What is India up to with the issue of killing of Indian fishermen ?
Posted on February 8th, 2011

By Charles.S.Perera

 Where are we with India ? India sure has a problem with TamilNadu. The question now is to what extent the Central government of India will go to satisfy the demands of TamilNadu politicians in order to preserve India’s unitary Status.

 The Central Government of India had not been circumspect in their intervention with the government of Sri Lanka on the fishermen issue in the manner it had done.

 TamilNadu politicians are politically immature . Karunanidhi the elder TamilNadu Statesman- the poet laureate for the terrorists of Sri Lanka, seems to have no political vision . So are the rest, like Vaiko the bellicose novice terrorist ardently following Prabhakaran , and Jayalalitha who does not know whether she is going forward or backwards,

 Their raison d’etre as politicians of TamilNadu seem to be derived from their almost religious interference into Sri Lankan issues complaining and demanding the Central Government of India to take forceful action for one thing or another.

 For thirty long years, they worshiped the terrorist Prabhakaran , and during the latter part of the military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the terrorists, they harassed the Central Government to intervene with the Government of Sri Lanka to save the terrorist leadership. Their primary interest was the success and the safety of the Sri Lanka terrorists.

 They were never interested in the safety or the welfare of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka.

Because the TamilNadu Politicians would have liked the terrorists led by Prabhakaran to breakaway a part of the territory of Sri Lanka for a Tamil homeland which would have politically weakened India, and made it possible to create a greater TamilNadu State with North and east of Sri Lanka annexed to it.

 Once that possibility was lost with the elimination of the bunch of terrorists, they moved away from the Tamil population of Sri Lanka. They still thought of investigating how much of the terrorists still survived in the refugee camps and made a much publicized visit to the camps. Thereafter there interest in the IDPs slackened. They did not even come forward to even sponsor any welfare projects to the 300,000 Tamil Civilians rescued from the jaws of the terrorists temporarily accommodated in the refugee camps.

 But now they are all back again. Karunanidhi, Pandian, Vaiko, and Jayalalitha are again up in arms against the Government of Sri Lanka. And this time on the issue of Indian fishermen alleged to have been killed by the Sri Lanka Navy.

 Jayalalitha even asked the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to step down if he is unable to take effective action against the Government of Sri Lanka for the alleged killing of fishermen. This is despite the Sri Lanka Navy’s denial of the killings.

 If the Indian fishermen had been poaching within the sea boundary of Sri Lanka, the Navy had the right to shoot to dissuade their fishing in the Sri Lanka seas within the specified boundaries. If by such measure the Sri Lanka government “killed” a fisherman, there is no reason the Sri Lanka Navy should deny the shooting.

 But as it is when the Navy has denied such incident, the Tamil Nadu politicians not only repeated the accusation but exaggerated the method of the killing of one of the fishermen. The report from the Tamil Nadu fisheries department sources states that ” “¦.The man, who had put out to sea with two others from Pushpavanam coastal hamlet, died after Sri Lankan Naval personnel allegedly tied a rope around his neck and pushed him into the water, “¦..and that”¦”¦ is the second incident of the kind in less than a fortnight.”

 This itself shows that the fisheries department is making up an accusation based on what the fishermen had said. The Sri Lanka Navy need not have made it an obvious “killing” , by taking the fisherman on to the ship tie a rope round his neck and pushing him in to the water when the Navy could have easily shot him, without even having to take the fisher man into the ship and accepted that he was shot accidentally.

 There is obviously no witness to the killing as reported by the Indian department of fisheries. Any body could have killed the fisherman the way it had been done to implicate the Sri Lanka Navy. The Central Government of India should have first made an inquiry before the matter was brought up with the Government of Sri Lanka.

 There is some ” skullduggery” behind these allegations of killing of Indian Fishermen by the Sri Lanka Navy. Having failed to save the terrorists the Tamil Nadu politicians are trying other tactics to bring a rift between the Central Government of India and Sri Lanka. It appears the Central Government of India too is a party to the false allegation. Did the Indian RAW had a hand in the killing of the fisherman ?

 This becomes evident from the following demands: ” V Sivapunniyam (CPI) criticised the Centre for its “inaction” to protect Tamil Nadu fishermen. Ravikumar (VCK) demanded scrapping the Katchatheevu agreement.”

 Katchatheevu Island is a matter that had been settled long time ago, and why are the TamilNadu politicians now reclaiming the Island. Have they any ulterior motive. The terrorists have been eliminated in Sri Lanka, but their “rump” remaining somewhere outside cannot be ruled out. Therefore the Government of Sri Lanka has to be vigilant specially over the seas around Sri Lanka.

