Distorting SL history to suite a narrow and racist agenda
Posted on February 4th, 2011


On Feb. 04, 2011

I first heard of this person Jayam Rutnam when he was promoting the Tamil IMHO – the new front for the Tamil Tigers or the LTTE terrorists in the United States. Now he is on a crusade to distort the history of Sri Lanka to fit to his narrow agenda on the 63rd anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence. We are researching intelligence as to how the US-based LTTE operatives are involved with Rutnam. Meanwhile, I urge caution on the part of the Sri Lankan community when dealing with such disingenuous individuals who pose as innocent messengers when in fact have a much darker agenda under the covers.

I looked up this name Chelvanayagam and his affairs in Sri Lanka. Lo and behold, he is a (or the) founding father of the Tamil separatist movement!!! That same separatist movement gave rise to the LTTE – the world’s most brutal terrorist organization.

Quote from my research: Having failed in their unreasonable attempt to dominate the political arena in Sri Lanka, one section of the Tamil elite formed the first quasi-separatist political party in 1949 (one year after independence) it was called (in Tamil) “Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi” (Ceylon Tamil State Party) which they misnamed ‘Federal Party’ for the purpose of their real intentions, viz., separation. S.J.V. Chelvanayagam, an elite-Christian, Tamil lawyer was its founder leader. Having failed to dominate the political scenario in the country, the ‘Federal Party’ s express purpose was to work towards the establishment of a separate Tamil State within the so-called ‘Tamil Homeland’ in the North and East. This was the sequel to the loss of colonial privileges to this elite group of Tamils.

Same Chelvanayagam in action: “This party was formed by SJV Chelvanayagam on December 19, 1949 at the Railway Union office in Maradana, Colombo with some hubristic Tamil leaders who shared his separatists thinking. This effectively was a few months after the formation of the first independent Government of Ceylon under D. S. Senanayake ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚¦ Deeds and sayings of SJVC during this time made it amply clear that his real intention, right from the time of independence, was not peaceful cohabitation with the majority Sinhalese but separatism by some means or the other.”

Gentlemen, let us not miss the true intentions here: a separate Tamil state is nothing but a racist entity achieved by ethnic cleansing (and in the LTTE’s case, terrorism). The same was proposed and almost achieved by Germany’s Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany that led to concentration camps and the holocaust.

As a passing comment I would like to ask Jayam: there are many Sinhalese living in Britain and America. Why can’t they get the US or British national anthem sung in Sinhala? Why should they not fight for a 50-50 share? If the Sinhalese living in UK or US get 50%, then what will the Tamils get? What about the poor native-British or the American fellow? What do they get?



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