Tamils Duped Sri Lanka Too!
Posted on August 24th, 2010

– Kumar Moses

At last Canada realized that Canadians have been duped by Tamils with their bad luck stories. How familiar? http://www.torontosun.com/comment/editorial/2010/08/21/15098871.html

 Sri Lankans, however, are still grappling with Tamils’ duping them for close to a century with absurd allegations, sadistic nonsense, racist rubbish and usual bad luck stories. Yet Sri Lankan leaders don’t have the courage to openly denounce Tamil-only grievances, Tamil-only aspirations and Tamil-only homelands decisively. All these excuses were used to indulge in racist politics as in Tamil Nadu and rob others’ fair share of parliamentary representation, university opportunities, government jobs and what not.

 At the 2010 General Election held under peaceful conditions, Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) – a Tamil race based party by definition – obtained a mere 233,190 votes but won 14 seats. However, all other parties that won seats received 7,644,696 votes but were allocated only 211 seats. In other words, Tamil race-based ITAK could win a seat with just 16,656 votes whereas the other parties toiled with 36,230 votes to win a seat! While Tamil racist political parties win seats more than twice easily than other parties, they misuse this apartheid privilege to promote Tamil racism – Tamil grievances, Tamil homelands, Tamil aspirations and Tamil Elam.

 However the tragedy of Sri Lanka doesn’t end there. The very same disparity is observed in university admissions too. Although Sri Lankan Tamils were 12.5% of the population in 1981, their percentage in taxpayer funded universities exceed 35% in medicine, engineering, computer science, quantity surveying, etc. On the other hand, money to run the universities and governance structures including the parliament is taxpayer-funded and tax is collected uniformly across all ethnic communities. Why do the poor Sinhalese, Muslims and Upcountry Tamils have to put up with a disproportionate tax burden which is of no benefit to them? This is daylight robbery.

 The most ludicrous Tamil bogus claim that duped a sizable number of Sri Lankans and the world is their claim of Tamil traditional homelands within the island of Sri Lanka. Tamil homeland is none other than Tamil Nadu – India where everything Tamil is born and where over 80% of world Tamil population reside. Tamil is the only community in the world that has claimed two traditional homelands so far – one in India and the other in Sri Lanka.

 Although Tamils live in almost every country, they don’t let persons of any other ethnicity live in Tamil majority areas. Tamil Nadu is the least diverse state of India with over 96% being Tamils. Same goes for Jaffna, Mulaitivu, Kilinochchi, Mannar, Vavuniya and Batticaloa districts of Sri Lanka where previous Sinhala and Muslim habitants were killed and chased away completely. Today the Tamil percentage of these districts range from 90%-100%. However, the Tamil population in Sinhala majority areas have shot up drastically in the past few decades. When Tamils settle in Colombo it is called exercising their right to live in any part of Sri Lanka but when a Sinhalese think of settling down in Jaffna or Vanni or Trincomlaee or Ampara or Batticaloa it is called colonization!

 Tamils have businesses in all 25 districts of Sri Lanka but Sinhalas and Muslims are prevented from doing business in Tamil majority districts.

 Tamils are in every taxpayer funded university of the country but Sinhalas are prevented from going to the Jaffna university, which is, ironically, funded mostly by Sinhala taxpayers.

 Since 1923 Tamils continuously followed ultra racist political policies in Sri Lanka with race-based political parties including All Ceylon Tamil League, All Ceylon Tamil Congress, Illankai Tamil Arse Kachchi, Tamil United Liberation Front, Tamil National Alliance, etc., but blame the Sinhalese for racism and chauvinism! For the information of who make this hilarious allegation, there was only one Sinhala race-based party that won a seat in an elections since 1947 whereas Tamil racist parties always won the majority Tamil vote in the North and the East. And in Tamil Nadu, India too. Tamil Nadu, India and North and East of Sri Lanka account for over 41 Tamil/Dravida racist political parties. It is a world record for any ethnic community.

 That’s not all. When Tamil Tigers killed thousands of unarmed mainly Sinhala civilians hundreds of kilometres from the battle zone for no reason, it was not at all a crime, according to Tamils. However, when Tamil Tigers, unable to face the army, trapped and killed Tamil civilians to get world attention, it was called war crimes and blamed on the government!

