STOP! Trying to Stop Tamil Boats & Tamil People!
Posted on August 22nd, 2010

Prof. Hudson McLean

What Paranoia! STOP! Trying to Stop Tamil Boats & Tamil People leaving Sri Lanka!

Let the Tamil People flee in their Trains & Boats & Planes, to where ever they wish to head.

Australia and Canada have adequate resources to prevent immigration or facilities and funds to adopt new immigrants.

The US$50,000 Factor.
It is now comfortably established that the near 500 Tamils on MV Sun Sea paid US$ 50,000 given a few thousand or two less, for the “ride”.

It is assumed that the funds came from Tamil expats, Diaspora or indeed from the coffers of LTTE.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Most certainly, the funds awarded to the Tamil passengers were not “gratis”.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Most likely, each passenger would have to pay-back the “loan” for the rest of his/her life.

How will they “earn” the repayment during a ten year period with compound interest?
The loan sharks will write the “hymn sheet”, and the passengers, whether they get the rights to refugee status or not, will be forced to payback. Drug running, prostitution, and other illegal activities will be the Agenda.

Happy are those Canadian businessmen who will get slave labour into theirƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  oil, fisheries and other high-labour intensive industries, through Tamil middlemen and pimps.

A few parliamentarians will benefit and get the additional vote, arranged by the middlemen and their legal counsel.

And after a few years like Tamil-Canadian lawyer Luxmi Vasan who arrived as a refugee at Toronto’s airport in 1991 with her year-old son, those Tamil “refugees” will return to Jaffna, as prosperous tourists with their newly acquired wealth.

I fail to comprehend why certail contributors in LankaWeb are hell-bent on getting back all these Tamils who are so desperate to leave Sri Lanka.

Why have the additional financial burden of another 1000 Tamils who hate the Sinhala people and their government, bring them back and water-down current resources to re-habilitate them?

Australians and Canadians are fully aware of the existence of Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, Australians and Canadians know the differences between their European based culture and civilisation, and that of Tamil Nadu.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  The last country the Sri Lankan Tamils wish to emigrate to, is Tamil Nadu. And we all know why!

As a small island, the Sri Lankan population is growing. The country is far from giving a decent standard of living to the low-end, or boast full-employment.

Under these conditions why create additional problems of moaning, groaning ex-LTTE Tamils?ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  These so called ex-LTTE Tamils should be allowed to take all their excess baggage, suicide-jackets, rocket launchers and Dosai pans, and settle down in any country on earth.

Instead of pouring hard earned money into a bottomless Tamil pot, invest that into Sri Lankan infrastructure, create better facilities for those war-veterans who gave an arm and a leg to defend the great country.

Let President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his team continue their magnificient development of infrastructure, with a strong defense umbrella, and keep unwanted “rif-raf” out.

On a different note-: KP should be kept in! Anyone who trusts him, needs his/her head tested!

And the the Patriotic Sri Lankans should STOP! Trying to Stop Tamil Boats & Tamil People leaving Sri Lanka voluntaily!

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12 Responses to “STOP! Trying to Stop Tamil Boats & Tamil People!”

  1. marat2010 Says:

    Those trying to flee are either con artiststs or criminals. Hence let simple humanatarians of the West take care of these people

  2. gdesilva Says:

    Barely a year ago the entire western world was crying out loud to save the ‘Blood Bath’. ‘Massacre on the Beach’ etc. They were showing their true compassionate nature to save the Tamil Tigers who were discriminated by the Sinhalese Chauvinist Government. Well, now they have the opportunity to show their compassion in deed not just in words. Open your doors immediately and let the Tamil Tigers in! You have the unique opportunity to save a species (aka Tamil Tigers) threatened with extinction – let them breed in your own soil!!

  3. anura seneviratna Says:

    Let even all the Tamils leave Heladiva (SL), which will be all the better for the tiny island country burdened with over population and threat of invasion by them with the support of Tamil Nadu the Tamil Country. It is folly, naivety and the subservient nature of SOME Helas/Sinhelas (SL’s) paying attention to things that be ignored.
    Many forget that there are many Tamil Nadians in these boats going places pretending to be from Heladiva (SL).

    Indeed, Prof H.M, KP must be kept in and anyone trusts this element his head MUST be examined!

  4. Raj Says:

    Well, what about the threat of regrouping and restarting the ‘armed struggle’. I think that that is what the front organization wants.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Anyone going for a better life should not be discouraged. After all what extent can we stop them if they REALLY want to go? If the Ceylon Tamil community is 1.3 in SL + 1.5 abroad = 2.6 million, half of every Ceylon Tamil’s relatives are abroad, on average. So it is natural they go to live with their relatives. Lesser number of Ceylon Tamils in SL means less support for Tamil Elam political parties. Less trouble.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    1.3 instead of 1.5 above.

  7. emdee Says:

    My hats off to Prof.Hudson McLean,right on Sir.Canada,USA,Australia New Zealand,The UK and the rest of EU lead
    by Norway should keep their promise of saving the Tigers from “extermination” and take them all in so that these
    masses could contribute in cheap labour to keep their economies stable and also rid of SL of traitors at the same
    time.The problem is ,once they obtain their foreign passports they feel so proud to retern to SL to show off !! If you take a flight to Colombo any time,you can be sure that ninety percent of the passengers are Tamils,waving
    foreighn passports.At SL Consulates ,most applicants for SL passports are Tamils for dual nationality.Ring a bell??
    Discriminated !! My foot. It’s time the Sinhala wake up and not be kavun kana Modayas.Tigers have eelams all over
    the world but the Sinhayas have only SL remember that.Let’s be vigilent.

