Cardinal Declaration (Warning ?)
Posted on November 16th, 2010

– Dishreatned Sinhala Buddhists –

The statement made by recently appointed Cardinal Malcolm R. at the LLRC, against we Sinhalese and Buddhists, is extremely INDECENT, DEROGATORY, FALSE & PROVOCATIVE.

 We know it had been parroted by you according to the instruction by your Western Masters, the Bastion of the Western Capitalism the Vatican and the LTTE who would have even funded the Vatican to do so. You are simply continuing the 1505 Portuguese Crusade that came with Sward and Gun and now in Saints clothes.

 Therefore, without going in to all the details, please withdraw and make a public apology immediately before we expose all your and Catholic Church’s allegiance, hidden agendas and conspiracy activities along with LTTE and Western masters, against we Sinhalese and specially Sinhala Buddhists.

 Please do not take for granted the peaceful tolerance of we Buddhists to a weakness !

3 Responses to “Cardinal Declaration (Warning ?)”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Time to speak up against popular Malcom bashing.

  2. cassandra Says:


    Hi. You may have missed my recent response (15th November) under ‘The Catholic Church and Politics’. I have dealt with the issues there and don’t feel the need to repeat myself.


  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    HINDU Tamils who form the majority Tamil community in Lanka should protest this statement by Rev.Malcolm Ranjit. They should not wait on the sidelines while statements are made which may affect their community adversely. ALL Peace Loving Citizens of Lanka should request Rev. Malcom Ranjit to withdraw his statement.

    Recall 1983 Riots, when some 300 HINDU Tamil people & some Sinhala BUDDHISTS died. Who gained from these Riots ??? !!!

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