 Tamils have shown their extreme ungratefulness to all nations and political parties. During 1970-77 the government imposed strict exchange control and encouraged local agricultural produce. The main beneficiaries of this were Tamils. In addition, illegal trade between Tamil Nadu and Jaffna while import restrictions were imposed elsewhere made Tamils very rich. However how did they say thank you? By further going down to Tamil racist politics. In 1976 an ultra racist resolution was passed (and later put into action) to wipe out the entire Sinhala and Muslim populations from the North.

 From 2001-04 the UNP government did yeoman service to Tamils in the North and East by bringing a temporary peace to these areas at a grave risk of losing support elsewhere. How did the Tamils say thank you? By not voting for the UNP in both 2004 and 2005! Rajapakshas are yet to learn this lesson. When they eventually learn it, things would be beyond repair. If the Northern Provincial Council election is held, the government will know for sure that they have been pouring money on a black hole. North and East development must take place. There is no doubt about that. However, North-East development must be tied to ethnic integration. With development, the population composition of the North and the East must be changed from present day Tamil only to multiethnic. If northern development benefits only Tamils and not others, ultimately there will not be any gain for the nation.

 As a matter of priority, the government must adopt a fast-track ethnic integration scheme based on creating new multiethnic settlements in the North backed by the military stationed there. The north must become multiethnic at the same pace it develops. Otherwise we are again going to see what happened during the British time, Sirima Bandaranaike’s time and Ranil Wickramasinghe’s time. Development without ethnic integration in the North breeds Tamil racism.

 An essential proviso must be added to the above. The word “ƒ”¹…”Tamil’ was used not to categorise all Tamils. As any other community, the Tamil community too has more good people than bad. The word “ƒ”¹…”Tamil’ was used to identify only those Tamils who use “ƒ”¹…”Tamilness’, Tamil and “ƒ”¹…”being Tamil’ to extort favours from others. A rule of thumb to differentiate Tamil racists and good Tamils is their attitude towards Sinhala settlements in the North. If a Tamil opposes Sinhala settlements in the North for whatever reason, he is a Tamil racist. Similarly if a Sinhalese opposes Sri Lankan Tamils settling in the South, he is a Sinhala racist. It is a simple test that works perfectly. It is a foolproof test of commitment to peace and ethnic harmony.

 Canadians came to know how Tamil racist elements duped them with bad luck stories and fairy tales from hell. When will Sri Lanka learn?

12 Responses to “Tamils Duped Sri Lanka Too!”

  1. Kamal Says:

    How should we identify a citizen in Sri Lanka?
    A Sri Lankan I suppose, not a Tamil or a Sinhalese. When we are out of the country we call ourself Sri Lankans. Why do we call some Tamils? That is racist. It should be banned. It should be emphasised in a new constitution. It should be made a punishable offence.
    Raj was divided by the British as India and Pakistan on the basis of a religion, has it done any good? No. They have been fighting ever since.
    Europeans created a union to stop the fighting among them selves, and there has been no fighting since though they do not agree on every thing. Association’s make people work together, to appreciate the differences and accommodate.
    We should learn to do away with Tamil that, Tamil this, Buddhist this, Catholic that and so on. Any identification of race and religion makes people alienate, and should be prohibited by way of constitution. Why cannot we think as Sri Lankans?

    Please think as one people. We all make mistakes, we have to learn to forgive and forget.
    We have differences, learn to accommodate and live with each other.
    Remember one’s freedom ends where the other’s nose begins.

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    No one can ban Tamils calling themselves Tamils. Sri Lanka cannot do anything about this. They come under British, Canandian, US, etc. laws, not Sri Lankan law.

    It is their free choice. Most Tamils of various origins (Sri Lankan, Indian, Malaysian, etc.) all identify as Tamils. There was a great Tamil country in the past ruled supremely by the Pandyans, Cholas and Cheras. They were not under anyone and the country was the Tamil country. No one can erase this from the memory of Tamils. No one has the right to do that because it will be seen as anti-Tamil by the Tamils.

    The only way to forge a Sri Lankan identiy within Sri Lanka is by creating multiethnic settlements in the North to such an extent that the seperate Tamil identity will automatically collapse. Until that is done they will continue to identify themselves as Tamils in and out of Sri Lanka, vote for Tamil-only political parties, talk of Tamil grievances and Tamil aspirations only.

    Its their free choice and we must respect it.

    But we have to forge a Sri Lankan identity first within Sri Lanka that will include all people by eliminating Tamil monoethnic existence which is the root cause of the seperate Tamil identity.

    Do them a favour by creating Sinhala and Muslim settlements in the Tamil-Only north. At first some will resist but as time goes by it will create a Sri Lankan identity among all the people in the North. Army, navy, air force, AK-47s cannot do this. Political solutions also cannot do this.