 The Central Government of India is aware of this necessity. Therefore it is up to the Central Government of India to intervene with the Tamil Nadu politicians and appraise them of the situation and request them to avoid embarrassment to the Central government forcing it to precipitate into make of it an unnecessary political issue that would affect the good relations between India and Sri Lanka.

With regard to the Katchatheevu Island, the Sri Lanka government had wrongly allowed the Catholic Church to put up a Church in the Island.

 The government should make the Island a military out post to guarantee the safety of Sri Lanka from any intruders creating unnecessary political tension between India and Sri Lanka and also to avoid the possible terrorist motivated elements using the Island for their terrorist activities.

 Sri Lanka which had gone through thirty years of terrorism, with considerable support the TamilNadu politicans contributed to terrorism in Sri Lanka , it is the Government of Sri Lanka that has the right of undisturbed use of the seas around Sri Lanka in terms of the boundary agreements entered into between Sri Lanka and India. We cannot forget that the terrorist of Sri Lanka used the Madhu Catholic Church as a safety Zone for their terrorist activities. Therefore we cannot afford to have the same scenario repeated once again in Katchatheevu.

 The issue concerning the Indian fishermen poaching within the Sea boundary of Sri Lanka has to be settled early before it takes a more serious turn. The boats of the Indian fishermen and those of the Sri Lankan fishermen should be provided with distinctive identifications and the sea boundaries marked with special buoys, along with the seas within the Sri Lanka boundary kept under constant surveillance with a warning that any trespassing will be at their risk.


7 Responses to “What is India up to with the issue of killing of Indian fishermen ?”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    It is time SINHALA start talking about Katchtheevu Island. Denash Gunawardena said in Parliament that Katchtheevu island should be a religious area. What did Karunanidhi say, if so we will ask the Indian Navy to occupy it. After that every one went silent. Minister Ranaweka was not allowed to talk about removing the St Anthoney Church. Who built it? Did Ranil or Premadase give permission to build it? There are many questions but no answers. Its time Wimal Weerawanse made some comments.

  2. AsokaK Says:

    RAW or CIA using a submarine must have done it.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Once again, it’s all about de-stabilizing Sri Lanka ! Do we need to create a special branch of the Ministry of Defence & the Foreign Ministry to deal with such acts ?

  4. mjaya Says:

    I think its time to send India a strong message from the patriotic people of Sri Lanka. We need to do three things,
    1. Protest against Indian intervention
    2. Strengthen our leadership against India
    3. Reduce our dependence and boycott substandard Indian junk

    We need not worry by most respects simply because India has already alienated itself from all its neighbours, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. India is also weakening from within with more petty Telegana states popping up, Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland and the Naxalite crisis.

  5. Kit Athul Says:

    mjaya, you are right, but Tamil Nadu is very powerful in India. Yes, Indian product importers must be told to import similar products from Pakistan. Government must mandate this. Who buys Indian products, Asokaghe Laylend and Tataghe Benz?

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    India uses TN ‘banging on’ Lanka to keep both troublesome TN & overly west bound or overly China bound Lanka in place !

    Sri Lanka is very important to Tamil Nadu.

    * It is Lanka that protects Tamil Nadu in infighting on Caste wars. Lanka is used as a Distraction with the so called ethnic & Eelam issues, and prevents Caste wars in TN.
    * Lanka is what prevents tsunami tides from destroying the Tamil Nadu coastlines, as the NE bulk of land in Lanka takes the brunt of the tsunamis coming from the shores of Indonesia.

    It would be a mistake to treat India itself as the ‘enemy’. It is TN politics & Caste Issues that impinge on Lanka.

    Something must be done to demarcate the sea zones so that there is no excuse for TN fishermen to make false claims.
    They should be mandated to carry GPS on their boats.

  7. thurai Says:

    South Indian Politicians started Dravida, Tamil and landed in DMK Karunanithy Family´s Wealth. Tamil Politicians
    in Sri Lanka also started with Tamil language and landed in LTTE . South Indien Politicians and LTTE backround are
    same. Politicians in Tamilnadu play with poorness, LTTE played with life of Sri Lankan people. Both misguide
    the people in the name of Tamil Language. Never loved Tamils or others. They need violence in Sri Lanka
    to profit their political aims , otherweiss they have no chance to cheat their own people.

    Sri Lanka Belongs to all who borned and live there. All people apart from language,Religion must love
    our Homeland. We must show the world including Tamilnadu and India by living together with
    peace. Languages & Religions are for the people not for Languages & Religions. by writing and speaking
    we should keep in mind not to incite any community.

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