  8. Nanda Says:

    I agree prof, fully agree. In fact Sri Lanka ministry of imm/emm must provide assistance to people who are willing to leave. They must allow private enterprises to run a fleet of boats with proper facilities to enter competition with people smugglers. Every human being has a right to live anywhere in the world and the government has no right to stop them leaving as they do not like to live there. This is all about human rights!

  9. cassandra Says:

    It is certainly an interesting – if unusual – attitude to take, to not be ‘worried’ about the efforts of the so called Tamil refugees seeking entry to Canada and to say, in effect, ‘good riddance of bad rubbish’. But that, I think, is to take a myopic view of the matter.

    There are a whole of other aspects that we need to consider. The first of these is the fact that these so called political refugees (or at any rate, most of them) are not political refugees at all – merely, economic refugees seeking a better life in Canada. That anyone should want a better life is understandable, no-one should grudge that, but when people resort to fraud and dishonesty to achieve that, it is an altogether different thing.

    If these people are not genuine political refugees, they are ‘queue jumpers’. If they could have established their cases other than as refugees, they should have used the normal route of seeking entry to Canada – the usual process of an application lodged with the Canadian High Commission and the other procedures that then follow. By going directly in a boat, these people are effectively circumventing these procedures. And that is manifestly unfair by hundreds of people who seek entry to Canada through the usual, established procedure which can be very demanding and takes a long time to complete. The ‘boat people’ get away without having to provide police clearances, undergo health checks, provide proof of employability and the need to satisfy all the other tests that a would be migrant has to meet.

    These people also bring Sri Lanka’s good name into disrepute. The basis of seeking refugee status is maltreatment in the country you are fleeing. That means that you have a well founded fear that if you continued to live in that country, you will be, or are liable to be, killed or tortured or unfairly victimised. So, in seeking refugee status, what these people are saying is that the SL government will unfairly target them. This, of course, is not the case.

    Then, some of these people are hardcore LTTE supporters. It is not unlikely they will continue in their evil ways
    even in Canada. Some, at least, of these people will have been financed by the LTTE and/or its supporters. They will have a debt to pay and an obligation to fulfil for enabling them to get across to Canada.

    We might consider that it is a blessing every time an LTTE supporter leaves Sri Lanka and say, ‘Thank God, he is out of the country’. But every time that happens it could also be a curse because of the ability of that person to continue to engage in LTTE activities with even greater freedom than he could have done back home. He will also earn more money abroad and be able to contribute more generously to the LTTE cause. These people will also strengthen the anti Sri Lankan lobby abroad. The 490 odd passengers on the ‘Sun Sea’ are potentially 490 odd additional heads to take part in protest meetings and marches and to lobby the Canadian government to take unfriendly actions against Sri Lanka.

    So, for all of the above reasons (and I imagine there are others) we should rightly be concerned with the efforts of the recent boatload of Tamils seeking refugee status in Canada. If nothing else, the fraud and deceit that are involved should be sufficient reasons for us to be unhappy.

  10. S de Silva Says:

    Further to the downside of Tamils seeking asylum as pointed out by Cassandra there is always the implication in the simple minds of the West that Tamils are seeking asylum because (a) they have been denied a separate state in their ‘historical homeland’ and that they are (b) discriminated against as a matter of current government policy. The first is a bogus claim based on concocted history and the second too is a bogus claim to attract sympathy from the bleeding hearts in the West. It has to repeatedly knocked in through the media that the SEPARATE homeland for Tamils (if they so want one) is the State of Tamil Nadu in India and not in SL or some other country. It has to and can only be the place of origin of their Dravidian race or Dravidastan. No different to Scotland being the homeland of the Scots, which Miliband does not seem to appreciate! The moan on ‘discrimination’ is really to do with ‘Loss of Privilege’ by the Tamils at the end of the British Rule. This loss of privilege by the Tamils is cunningly packaged by Racist Tamil Propaganda with the endless LTTE funds available to look like loss of basic human rights, to gain the sympathy of the gullible West – since no one will listen to Tamil screams that they have lost privilege! ! – S de Silva – London

  11. emdee Says:

    Sir, S de Silva ,thank you for your precise analisys of the true aspect of Tamil ” grievences “. As I’ve stated in these collumns before,we as cityzens of the world feel discriminated at some time or other because there is always someone who is stronger,smater,fairer,belonging to a powerful lobby group,ethnic or nationality group, when seeking admittance to a College,looking for a place in a cricket or any other sport team,irrespective of ones qualifications or achivements.That’s the way life is for all not only for “Tamils”.Tamils are first “discrminated by the higher caste Tamils for a start.The Sinhala population are the most tolarent of all,compaired to other nations where
    the Tamils live in numbers,eg; Indonesia ,Malysia,South Africa etc;etc; Tamil Nadu is the worst place a Tamil to be in,so they hijacked their “bogus “cause of ” discrimination”scapegoating SL,who have given them the best deal in history of all inspite of the Brits giving them jobs over the Sinhalese during their dirty rule as coloniel masters.

  12. Keppetipola Says:

    Agreed with professor. This probably is not the nicest way to say it, but if the western countries are looking for ways to get into trouble, this is their opportunity. Let them feel what we felt for the last 3 decades. Some people do not realize the reality until it happens to them. If they are willing and asking for pain and suffering they should get that opportunity. The only bad thing is that some of these fleeing people can be very useful for the development of our country. They are educated, experienced, but mis-informed by the tamil dispora.

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