    Why don’t Tamils in Colombo ask for Tamil Elam and vote for Tamil political parties?

    Because they live in multiethnic societies. Apply the same thing in the north and we have solved the problem as far as Sri Lanka is concerned. We cannot solve the problems of 100 million Tamils. We are only 20 million. How can we solve the problems of a population 5 times our size? Let them watch Tamil Nadu films, read Tamil nationalist poems, get excited about Tamil nationalism, etc. We cannot stop that. But lets make SL a multiethnic nation in every district so that anyone can have Tamil Elam anywhere except in SL.

  3. Raj Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo and Kumar in that SL must be a true multiethnic place everywhere in the country. Sinhalas must be encouraged to move to North and East and Tamils to Southern parts, not just Colombo. I like to go even further to say that interracial marriages should be encouraged as well. The teledrama productions in romance should include all races.

  4. Konnapu Bandara Says:

    Any Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, or that matter a Sinhala not considering him/herself to be a Sri Lankan patriot should bugger off from our fair isle. Go create your virtual/transnational/mythical/pie-in-the-sky eelams in some other place and leave us alone.


  5. deshapaluwa Says:

    MD, whats up with SLDF, multipolar is running wild. Please return to SLDF and resurrect it.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Obviously Tamils in Lanka are well looked after. Why don’t the Tamil Diaspora abroad look after the needy Tamils in Tamil Nadu ? According to Net statistics, there are some 5 Million Tamil Dalits (Untouchable origin) in Tamil Nadu. It is time to help these needy Tamils in Tamil Nadu in an organised way, and the Tamil Diaspora now have enough money experience to do so., and do it in a Democratic way. Lanka is paying too heavy a price, in wealth & reputation, helping needy Tamils.

  7. Raju Says:

    Excellent write up.

    Sadly Tamil racism, extremism and chauvinism driven violence is seen as “moderation”.

  8. Raju Says:

    Our politicians must stop this Tamil appeasement for it never works and only strengthens Tamil racism and chauvinism as unlike other communities the Tamil one is sadly ungrateful and believes in deceit as a way forward -emigration to Canada is an example of such behaviour. Its all take take take.

    As a matter of policy all areas/districts/provinces must be multi-ethnic and resource allocation + development perhaps should be focused on this basis as a criteria. Laws must be passed to ensure no ethnic enclaves.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Every District in Lanka ought to be Multi Ethnic. Any suggestions as to how this can be achieved in a pleasant way ?

  10. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Answering Fran Diaz’s question is simple.
    Usher in true democracy by ensuring that all citizens have equal rights to land ownership, education and employment. This could happen only when we have a Govt that has the guts to get rid of archaic racist laws such as the (a) Thesavalam law in the North, imposed on us by the colonial masters, which prohibits the sale of tamil owned land to a non-tamil; (b) allowing sinhala and muslim peasants living outside tea estates to apply for employment on those estates, controlled by Indian Tamil labour unions which restricts employment to estate born children and (c) allow people to obtain their education in their preferred language, rather than forcing them to learn in their mother tongue, in this day and age when there are so many mixed marriages taking place between tamils, muslims, burgers and sinhalese.

  11. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sri Lankan constitution amended to accomodate TAMIL as the official language too. But what is happening in the offices or Police stations? A Tamil still cannot get a reply in Tamil in many parts of the Island. The language politics is a profitable business to Politicians of both sides!

    S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake made Sinhala as the official language and the sub-clause of the same law dictates “EVERY CORRESPONDENCE MUST CONTAIN A TAMIL TRANSLATION”. Why cannot our politicians implement tha clauses of the constitution. If any one has doubt, check the Official Language Act of 1956!

    Whose responsibility to implement the laws? Who are the people have the responsiblity for the implementation of the clauses in the constitution? Tamil politicians or Sinhala politicians? Come on guys!

    Why cannot the Sinhala politicians not prepared to scrap the laws introduced by Dutch and English? Cant they do it in Parliament? Who is blocking it?

    After the independence power is always at the hands of the Sinhalese who are not interested in implementing tthe said laws to stop these RACIAL divide!

  12. Sajith Says:

    Here again I agree with Mudali. Although he pretends to be cranky he is not. Why can’t the 146 people in parliament at lest now change the 1956 mistake and other bad laws? They want it there. How can we solve problems like this. This is a continuing insult to Tamils and Sinhalese.

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