to be the spoke person for the Tamils that have carried out evil acts mentioned above. Tutu is shamefully hounding GOSL that defeated terrorism and brought law and order to the country. Shame on you Tutu. If we allow Tamils to run any part of Sri Lanka, the above indicates the type of treatment to expect. After all, the Tamils are credited with the destruction of the Sinhala civilization. It is shocking, disgusting and pathetic to see Tutu who fought a bitter war against white racism now supporting Tamil racism and Tamil imperialism. The Sinhalese fought for survival and the Tamils to expand  and sustain  the Chola empire. This comedian Tutu ought to read up on Tamil Nadu and the Cholas to get a better understanding of the situation in Sri Lanlka. Sri Lankans wanted the terrorists to be eliminated in what ever method to stop future loss of life .Many believe   the action of GLSL is  fully justified and there is precedence.  Tutu ought to study history to get a better understanding of wars and conflicts.  Election results show that majority approved the method used by GOSL. It is utter hypocrisy for some one who did not suffer from terrorist violence to  preach human rights to GOSL.Tutu is preaching LTTE propaganda in a coded language.

 Trade LTTE propaganda for money

  As Tutu is seeking funds for his charities, it is possible that LTTE has poured in money, in return for propaganda. Tutu has ignored the plight of the voiceless, powerless marginalized people in the world and has hardly acted against massive spending on arms and wars by Western imperialist nations, The  terrorism suffered by  Sri Lankans were more than that of South Africans under apartheid. Sri Lankans would be extremely hurt and offended if some one like Tutu attempt to rebuke GOSL for liberating Sri Lanka from terrorism. Many wonder how this once great man is so naƒÆ’†’¯ve and gullible that he has allowed himself to be deceived by LTTE propaganda.

 Mouth piece of Tamil terrorism

It is sad when one of the key players that fought off racism  has now become the mouth piece of Tamil racism and  Tamil imperialism. We  Sri Lankans opposed apartheid and white racism for the simple reason that racism is immoral. It is sad that Tutu is now unable to distinguish between right and wrong and has demonstrated lack of values and morality. As indicated by Ira, Elders  have shown a deplorable lack of knowledge and balance and based  “judgements” on minimal, biased information without any attempt at verification or consideration of the possibility that what you have been told is only one side of the story ref: http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2010/08/06/desmond-tutu-elders-rebuke-sri-lanka/ . Furher,  the elders have payed lip service to the suffering of the poor in the world ref: http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2010/08/07/how-legitimate-are-the-recommendations-of-the-%e2%80%9celders%e2%80%9d/ . Some even suspect Tutu as a potential fraudster ref: http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2010/08/04/desmond-tutu-rebukes-sri-lanka/

 Now this man  Tutu wearing a dog collar, with the  same beliefs as the terrorists (Christians), is acting as the mouth piece for Tamil racists. Some even wonder if this man Tutu, wearing a dog collar, is now  being  lead by LTTE. Tutu by attempting to rebuke Sri Lanka has shown that he is  clueless, full of ego, gas and self importance.

 Is Church the link between Tamil racist terrorism and Tutu ?

Many wonder if the church is the link between him and the terrorists and as a Christian priest he is defending Christian Tamil terrorists. It is also well known that the church supported the bogus refugee scan in Western countries.

If he continues to be the mouth piece for terrorists, many may think  that he is a fraudster and a  silly old senile fool, well past his sell by date. If that happens it is indeed sad. He should not irritate Sri Lankans, who suffered for over 30 years due to Tamil racist terrorism,  by being sympathetic to Tamil racists.

If he finds it difficult to oppose Tamil racism, to keep his dignity, or what is left of it,  then at least he should not get involved in controversial issues.

Best wishes to rev. Tutu and hope  he is able to see the truth and stop being misled by some advisers. To do a reality check, Tutu ought to read the responses in  reference [3]

May God help him see the light and  help him to see the truth.


Ben Silva


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